Ontario Leading the Way in Digital Inclusion

Uploaded by premierofontario on 11.07.2012

Inclusive Design Research Centre is focused on designign for diversity.
We try to design with, rather than designing for.
We believe that we will have greater designs for diversity and more innovative designs
when there are multiple perspectives.
Our research is intended to help everyone.
A 3D printer is a printer that designs stuff, physical stuff.
It will enable everyone to basically have the equivalent of a little factory in their
own home.
My name is Judith Snow. It's not really so much how the Institute has helped me as I'm
a participant.
Inclusion brings out alot of value in society.
This place is all about the structures of that, making inclusion actually work so that
nobody is left behind.
Ontario is probably one of the most diverse communities in the world.
We are a world leader in things like accessibility legislation.
what we're creating here is potentially an economic driver for Ontario so that the world
can come here to receive innovative solutions for designing for diversity or for digital