Kpop Music Mondays - B2ST "Fiction"

Uploaded by simonandmartina on 23.05.2011

This week's Music Monday is the fake love story edition
with Beast's "Fiction"
Simon's gonna let me say Beast?
HAHAHA! Victory is mine! Simon will never know
Haha! I'm sorry. We had some technical difficulties there.
This week's Music Monday is the fake love story edition
with B2ST's "Fiction"
That's right! B2ST!
What's this Beast you're talking about?
Holy, holy crap, this is an amazing song.
I was instantly hooked as soon as I heard the piano part.
Sure, it does sound a little bit like Enrique Inglesisiasisisais's "Heartbeat"
But that's just the beginning piano part, that's all.
And the chorus is just beautiful
and that part at the 3 minute mark when the guy is rapping
and in the background you hear FICTIOONNNNNN
Wow! That's awesome!
I haven't heard layering like that in Kpop
in a really long time. Wow!
Seriously, B2ST, I might make fun of your name,
and that Make a Love Baby from your last song
was just, was just wrong,
but this song, this song makes up for it all.
Simon, I gotta interrupt you here.
I think you're fanboying.
What do you mean?
I a fanboy for Beast.
That's not true.
I'm sorry! What was that interruption all about?
Anyways, back to Beast (DAMN HOW DID I MESS UP THAT LINE?!?!)
The video editing was also top notch,
That part when he goes "I love you I love you I love you I love you"
And it cuts to a different scene every time,
Alright, enough gushing about this song,
Let's take a deeper, more scholarly look into the video.
What's up with that pen?
Isn't that like the world's loudest pen ever?
I mean, super serial, like, what are they writing with?
Light sabres?
[Accurate representation of the pen in the B2ST video]
OMG I'm trying to sleep here
Anyways, there's something else we found kind of interesting,
If this girl means so much to you
that you're willing to rewrite your story
so that you could be together,
wouldn't you take a little bit better care of her photo?
Why not put it in a frame?
I mean, why does this photo look like it's 100 years old
and it's been like crumpled up and set on fire
and torn up and like, re-taped back together again?
But maybe it's because she IS 100 years old.
In fact, Simon and I are convinced that she is a vampire.
Right at the very end of the video
when she walks out into the sunlight
she suddenly explodes into dust.
I'm pretty sure that's like the Gold Standard for being a vampire
But wait, I'm confused:
wouldn't that make both of them vampires,
since they both exploded into dust?
You know what? We should just ask our resident expert.
BUAHAHAHA! This is Mordney present!
Ok, so: are they vampires?
Yes, in fact they...
But wait I have to...
THANK YOU! So...see ya!
NO! This is not right!
You don't call me anymore!
You don't like my presents!
Instead, you do some Roll-Sex-Window
and some stupid man-liking thing,
Why?! I made this show!
I MAAAAADE This show!
No, we like your know!
...we're busy!
This isn't right! I'm going to sue!
Another thing that was a little bit weird:
man, that guy walks for like, forever.
I mean, he started out in Seoul
and he ended in, like, the Sahara desert,
Can't he afford a car, or like a bus ticket or something?
Plus, he's still wearing the same clothing,
but he looks completely perfect,
His hair is coiffed, not a speck of dirt,
not a drop of sweat, I mean,
this guy's either like a ridonkulously fast walker,
Or...he's a vampire!
Because we all know that vampires don't sweat.
I know that if this was Simon in the video
it would look a lot different.
I love you vampire lady!
Oh God! Oh it's so hot!
Ohhh! Time for a coffee break!
Isn't this dance adorable?!?!
This is definitely my favorite dance move of the year so far,
Now I know this isn't an epic dance,
it's not some amazing body waving, hand moving dance
but I think it really captures the sad mopey feeling of the song,
but it's also instantly memorable.
Now, we know that Beast has been looking for a name for this dance
and they've asked their fans to help name it,
and some of you have suggested some things like
the penguin dance, but, nahhh, penguins don't have pockets!
and some people said like the mini-moonwalk,
but, nahh, they're not even moving,
You know what this is? This is one thing,
and one clear thing only:
Fiction fiction
I really gotta pee!
Fiction, fiction.
That's right. It's the pee dance.
and the P stands for Power!
As for the English of the song, we give this a
3 out of 5
Now, there aren't any huge mistakes in the song,
like Make a Love Baby (OMG WTF WAS THAT?!)
but considering the fact that the main chorus and title is "Fiction"
It probably would have been a good idea
to get the pronunciation correct...
Now I know that the short "I" sound is a little bit
difficult to pronounce for Korean English learners,
but I've kinda been scarred into hearing this song
as Feection, instead of Fiction,
so, yeah, 3 out of 5.
For last week's Rookie Edition, we asked you
which debut you preferred:
Block B with "Freeze"
or B1A4's with "Ok"
And the winner was Block B,
Actually, you guys got pretty heated about this topic,
uhh, there was quite a bit of arguing and fighting
but I don't really know why.
It's just for fun guise. Guise? Guise?
For this week's Fake Love Story edition
we ask you which Fake Love Story was more heartwrenching,
B2ST's in Fiction, or U-Kiss' in 0330.
Leave your votes in the comments, or in our Facebook poll,
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Also, thanks to the 20 Bagillion of you
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It was non-stop.
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