Девчата / Gals

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Script: Boris Bedny
Director: Yuri Chulyukin
Art director: Yuli Raizman
D.O.P.: T. Lebeshev
Production designer: I. Shreter
Directors: G. Rozental, L. Indenbom
Music: A. Pakhmutova Lyrics: M. Matusovsky
Film Production Administration Orchestra, conductor Yuri Silantyev
Producer: L. Stulova
Tosya – Nadezhda Rumyantseva Ilya – Nikolai Rybnikov
Katya – L. Ovchinnikova Nadya – I. Makarova
Anfisa – S. Druzhinina Vera – N. Menshikova
Filya – S. Khitrov Sasha – N. Pogodin
Ksan Ksanych – V. Baikov Dementyev – A. Adoskin
Hostel superintendent – M. Pugovkin Headman Churkin – P. Kiryutin
Alyosha – A. Krychenkov Vasya – R. Filippov
That all you got?
Don’t you have your own pillow?
We’ve got loads of bed-side tables, but the pillows are a problem.
- Am I to sleep on the bed table? - We’ll see about that.
- You have any previous work experience? - Not yet.
What on earth do they send your likes for! No profession, no pillow!
- All we get is trouble! - I’ve a profession all right!
We’ll see about that.
See that place?
- The fire-fighting equipment board. - Right!
That place we call Kamchatka!
Couples like to hang around there in the evening…
And afterwards they ask for a separate room for themselves.
- And we have none to spare. - Why are you telling me all this?
Want you to get the message.
- Hello. - Hello.
Here. It’s for Kruglova.
- Hello. - Hello.
- Good-bye. - Good-bye.
- What are you doing here? - Drinking tea.
Where’d you come from anyway?
T’was my life’s dream to have a neighbor like her.
Where’d you learn to fumble through other people’s drawers?
How can you?!
There, help yourselves!
You sure live in grand style!
Don’t take it to heart.
Help yourself.
Never saw such self-centered people before.
Well, now you see one!
What’s your name anyway?
Kislitsyna Tosya. And yours?
I’m Nadya Erokhina.
- And this is our Katya. - Nice to meet you.
- Likewise. - Tastes good?
And I’m Vera Kruglova.
Nice to meet you.
- Wait a minute. You Timofeevna? - Timofeevna.
What’re you looking at? Dance!
- Registered mail! - Gimme that!
No, let her dance first! Right, girls?
She didn’t even read it!
- Who’s it from? - What do you care?
It’s from her husband.
- Why’d she burn it? - What’s that to you?
They’re going through a rough patch.
What work did you come here to do?
I’ve come as a cook.
- What’s gonna happen to us? - I don’t see anything funny.
I’ve graduated from the Simferopol culinary school.
- Young specialist, eh? - What is I am.
- Ksan Ksanych came by. - Some mangy type was here,
only I don’t know his name.
- You…! - What’s wrong?
- It’s her fiancé. - Do fiance’s ever look like that?
Some do. Get your feet up!
- Are these all the shoes you got? - Yep. Why?
Are you joking? Do you know what severe winters we have here?
I’m not cold-sensitive.
There! Take these.
This is not Simferopol for you.
‘Watch out! Tree felling’.
Where’re you going! Get back! The other way!..
- Run for your life! - Get out of there!
- I said, get back! - Run! Not that way!
Get her! Get her!
Get her!
- What wind blew her in? - Don’t know.
Come on, take your coat off.
Why’re you taking them down? What have they done?
It’s what they haven’t done. They didn’t reach the target.
Hold this. Filya here was hanging for whole 2 weeks.
- Filya showers down. - I’d say he didn’t hang long.
Now they’re gonna hang Kovrigin again.
He deserves it. Ilyukha can work all right.
Couldn’t find a better time?
The guy’s upset. Gimme that one.
Oh, who’s this?
- Where cold I have seen him? - Are you from another planet?
It’s Ilya Kovrigin. Oh, you’re new around here.
Look, here they come!
- What’s all this about? - We’re hanging.
Ata boy, Kovrigin!
- Hey there, Petya! - Hi.
You should be proud of yourself.
These fellas retire to the archives.
- Hey there! - Hello.
- How come the sullen look? - The sullen look?
We’re not selfish or anything.
Hung there for 2 weeks – time to let others take their turn.
That’s right.
- You’re not here for keeps either. – We’ll see on the 1st of next month.
We are being threatened!
All right, enough of that. Let’s sit down.
- And play ‘cock a doddle do’? - Why not.
- There you go! - Sleeping time.
- Go to bed, children. - Time to break up.
- Right? - Right.
- My move. - My move.
- My move. - My move.
How’d you like this?
Hey there, lady-cook.
May I?
- How’s that? - Easy!
- Vasya, turn off that rattling thing. - Right.
Smoke break!
Hey – what’s your name? – turn it off!
She’s got character.
- Why’d you stop it again? - Keep calm!
Wait a minute.
See that?
One, two, three.
- How’s that? - Easy.
Vasya, give us some music.
- We beat you dead. - That’s for your whole team.
Filya, the champ!
- Wait, Filya! Where’re you going? - What?
You forgot the cock- a doddle do.
- Cock a doodle doo. - No, that’s cheating.
Vasya, stop the music. Quiet, guys.
- Hey, lady-cook, put on the music! - Go ahead!
Hey! Come here.
Fancy that! Vasya, put it on.
Allow me.
Do you always dance with a cigarette in your mouth?
Now watch, something’s gonna happen!
And with your hat on?
Vasya, hold it.
So that you know, I don’t dance with your likes.
I’ll be right back.
- Ilya, wait! Gimme a smoke. - No problem.
I’d say she bit your head off.
- Phooey! Some figure! - There may not be a figure,
- but there is the character all right! - Character…
Gimme a weak – and she’ll be running after me like a dog!
- Don’t you think that’s kinda too soon? – Wanna bet?
- What on? - On your Kuban hat.
- Against your reindeer? - Deal.
Vasya, break it up.
- One week! - See ya.
- Can’t wait to see it! - Keep quiet!
One minute.
- Is the plan clear? - Sure thing!
Let’s go.
- Howdy, boss! - Hey there.
Pour me some. I like mine hot and rich.
- Nothing like hot cabbage soup! - See if it’s any good!
Smells great!
- What’s this? - Ugh! Yuk! It’s so gross!
- It tastes like shit! - Is it made of frogs or something?
What frogs? What are you talking about?
- Frogs? Maybe we should try it? - Go ahead and try it!
If you can’t cook, - don’t. What’s that shit-soup?
- Some cook! - Open up!
Stop it!
Don’t take them serious. Ilya drew them on to do it.
Getting even with you for last night.
- The soup is really very good. - It’s all on the snow.
And I always got ‘A’s for cabbage soup.
Maybe I forgot to put in something important?
- What’s with her? - Why’s the door closed?
- She locked herself in. - Why?
We’ll find out. Hello, little cook!
Open up!
- What do you want? - We want our lunch, that’s what.
- Give us the second course! - Where’d you keep the plates?
- Don’t forget the sauce. - It’s good as it is!
Tosya, honey, can I get a second Helping of the soup?
Don’t try to comfort me!
I don’t need it.
You shoulda seen her eyes! This big!
- And the worst is yet to come. - We ate her raw!
Only this way we won’t last long.
- Why’s that? - We’ll waste away.
Don’t worry, tonight we’ll have lunch and dinner.
Well, that’s enough.
Hey, artists, can we borrow your saucepan?
- What’s this you’re doing? - We missed our lunch, that’s what.
Petya, get saucepan. It was a bad idea.
The cabbage soup was super! And the stew – like they’d serve
in a sanatorium. Each calorie in its place.
Don’t worry, our lunch is not any worse.
He’s coming! Lyoshka, break the eggs.
This looks good!
Beer! Will do instead of compote!
Zhiguly beer, oh my Zhiguly beer!
Say, fellas!
Imagine this is a logging site.
We fell the biggest tree.
And we put these on top.
Now we lock them in a choker.
And you drag the whole lot along.
- Get the idea? - Makes sense.
- We preserve the young trees. - Stumps don’t get in the way.
- The pulling rope doesn’t get torn. - Labor productivity – is thumbs up!
And the salary…
Shoo! Go home!
- What’re they hanging their ears out for? – Who needs you!
Maybe we’re working on a new technology.
- Might as well try it out tomorrow. - On the new logging block.
- First thing. - On the edge of the plot.
The omelet is burning!
Damn, the gruel burned too!
What’s going on? Are you on fire?
We’re making lunch!
Why’d you skip lunch anyway?
Or is that your brilliant idea, Ilyusha?
- Trying to find an approach? - Mind your own business.
Some strategist!
Lyosha, open the vent window!
Ilyushka! Anfisa…
Gee, I’m hungry! Have to do it all over again.
Vasya, run to the shop. Lyosha, clean the saucepan. I’ll be right back.
A handsome lady!
I wonder why Ilyusha wouldn’t marry her?
- Hell knows. - What for?
- What do you mean, what for? - She’s – how should I put it?
- What? - You’ll find out when you grow up.
- Ilyukha is doing a hell of a job! – Don’t see anything special.
- He’s like everyone else. - Good work! Ata boy!
Go on!
Go on! Go on!
Keep it up!
Ignat, take it easy, or you’ll flip over!
- It sure was a great idea. - What’s so great about it?
Great or not great – they’ll get
the portraits, and the premium, and everything else.
That’s your ego talking!
We’ve got something up our sleeve too. Come on!
Guys, it’s lunch time! We break for lunch!
Where’s my team going? We’ve no time for a break.
I gotta run to the kitchen, see what’s cooking.
That’s one tough job – keeping an eye on everything.
- Ilyusha? - We’ll waste away for sure.
I wonder how long a person can do without hot food?
One year and 3 months.
- And what then? - Then – it’s over.
- The soup’s as good as in a sanatorium. – You bet.
Little woman with a big fantasy. Who would have thought!
- All vitamins and calories. - Stand in line, guys.
- Those for a second helping – left side. - Ata girl! Great meal!
- Mushroom soup is super. - Right.
- I’d go for some more, lady-cook. - Me too!
- Boss skips queue. - In a canteen and the bathhouse everyone’s equal.
- If you please. - That’s it,
- no more left. - How come?!
- My favorite mushroom soup! - One team hasn’t had lunch yet!
- What team? Everyone’s here. - This – what’s his name?..
- Kovrigin! - They weren’t planning to.
- They’re busy mastering new technology. – Oh really?
No more helping!
- Are you gonna carry it to them? - Why not?
- After what they did last night? - You heard it,
the guys are mastering new technology.
My God, some people completely lose their pride!
We have guests!
It’s the new cook!
Hide everything!
Get it!
Why didn’t you come by for lunch?
We’re fed up with yesterday’s cabbage soup.
It’s mushroom soup today.
Try it!
Come on.
It’s getting cold.
It’ll do.
Gee, that tastes good!
You cut these… with this?
What’s this thing called?
This thing is called power saw ‘Friendship’.
That’s what it’s called? ‘Friendship’?
That’s what it’s called. ‘Friendship’.
- A good name. – Machinery! Need to have brains for that.
It’s not boiling potatoes for ya.
Potatoes, you say?
You think it’s all there is to it: you boil it and you eat it?
You know how many dishes you can make with potatoes?
Fried potatoes and mashed potatoes.
Oh yeah? How about this:
fried potatoes, boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes, then let’s see…
- French fries, potato pie. - What on earth is that?
You slice it in thin chips and fry it in simmering oil.
- That I tried. - You should’ve said so. ‘Pie’!
- Is that it? - No. There you go!
Potato patty with meat, mushrooms, cabbage and so forth.
Potato pancakes with mushroom, tomato or sour cream sauce…
Potato roll, potato pudding. Braised potato with prunes.
Braised potato with bay leaves and pepper.
Young potatoes boiled with dill.
- Shangis. - What’s that?
I know what those are, guys! They’re finger-lickin’ good!
You bet! And those are only dishes made of potatoes.
Gotta run back. After you finish, bring the bowls back to the kitchen.
There’s more in the thermos, and some compote in the teapot.
Well I’d say!
What’s she got for the second course? Let’s see.
Well, Katya?
Gimme a puff, will you.
- Have a puff, student. - Tell you this, Sasha…
- What? - Chemistry -
- is a real science. - That ‘s common knowledge.
- Oh yes? - Tut-tut, Egorov!
- What is it, Maria Gavrilovna? - You didn’t smoke in the 7th grade.
- I did, Maria Gavrilovna. - Nicotine – is poison.
Oh? Thank you, Maria Gavrilovna. Good-bye.
All the best to you.
Chemistry! Maria Gavrilovna, maybe I should quit altogether?
- Sasha, have you been waiting long? - 3 classes and 2 recesses.
Know what, Filya nearly blew the whole class up!
- Well, bye, Tosya. - Bye.
Maple tree, maple tree,
Knocks against the window pane,
It invites my friends outside Into the open…
May I see you home?
What ever for? There’re no bears around.
Is bears the only reason a man would see a women home?
You funny potato dumpling!
- Well, I don’t own the street. - Where are you going?
- This is a shorter way. - And this is the longer way.
The snowfall, the snowfall
The snowfall is no more,
As if spring has come back To greet me…
Why is it, why is it,
Why is it I feels so good?
It’s because you smile each time You meet me…
Some don’t know what you can make out of 1 cubic meter of wood?
You’ve come to the woodworks. Do you know?
Yes, wood.
- Wood. - Railway sleepers.
Sleepers… You understand about potatoes.
Of 1 cubic meter of wood you can make 200 kilos of paper.
Yes. And 170 pairs of rubber overshoes.
Or, for instance, 2 car tires.
Or 180 kilos of wool.
Take your mittens, for instance. You think they’re made of wool?
- Yes. - No, it’s a fir tree.
Your hands must be frozen.
- Or my scarf. - A fir tree too?
No – a pine tree. The forest warms all mankind.
You are one sneaky character! You caught me off guard!
- Tosya! - Let go, or I’ll scream!
Where’re you going?
Tosya, honey…
What is it? You got an ‘A’?
- Let me. - No, I’ll manage.
- Sure you will. Give me those. - Don’t, Ilyusha.
- How did you call me? - Ilyusha. Why?
Funny. Doesn’t sound too gentle, but the way you say it – it is.
It wasn’t meant to be gentle. It’s just my voice, that’s all.
- What? - Watch out, Tosya.
What should I watch out for?
- You know who he is? - Who?
- An easy-rider, that’s who. - Easy-rider?!
I never would have thought.
So you wouldn’t. You think you know life?
Here’s what I tell you.
Just in case, I’ll give a cough.
- To remind you. - Make it a loud one.
Outrageous! I’ll fine you for every stump.
Your criticism is welcome! We’ll have that in mind and demote…
- Who? - The stumps.
What’s this structure?
It’s the canteen.
It’s a disgrace, not a canteen You feed people there in such a cold?
Not enough time to rebuild it, and woodcutters are sturdy folks.
- In what time do you work? - From 8 to 4, and on Saturdays…
You work in the age of cybernetic and nuclear energy.
- And your workers eat in a hut. - A very correct observation.
- I keep telling him! - And right you are.
- Why don’t you pay attention? Who are you? – The local cook.
And who’s this man?
No one… He’s just helping.
Such a husky fellow – hanging around the kitchen!
He’s no fellow, I mean he doesn’t work here.
He’s our best faller Ilya Kovrigin.
And this is just the usual hanky-panky.
What hanky-panky?!
No one asked him to help. Who needs him!
It was his idea in the first place!
Some discipline you got here.
Looks good!
- Want a bigger plate of borsch, Iluysha? - - Same’s everyone.
- More sour cream? - Can do without.
- I’m first! - Cold?
- It’s freezing outside! - Look at that queue!
- What’s going on today? - What’s stalling the queue?
Keep calm!
You want your cutlets with potatoes or with noodles?
Doesn’t matter.
Do you know what they’re showing at the club tonight?
I don’t.
I’d like to go…
- Anything else? - That’s all.
What about the compote?
I like mine rich.
Your coughing is uncalled for. I don’t need it.
And never will!
- Get that? - What about our deal?
Take your plates! Next!
- Make it rich. - Same as for everyone.
- Some more sour cream. - You can do without!
- Where’re you going? - I pasted it, didn’t I.
Now outline the photo with a red pencil.
- I won’t do it! - Why not?
Because they print the same faces all the time!
They praise the same people, and I’m supposed to outline them!
- You want them to print you? - Why not?
Some big deal – to cook potatoes!
- Oh yes? - Yes!
What if tomorrow I make raw gruel, or put too much salt in it?
Then we’ll see how they’ll meet the target.
I’ll outline him with green!
Come in, Ksan Ksanych!
Hello everyone.
Vera Timofeevna, Anfisa Pavlovna, Tosya, Katya…
Nadyusha – there!
Nadya and me are getting ourselves some furniture.
- You’re such a handy man! – Go ahead, sit!
- Well? - I could sit on it 100 years.
- Nadya, honey, we wouldn’t want to be late. – We’ll be in time.
Ksan Ksanych, they’re showing this film the 7th time already.
- It’s utter boredom! - Nadyusha and I are never bored.
I wonder what people love each other for.
What does Nadya love Ksan Ksanych for?
Are there any reasons not to love him?
He’s positive, plus – he doesn’t smoke and doesn’t drink.
He’s a good worker. That’s why they love each other.
Do you love someone because of that?
- Mama-Vera? - Katya is right.
What kind of an explanation is that!
Nadya will be turning 28. At that age you could marry a goat.
Aren’t you ashamed to talk of your friend like that?
She loves him – and that’s that. You wouldn’t understand.
Oh, I wouldn’t would I!
People invented this fairytale about love.
But it doesn’t exist. There’s no such thing as love!
- What do you mean, no such thing? - No means no.
- Mama-Vera? - Don’t listen to her.
Stop spreading your theories here. They’re not for everyone.
Oh sure, some women married for love,
and now they heat the stove with their husband’s letters.
You are so mean, Anfisa!
Back in our children’s home we’d beat up the likes of you.
We’d put a blanket over them and – bang, bang!
A good upbringing they gave you, lil’ orphan.
- With a felt boot! - You didn’t get enough!
- Not enough! - Girls!
Let go of me!
- You… - Let go!
Quiet down!
Don’t destroy me. Tidy yourself up.
It’s the new boss!
Tosya! Anfisa! Girls, stop it!
May I? Good evening.
- Replace the light bulb. It’s dark there. – Will be done.
- No pitcher for water here either. - Will be done.
- The stove… - Break it down?
- Why break it? Whitewash it. - Whitewash… Will be done.
One moment. That you could have tidied yourself.
Where’s the schedule? Who’s on duty today?
- Will be done… - What will be done?
- Who’s on duty? - Supposing I am.
You ought to be ashamed of yourself, young lady.
You may find it awful, but I’m not in the least ashamed.
But it’s not good…
It’s disorder…
- Where do you work, young lady? - Why?
No, nothing.
I work as a switchboard operator.
And you must be the new boss everyone’s so afraid of?
I’m not at all scary.
I think so too.
That’s not how they wear a hat.
You know, I never wore hats before.
Bought this one to look respectable. I’ve only graduated recently.
- Where are you off to now? - The telephone exchange.
As a matter of fact, we haven’t been there yet! Let’s go have a look.
Will be done.
Did you see that?
- Hey there, ladies! - Hi!
- Hi! - Let the boss through.
Girls, look, here comes our hero.
He lost some weight! And grew pale!
Looks like our cook maltreats him.
- Ilyusha, don’t go! - Come back, we’ll feed you!
Oh no, I missed my train!
They don’t wear a hat like that.
Look at that!
Did I hurt you?
Sorry, I didn’t mean to. It was only a joke.
- It hurts all the same. - You cold?
- Not at all. - You…
Kovrigin’s at it again!
11.15! Just look at’em!
Hideous! They’we been walking out there for 2 hours already!
- Katya, call her! - She will not come.
He’s no better – your ex.
Anfisa! How can you look at that?
Or is it over with the two of you?
What does he want from Tosya? She’s only a little foolish girl.
He’s fallen for her – that’s what I think.
I swear! At first I thought… - but he fell in love.
Look at how he’s changed.
He bet on her, do you understand?
Fell in love – my ass!
He and Filya made a bet that she will be running after him like a dog.
So she’s running.
You knew all along? You knew, and you didn’t say anything!
What have I got to do with it?
They made a bet – it’s their responsibility.
Tosya will come home now – and you will tell her.
- Like hell I will. - Ah, leave her alone.
- We’ll tell her ourselves. - You just try.
It’s a secret between me and you. I gave Ilya my word.
You are a mean woman, Anfisa.
You should be ashamed of yourself, Anfisa.
Girls, we can’t leave it like this. We have to tell Tosya.
We have to open her eyes to this.
No, Nadya, I don’t think so.
How do we tell her?
If she learns the truth – she’ll stop trusting people.
This needs some thinking over.
While we will be thinking…
Sleeping like logs!
Gotta hang a lamp.
Or maybe not.
Why wouldn’t they hang a lamp, god dammit!
- Will be done. - What will be done?
The handworker’s here.
- It’s me, Anfisa Pavlovna. - Coming, Vadik.
Good evening, girls.
Tosya, don’t forget you need to do your homework.
Ksan Ksanych, come in!
Hello, Vera Timofeevna.
Hello, Tosya. Hello, Katyusha.
Nadyusha! You’re not ready yet?
- Sit down, I’m almost ready. - Let me sew it on.
I was passing by our house just now. The carpenters are busy working.
If they keep up the good work, - we’ll settle there this spring.
- Where’s my man? - Shaving. Gonna be here any minute.
Today’s program is really big.
- What program? - The local philharmonic society.
Where? In our club? How could I have missed it?
The posters were there this morning. Regional artists.
- Katya, you’re going too? - Yes, Sasha got us tickets.
- Are there gonna be clowns too? - Supposedly.
Girls, how I love the circus!
Jugglers juggling, objects flying all over the place!
Music is playing.
Tosya, that’s enough. Sit down and do your homework.
Done. Room’s clean.
Mama-Vera, you know who you are?
- Who? - You are a heroine!
- Stop talking nonsense. - But you are!
You are so conscientious.
Nobody’s watching over you, yet you study and study…
If I were the government, I’d award everyone
who studies by correspondence.
Tosya, you surprise me.
‘Oh she surprised everyone, She was like that, you know…’
Katya, it’s Sasha! Come on in, Sasha!
Good evening, gals.
- Where’s my darling? - Wait out there.
Yes, sir.
Look, girls. How do I look?
You look so pretty, Katya!
How I envy you! Will you be dancing?
- I think so. - Turn around.
Stay where you are!
- Thanks. - I envy you so much.
- Come in! - May I?
There, Tosya. Get ready quick. We can dance before they start.
I’ll go smoke outside.
Mama-Vera, it’s the first row! Hurrah, I’m going too!
- What shall we do? - Nadya, there you go.
We can’t let her go.
- Katya! - Wait, will you.
- Tosya, come here. - What is it, Mama-Vera?
- You’re not going anywhere. - How come?
- You’re not going, period. - Ksan Ksanych, wait outside.
- What’s that all about? - We’re not letting you go there.
You have no right. I’m of age, I have a passport.
- You’ll say ‘thank you’ afterwards. - Ilya is not good for you.
He’ll use you for playing like a kitten, and throw you out.
It’s just his appearance, but he’s good on the inside.
We know him better.
You’re not going anywhere.
Don’t you pry into my private life!
They moralized me at the orphanage, then in technical school!
I came here for a breath of freedom – but here too they’re at it!
Can’t do this, and can’t do that! You think all I can do is study?
Studies can go to blazes!
- There! It starts at 19.00! - Tosya, listen to me!
Let me out!
Now I know the real you!
You can take my felt boots too! I’ll walk on the snow barefoot!
- You won’t intimidate me! Let go! - Tosya, wait!
Ilya! Ilyusha!
Wait, stupid! You think with Ilya it’s serious?
He bet on you.
He bet?
He made a bet with Filya that you’ll fall in love with him.
Mama-Vera, is it possible that someone would bet
on a live person?
Katya, dear, is that true?
What did he bet on?
A fur hat, I think.
Isn’t one hat enough for him?
Tosya, dear, this is not the end of the world!
Tosya, I’m here!
What took you so long?
Let’s go.
Your ticket, please.
Kislitsyna! You need to take your coat off!
Who are you looking for?
Our seats are over there.
Who are you looking for, Tosya?
What is it?
Is it true you bet on me? Is it?
Well, he won. Give him your hat.
- Tosya… - Don’t just stand there.
Give him your hat, you lost the bet.
- Wait, Tosya… - Why wait? You won, didn’t you.
This is the famous Kovrigin team! Praised over the radio and in papers!
- Hello. Are you Kovrigin? - No, I’m Zaitsev.
- Then you must be Kovrigin? - No, I’m Nazarov. Ignat.
- I’m Velikanov. - Where’s Kovrigin?
- Should be somewhere here. - He’s never late.
- How about a drag? - Let’s smoke Moscow tobacco, guys!
He quit.
- Thanks. - You’re welcome.
Where’s this Kovrigin fellow? This way you can freeze to death.
How about we smoke one more and get warm.
Please forgive me.
Anyone want second helping?
Sure thing.
Swell gruel.
- Thank you. - You’re welcome.
Love it?
- Adore it. - Great stuff.
Thank you, daughter.
Tosya, you have to forgive me.
I understand. You think I don’t?
It was so ridiculous – this bet of ours…
Makes me laugh now.
- Oh, so you think it’s funny? - Well, stupid.
- Stupid? - Well… Shameful.
Hey there.
Tosya, you can test me if you don’t believe me.
You’re not a tractor to be tested.
I hate you! Hate you!
And I’ll never forgive you in my whole life.
Get away from the kitchen! I’ve got spoons disappearing.
There he is – Ilya Kovrigin!
Ilyusha, you’ve gotta pose for a photo.
- You’d better photograph the guys instead. – It’s just you left.
Wait! Where are you going?
- What do you want? - Excellent. Now smile.
Ilyusha, do like I do.
Done! Now how about another drag.
- Kovrigin looks flashy. - Top performer.
- Tosya, what is it? - Nothing, you go, I’ll catch up with you.
Do you have today’s ‘Lumberman’?
- Yes. - Give me 10 copies.
- How many more left? - Another 10.
I’ll take all of them.
- There you go. - Thank you.
Kislitsyna, you from 5?
- That’s right. - Give this to Kruglova.
But be sure to give it to her.
Mama-Vera, here’s another home task from the institute.
And this is to burn!
Mama-Vera, you surprise me.
A sudden pang of pity?
- Tosya, you wouldn’t understand. - And why’s that?
You think I wouldn’t understand?
No one bet on you, mama-Vera.
He fell in love with someone else? That it?
He met this woman – the kind of our Anfisa.
So I left him.
Now he’s writing all these letters.
Oh, those Anfisas!
Mama-Vera, how I’d like to be beautiful!
I’d avenge all the cheated women!
I imagine I walk along the street – looking smashing…
And all the guys I meet get rooted to the spot petrified.
And those more sensitive – drop to the ground,
and automatically pile up into stacks.
Mama-Vera, what is it?
Don’t be upset. Don’t.
Gals! It’s so warm outside! Spring!
There’s all-round merrymaking!
- What’s the whispering all about? - You wouldn’t understand.
You think so? I’m no less clever than you.
You’re happy, Katya. And happiness makes people blind.
Vera, Tosya,
It’s not my fault that it works out so fine with me and Sasha.
We met, fell in love, we’ll get a room and get married.
I can’t even seem to get into a fight with him. Can’t find a reason.
Katya, come out!
Girls, I can stay here with you if you want me to.
- That’s it, I’m staying. - You’re one too many here.
- You won’t hold a grudge on me? - Go away.
Don’t hold a grudge on me, promise?
You know, Mama-Vera, I’ve decided I won’t get married. Ever.
It’s easier when you’re alone. You do what you like.
Look at him – the hero! Smiling. Enjoying life.
- Why’d you buy all these papers? - Why should he smile at everyone?
I thought he’d suffer. And he doesn’t even look my way.
He doesn’t come for lunch. He’s thinned down so much.
All this to spite me.
‘You are the cook, I’ll grow thin to spite you!’
‘May you be ashamed!’ I can see through him!
- Hello, Ilyusha. - Hello.
Why don’t you ever drop by?
- I’ve no time. - Oh really?
I haven’t seen you for a long time.
- Waiting for Tosya? - That’s right, for her.
- Maybe you’ll marry her? - Maybe I will.
- You like this living? - I do.
- Anfisa Pavlovna! - Wait, Vadim.
I pity you, Ilyusha. You’ve become a laughing stock.
- I don’t care. - Oh is that so?
Why don’t you and I go and dance?
- You’re sure enjoying life, Anfisa. - I’m not in love, Ilyusha.
I’m not in love!
I’m sorry, Vadim Petrovich.
Anfisa, what is it?
Something wrong at work?
Is it something personal?
- Get away! - Wait, I’ll put on my slippers.
Want some water?
What’s the fuss all about? It’s midnight…
All you know is sack out and sleep, sleepheads!
Mama-Vera, Nadya, get up!
- What, time to go to work already? - What’s going on?
Anfisa is having a fit of hysterics.
Anfisa, what’s with you?
- Tell us, Anfisa. - Leave me alone, for Christ’s sake!
- Anfisa, what is it? - Must be something personal.
I won’t speak in her presence. Let her leave first.
- Tosya, go wait in the hallway. - How come, Mama-Vera!
I woke you all up, - and now I’m supposed to go?!
Nadya, Katya, take her out of here.
I’m not leaving.
I’m not leaving!
Let go! Let go!
I don’t want out! I’d better go to bed!
It’s cold out there!
You have no right!
You’ll answer for this!
I thought the story of true love was all a big lie.
Thought they’d invented a beautiful fairytale to make life more pleasant.
But now I see: there is such a thing as love.
- Have some water. - One day someone will love you too.
Tell me, why is it like that?
Someone loves all of you -
Katya, Nadya, and even Tosya.
It’s as if I’d been cursed!
- Am I any worse than all the rest? - It’s not for you to complain.
All they want is to pass time with me.
But when it comes to marriage or true love, -
they find themselves Mashas or Dashas.
Ilya traded me for Tosya,
said he wants to marry her.
What’d he see in her anyway? There’s nothing to look at.
Curiosity killed a cat!
Some sturdy woman!
I fed you to amply.
Just you wait! No second helping tomorrow!
Life passed by me, as though I haven’t lived at all.
Don’t cry, don’t get upset.
Important thing is that you realized that -
- now life’s gonna take on a new turn. - It depends only on you.
You have to have pride.
Care for some scrambled eggs, Ilyusha?
Or maybe we should go get you beer?
Shut down, artists!
What’s up?
Hey, Ilya!
- How is he? - Not good.
Oh really?
- That for you? - Yep.
You going?
I’d understand it if he were pining for Anfisa. Queen of birds!
But this one?
She’s even shorter than me.
Anything to buy in the city? I take orders for less than 1 ton.
Ilyusha! Come on! Quit being sour!
Don’t think about her.
You used to be a hero!
Want me to go to Tosya and tell her it was all my idea?
How about it?
We didn’t mean no harm. She’s gotta understand.
Me – ever fall in love? Over my dead body!
Can’t bear to see such a man being ruined.
Filipp, you still here?
I was afraid you’d left.
Here, buy my Nadya stockings.
- The most expensive ones. - All right.
Phil, get me a green tie and a hair net.
Ilya, maybe we should buy her a present?
Why don’t I buy her sweets?
Chocolates? How about a kilo? Or 2 kilos?
Why not? She can munch on’em. Little girls love sweets.
Or perfume. A set with Eau De Cologne and powder!
No, guys.
Eau De Cologne – is no more than a smell.
Chocolate will give her heartburn.
Ilyusha, why don’t you get her a watch.
Something useful, and… a mechanism.
- Gold! - Good idea.
Only… it’ll cost you a pretty penny.
There’s 80 rubles here. You think that’ll be enough?
No, that won’t be enough.
Come on, guys. Chip in for a gold bracelet.
- Ksan Ksanych. - What?
- Well? - Well what?
- The dough! - Oh, that!
Let’s go.
If that won’t be enough – I’ll add some.
- Bye, Ksan Ksanych. - Good luck!
Hope he doesn’t lose it.
We should make a register of who donated what sum.
For order’s sake.
Why is it, why is it,
Why is it I feel so good?..
Come in! Who’s so super-polite?
Girls, could you go out for a sec? I need to talk to Tosya.
Oh sure!
Us – leave?!
Could you, please?
Tosya, we will be near.
Hello, Tosya.
Learning makes people wise, ignorance otherwise.
- Close your eyes. - No way!
- Don’t be afraid. - No one’s afraid of you!
What’s this?
- For me? - Yes.
- It’s ticking! - It’s ticking…
What’re you sitting all relaxed?
What’re you smiling at?
Get up! Ksan Ksanych didn’t make this stool for you!
- Take it and leave. - Tosya, it’s from the bottom of my heart.
Go away, or I’ll scream.
- Why are you doing this to me? - Go away!
Take it away… So it don’t tick here.
You scoffing me? Trying to hurt me?
You tear my soul apart!
- I’m asking you one last time: Are you gonna take it? – Go away!
Did he hit you?
- Oh, girls… - What is it? What?
I love the b bastard.
It will be a nice room – spacious, and with a high ceiling.
I still think the table would look better at the window.
In the summer we’ll have our tea and look out into the street.
Like in the movies.
No, we should put the table in the middle, or it’ll look empty.
Might as well. We’ll think about it.
We still have plenty of time.
- Ksan Ksanych. - What?
Let’s get married. I feel embarrassed in front of the girls.
What kind of a family life would that be?
You live in your hostel, I live in mine.
Soon as the construction works are finished – we’ll have a wedding
- and the housewarming! - Whatever you say, Ksan Ksanych.
Give us some matrix! Girls!
Is that you, Anfisa? My, you look different!
Damn, you’re still the best. Even a quilted jacket suits you.
How about we meet tonight?
Go for a walk, listen to new recordings.
And what then?
What’s with you, Anfisa?
I don’t think you and I should see each other any more.
Where are you, Petrovich? We need more matrix!
We’ll talk later.
You did the right thing, Anfisa. That should teach him a lesson.
Today we learned from our history class, that there was a time
when women were in charge of men. It was a correct time.
- Only I forgot what it was called. - Matriarchate?
You know too? We had’em right here!
But ancient women let them slip away, and now they’re in charge.
Katya! Are you crazy?
You want to catch pneumonia? Go and put your coat on!
Nadya, I got the indent.
Girls, look, the indent!
- Real McCoy, with a stamp! - Let me see.
Careful, girls. Don’t crumple it. It’s a document!
Nadyusha, even though we have the official paper,
we need to move our things immediately.
Even if it’s only a stool. Just to be on the safe side.
What if some intruder settles there? Even a court won’t help.
- Ksan Ksanych… - We know how these things are done.
Run to the hostel and pack your suitcase.
Sasha! Are we gonna sit on the pole all our life?
- Ksan Ksanych got his indent. - We’ll get ours in spring.
Look at Ksan Ksanych! So caring, and a good specialist.
And look at my Sasha – all he can do is play the harmonica.
What ever do I love him for?
- How’s it going with you? - Hate him!
- But you said you loved him! - Since then I hate him even more.
Where is he now?
Sasha is here, Ksan Ksanych is here. Even Filya is here.
And where is he? Listen, maybe you saw him?
I’d give anything to see him.
Kislitsyna! Take nails up to the attic, will you!
- What for? - Don’t ask silly questions.
People are waiting for the nails!
Get’em up there!
Who asked for nails?
How will you explain this!
No nails, eh?
Why? I got a whole box of’em.
So you’ve ganged up, eh?
Con artist!
Let go!
Let go this very minute!
- We sit here like some grownups. - We are grownups.
Tomorrow we’ll go and get married, and no one’ll say anything.
- So soon? - Why wait?
Some family: Ilyusha – husband, Tosya – wife.
- You can kill yourself laughing. - You’re so silly.
- You’re an aggressor, Ilya! - Just once, on the cheek.
Can’t you live without kissing?
- You really can’t? - Of course not.
What kind of a love is that? They say all sorts of things about us,
and I haven’t even kissed you once. They’ll roast me.
Well, all right.
What is it?
- It’s nothing. - Tell me.
- I’d be ashamed to say that. - You can say anything to me.
You know, I always wondered
how people kiss.
Thought the noses should get in the way.
Now I see they don’t.
You’re still a little girl.
You must be cold. Come here.
Promise not to think too much of yourself.
Cause a guy kisses a girl, and then walks around like a peacock.
That hurts us, girls. You understand?
I understand.
What is it now?
Now I remembered my father.
When I feel happy I always think of him.
He didn’t live to this day, he can’t share my happiness.
He as much as knew mother was expecting a child,
Didn’t even know if it will be a boy or a girl.
He got killed in the war.
He didn’t even know I was born. It is so sad.
God! Now they sit even in the daytime!
You sit in vain! No more housing space this year!
Beat it!
Now you kiss me.
I kissed you so many times, and you didn’t kiss me once.
Oh no, Ilyusha, I’m scared. I’d rather do it later.
Or we’ll do everything today, and nothing will be left for later.
There will be! Well?
The End
Translation – Elena Baskakova