Mihai Viteazul (1971) Michael the Brave [multi-sub] part 2/2

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Part two
As he believes the Ottoman army to be weak, emperor Rudolph orders
the beginning of the long-awaited Crusade.
The Christian and Ottoman armies
clash in a decisive battle at Kerestes,
while prince Michael waits at the Danube, to be called to fight.
Pater Noster, qui es in caelis,
Sanctificetur nomen tuum...
Adveniat regnum tuum...
Fiat voluntas tua...
Sicut in caelo, et in terra.
Panem nostrum quotidianum...
General, let's not switch roles!
I, Sigismund Bathory, am commander of this battle.
... da nobis hodie...
Et dimitte nobis debita nostra...
Sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris.
Et ne nos inducas in tentationem...
Sed libera nos a malo.
In the name of our Saviour's sacred wounds... Charge!
Allah eckber!
We're rotting here for months now.
We're waiting for our Christian brothers to call us.
- We'd better be without them. - We're wasting time.
Maybe Sigismund is getting married again.
I knew you waited for Rudolph's messengers,
but here is the other emperor's man!
No matter what, I'm glad to see you.
What did the Turk say?
They beat the hell out of the Christians at Kerestes.
When they thought he'd won, I used your strategy from Calugareni.
- Are there many dead? - About 50000. Less than then.
Mihal... Sigismund has given up the throne.
His father should have given up conceiving him.
He's a monk now. But his cousin, the cardinal, became a commander.
Now it's your turn.
I know.
Mihal... You'll win one battle, maybe two or ten,
but your victory will never be complete.
Selim, are you talking to me as a friend or as the sultan's messenger?
Murad et Sinan are both dead.
Our new sultan wants to make peace with you.
Step aside! Don't get involved with the others!
Only if I could... But you are too mighty to keep your word.
The sultan is moody, no matter what his name.
I would have to start it all over again, and I will be old then.
To me, the sword will be heavy.
Or maybe I'll get the worm which gnaws at people's heart, saying
that the sword doesn't cut off a bowed head.
You asked me once why I joined the sultan's army.
I did it for power and glory. What do you want?
You are all asking me the same question.
The time for me to answer hasn't come yet.
What is this?
The proof of Andrew Bathory's submission to our great sultan.
There's your name here, too, as a vassal.
Zamoisky wants Transylvania, Moldavia et Wallachia, for him,
and he commits to pay the tribute which you've ignored.
What are you going to do now?
Selim... All those who speak the language of my ancestors
live in this three countries.
The mighty men of this world have divided them. You and others.
No more!
Before you arrive in Istanbul, these countries will be mine.
You once asked me why I wanted to rule over this poor country.
Now you know.
Still... Don't you want to make peace with us?
Stroe, Radu, sound the gathering! We are leaving right now.
We've been betrayed.
I made a mistake, Your Majesty. I have to pay for this.
Don't talk nonsense, general!
I should've chained Sigismund or I should've killed him!
I begged Your Majesty not to make me bow to this monkey.
Your excuses are useless, general.
- We have another chance. - Your Majesty... My life...
Through Andrew Bathory's submission, the Turks are threatening us now.
We will have to invade Transylvania before them.
You've guessed my mind. All of Transylvania will be yours.
- But... - I know what you want to say.
You will be nominated governor of this region. Satisfied?
Your Majesty, if I may speak...
Dear Basta! You wouldn't ask me to make you prince of Transylvania!
Maximilian... I almost forgot! Write the necessary documents
that give to general Basta the title of baron of the empire.
Your Majesty, this is my plan of attack!
In one month, I will conquer all Transylvania!
Too much time.
I will reach Alba lulia at the soonest.
What are you doing here? Why did you stop? Get going!
Milord, we won't go any further.
- What? I didn't hear you well. - Milord... We always followed you.
We're ready to do it until our death.
But our estates lie in ruin. The peasants are running away.
We'll find only ruins when we get back.
Where would we find the money for our armies, Milord?
You promised you'd sign the act of tying the peasants to our lands.
Is that what's bothering you now?
Milord, even in Transylvania, when we are going now,
the peasants are tied to their land. Glebe al scripti...
I see you haven't forgotten your Latin, Preda.
You know what the Romanian word is forinsubordonatio.Disobedience.
In Latin cecitasmeans "blindness".
Give me the act, Radu! I see you carry it like some sweet treasure.
You've caught me in a difficult time, my brave friends.
But I'm not thinking about our estates now!
I don't want the country to perish, if we are not holding on together.
I don't want to see you standing here!
Voivode Michael is coming!
- Our brothers are coming! - Voivode Michael is arriving!
Let's greet them well!
Burn down everything!
Vivat dominus nostrum Andreus!
The Lord's mysterious works escape our feeble minds.
Right you are!
Our cousin Sigismund,
whom he found the crown and scepter to be too heavy to his liking,
has found his peace at the heart of our Holy Church,
while I took my sword to defend the Cross.
At majorem Dei gloriam...
Your Eminence, sacred father... I didn't get that.
- What didn't you get? - He's stupid.
I'm listening, dear Tompa.
After what you said, it seems we're going to fight against the Turks.
But, from what I know, you've submitted to them.
Tompa, you are a great warrior,
but let me tell you you don't have a brilliant spirit.
- I don't need to. - Shut up!
- Who said so? - Pax inter nobis,gentlemen.
God has made it clear for us at Kerestes
that the hour of Christian victory has yet to come.
But I'm asking you... Who is this Michael?
He dares attack us... A demon gone wild after power!
He's marked his way in Transylvania with the ruins of our castles,
burnt down by the peasants.
He unleashes the brute force of the rabid population.
I'm surprised, Tompa, that you dare speak.
You know very well that the Szekely people had risen
and that they joined the army of this primitive peasant.
That's right! What are you doing here? Go to him!
Between the Turks who are leaving us be and this cheeky Christian,
the true nobles have no choice.
Gentlemen, we are soldiers. Let's rejoice now!
My God! They are here!
The rebel is here.
Gentlemen, this is the hand of the Providence.
Porridge-Voivode will fight on the ground that we chose, in Selimbar.
This adventurer has fallen into our trap.
It's true! Hurray!
You idiots!
I know Michael. He'll fight to his liking and he'll crush us all!
What a shame, Hussar!
This isn't the first time that the Bathorys make us soil our hands
and our honour.
What a heavy curse has fallen on our heads,
since we submit like blind men to the vanity of others.
The Lord will punish us. Poor Tompa!
What a bitter reward, for 40 years in the army!
I approve your gesture.
You've punished a traitor and a rebel.
As a holy man, though, I will pray for the forgiveness of his sins.
Absolvo te pacatis tuis in extremis. Amen.
The map, gentlemen!
The first line of battle stays as decided,
with Baba Novac to the left and Aga Leca, to the right.
The Szekely people will stay with me.
No one moves without my order.
Go back to your armies! What is it?
Milord, a Catholic priest wants to see you. I think he's their envoy.
My Christian brother, I never expected another greeting from you.
I knew you'd laugh and mock me.
Get inside my tent! If the Szekely recognize you, they'll kill you.
- Are they fighting with you? - Eight thousand men.
You didn't send them at Calugareni, so they came by themselves.
- I don't see the cannons. - You'll hear them.
- Who sent you here? - God.
Blessed by His name! Is He curious to know how I placed my cannons?
Vade retro!
Michael, I see a devilish lust glittering in your eyes.
My eyes glitter only because I'm sorry you're not on the other side.
I would have got even with you.
You humiliated me like no other.
Even in my sleep, I feel the pain of this humiliation.
I was wrong.
To get revenge, would you be able to shed Christian blood?
- Listen to me, monk! - Hit me! For my sins...
Michael, you released the dark forces of the mob.
You, a prince,
ignore the fact that you signed the treaty between our countries!
How dare you remind me?
I don't know anything about "our" countries.
There's only one country: That of my ancestors.
Michael, kill me, if you want, but listen to me first!
Our treaty is known and accepted by the entire Europe.
Europe? I don't care about Europe.
What did Europe do when times were hard for me?
All I care about is my country. Is that clear?
Yes, it is.
I pity you. God be with you!
You're as honest a monk, as you were, when a prince.
At your orders, Milord!
Take him and get him somewhere where he can see all the battle.
Stay with him! If he moves, you cut him.
- You want me not to fight? - Are you disobeying my orders?
In two hours, we'll crush under our feet the Wallachian's raw neck.
Gentlemen, I give the right wing the honour to start the fight.
The peasants will attack us.
After me!
Charge, brothers!
Don't give up, brave men! Come with me!
Marco will help Baba Novac crush the core of mercenaries.
Yes, Sire!
My horse!
Michael, let me enter the battle!
Don't worry! Stroe and Marcu are there.
Dear Christ, forgive the one who sheds Christian blood!
You can't speak. Just watch!
Gentlemen, Hussar's left wing will enter the battle,
if the centre of the army gives in.
The Wallachian will be crushed.
Hussar... I won't come with you.
With whom are we fighting?
With the man who keeps the Turks at the Danube?
And with whom? With a cardinal who made us the Turks' subjects?
No, Hussar, I won't go with you.
You know how vengeful the Bathorys are. You'll lose your head.
I have something which is dearer to me than my head, my friend.
You're right, but I can't do the same. You're a free man.
I am a soldier and I have to do my duty.
I do it with a heavy heart.
- Farewell, Sany! - Farewell, lancsi! Take care!
Hussars! Charge!
Your Eminency... It's the end of the battle.
If you allow me, I'll find a place of attack for the mounted noblemen.
They would never forgive me for not having let them kill the Wallachians.
Go, Cornis!
Let's go! Our men are in danger.
What's Radu doing? He should stay put!
I think we fell into their trap.
You were wrong, Aga Leca. You, too, Radu.
Let the second line enter the battle!
Will it be hard for us to fight them, father?
Take combat position!
- Where's Preda? - I don't know!
I didn't find him!
- Where did you capture him? - On the hill.
- Do you know him? - No.
- Don't you know who he is? - No.
He's count Cornis, commander of the mercenary troops.
Your Highness, I am your prisoner.
My Lord, you'll have to wait.
Now you'll wait, my son.
I didn't want to win this battle like this. Take off this tin!
I will fight with my shirt on!
Charge, my brothers!
My carriage!
Long live voivode Michael!
Long vie, Milord!
May God keep him in good health!
I've seen him kneel in front of Sigismund.
And today, here he is! A conqueror in Alba lulia!
Long live Michael!
May God help him!
Did you find Preda?
Lord's servant, Preda Buzescu, has lost his life in Transylvania.
Here signs the Lord's servant, prince of the Holy Roman Empire,
of Transylvania, Moldavia and transalpine Wallachia,
earl of the Szekely people and ruler over part of Hungary,
Sigismund Bathory.
Milord... Andrew Bathory... I mean, his head...
It was brought by two men. They are here.
- Are you the ones who killed him? - Yes.
Just so.
You did it for money...
He mocked and killed our commander, Tompa.
This one stabbed him, too! And this one! And that one!
We won't forget it.
What is your will? Will you hang us or are we free to go?
You are free to go.
Poor priest!
And now... Here we are together again,
in the same place where you humiliated me!
It seems a long time ago.
You are defeated, without your swords,
waiting for what I should do.
I'm sorry for everything we might have done together.
I know you and admire your courage.
Maybe you'll learn to know and praise us, too.
It's our only chance.
He's gone, Milord.
Where is Stroe?
I'm here, Milord!
We didn't even have the time to burry them...
Radu... Stroe!
- At your orders! - Give these nobles their swords!
No, Milord!
No! Let's kill them!
Michael... Let me kill them!
I said give them back their swords!
How are you, Rosana?
I thank His Highness for having remembered me.
Let's greet them with a round of cannon!
What is this?
We've advanced too easily, not to have any surprises.
It was just a greeting round, general.
I have the pleasure of saying good day to you.
You've come a little late, but... Fortunately, you're here.
It's not my business. I have other duties.
His Highness Michael orders that you leave your army here.
You will follow me, one way or another,
with all honours... We're going to Alba lulia.
Can you tell me where your prince is?
You will see him soon, general. Very soon.
I knew you would come. I could have sworn.
I've been waiting for you for so long, Michael.
I almost forgot how long it's been.
Isn't the time for you to rest now?
I'd like you to let me stay somewhere here, near you...
- Not yet, Rosana. - It's so strange!
A very long time ago, I met a man in Istanbul.
Then I came to my friend's wedding, to meet with him again.
He came to me, then he left, he fought, he became famous...
And I stayed here, waiting for him.
My family doesn't even know if I'm alive.
And now, that man's hair has turned gray.
- Where are you going this time? - Not far. I'll be back soon.
For how long?
Rosana... Why do you do all this?
Because I love you.
What are we going to do?
What are we going to do? The Antichrist will kill us all.
Are they all Moldavians?
The ones in coloured uniforms are the Poles.
- And the Moldavians? - They're the other ones.
Moldavian brothers!
- What is he saying? - The wind's blowing away his words.
Moldavian brothers!
What is he doing?
Moldavian brothers!
Be ready! Don't you hear me?
- Fire! - The cannons!
Moldavian brothers!
Long live voivode Michael!
What are we going to do?
We've been betrayed!
The Poles are running away!
Long live voivode Michael!
Father, look how they run!
Leave me alone!
- What's wrong? - I can't see!
- What did you do? - I can't see!
Long live Michael!
Long live Michael!
Come, brothers!
The bread and salt of Moldavia, Milord!
Milord, this is the flag of Moldavia!
Are they fighting?
No, son. They are not fighting.
Today we've seen our destiny fulfilled!
Those born from one mother will stay together!
Wallachia, Transylvania and Moldavia!
This is my will!
Finally, you're here, general!
Was there a long journey?
I bring you explicit orders.
What orders, general?
You are here. I'm not the one who called you,
but the emperor's messengers are always welcome here.
Maybe you'll give me the command of your cavalry on another occasion.
Do you remember the holy mass, father?
We're praying that our good Lord
bless the crowning of voivode Michael,
and that He strengthens his scepter with His almighty power
and that He gives him might and wisdom,
to reign and give justice as he should.
Your mercy and love is so great, oh, Lord!
Praised be the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Ghost,
now and for all eternity!
If I ignore what I feel right now,
I must confess that the Wallachian has the courage of a madman.
I was thinking about the same thing.
Let's pray to our Lord!
Dear Lord, listen to our prayer!
Look with your mercy towards your faithful servant Michael,
whom You chose to reign over the three Romanian principalities!
Bless his reign, as Thou are blessed,
now and for all eternity!
This jewel that can be seen on your head
will rest on your head with the blessing of Christ, our Lord,
who crowns you as voivode of Wallachia,
of Transylvania and of Moldavia.
What is it?
Milord, the sultan's messengers are here. It's Selim Pasha.
It's important, Milord.
Let him in!
"I, Mohammed III, king of all kings, sovereign of sovereigns"
"and padishah of so many countries"
"that my noble ancestors and forefathers, may Allay praise them,
"have conquered by the mere force of their weapons,"
"we herewith recognize you, Michael voivode,"
"as ruler over Wallachia, Transylvania and Moldavia."
"This is the proof of your power."
My soul rejoices for you, Mihal.
He's lost. This gesture will be the end of him.
And now, Mihal... Farewell!
Will we see each other again?
Have you given up on conquering Istanbul, Mihal?
I didn't think so. We'll see each other again.
We're glad you understood what we wanted you to understand.
On this land, anyone who comes as a friend is welcome.
Those who keep this in mind are right to do so.
Those who don't will know the blade of our sword.
I swear this is my heritage!
After having killed our cousin Andrew with his own hands,
this horrible monster was recognized by the sultan as voivode.
He received the pagans inside the holy church.
I've never made such a thing.
I decided to retire in a humble monastery.
We are aware of your adventures, Sigismund. There's nothing new.
This beast whom I compare with Genghis Khan et Timur Lenk
will have the nerve to consider Your Majesty as his equal, tomorrow.
This time, I'm afraid you're right. Even if I don't like it at all.
I swear on the salvation of my soul
that I'll always obey to Your Majesty.
I don't believe at all in your oaths, Sigismund.
Your Majesty,
while I was in seclusion, I thought about my country's destiny.
It is too small and too insignificant,
for me to want to rule it all by myself.
Even if time will diminish my lack of experience,
I humbly pray Your Majesty to protect Transylvania.
This time, you will no longer deceive me, Sigismund.
Maximilian, bring me the treaty I prepared.
- Sanctissima Majestas... - Your Highness...
I have listened to your demands. Enough for one day, my friend!
Your Majesty, I have a personal favour to ask you.
The tragic events which Your Majesty leaves behind with such generosity
have separated me from my beloved wife...
I'm listening.
The main reason for which I've returned to the profane world...
My darling... Here's your husband! I hope you'll recognize him.
It's prince Sigismund.
I know why you're here, Michael.
You know as well as I do that it's in vain.
You can't have Nicholas.
- You have to, Stanca. - I "have to"?
Just when I was thinking we'll finally have some peace.
You've always done what you wanted and I didn't stand in your way.
You've killed inside me all desire to shout "Stop!".
You're going too far, Michael. You're so selfish!
- I don't do anything for me. - Really? I know you so well!
- I'll never give you Nicholas! - Nicholas isn't just yours or mine.
The country must know that it was defended by prince Nicholas' sword,
his future ruler!
I don't care about you or anyone else, when it comes to my son.
I've been wanting to talk to you for a long time, with my father around.
- Nicholas! - No, mother!
This time you'll have to listen! Understand that I'm not
the child who used to cry in your lap anymore
or the one who was afraid to see the sun and lived in your fairy tales.
I've had enough living in monasteries, praying in churches,
and being taught by old monks who stink!
You've always kept me away from my dad, whom I loved and hated with you.
Forgive me, mother, but your selfishness killed all my will.
I'm ugly! I have crooked legs!
I hear soldiers and children laughing behind my back!
This is why I hide in the basements of these churches I hate!
May God forgive me!
I want to be a real man.
I want to be like my father.
I'd better have people hate me, than feel sorry for me!
I want to leave with my father.
Father... Do you find me worthy of coming with you?
Aren't you ashamed with me?
Come, my son!
You will be stronger than me.
Take leave of your mother!
Give me your blessing... Your Highness...
You were wrong. You shouldn't have forgiven them.
- I know, father. I was wrong. - What'd they have done to you?
I say we wait for our men! Cocea will be here in one day.
He'll bring soldiers from Oltenia. We're so few, Milord!
This is not good, Milord.
Father, you know how to fight in a battle,
you're pretty good at mass, but, in politics...
All right.
Why don't we wait for our men, and then start fighting with Sigismund?
Sigismund would never attack us,
if he knows that Basta's army and the emperor's men must join us.
Milord... These are Sigismund's messengers!
Earl Cornis! Bogaski! Szekely!
We are the envoys of prince Sigismund.
You have some nerve! You swore to be faithful to me.
Now you come here as the enemy's messengers.
I should cut your heads off!
This is the last time I let you alive.
This is a promise.
I'm listening.
Prince Sigismund Bathory, with his numerous army,
with whom we, the Transylvanian noblemen, joined forced,
doesn't want to shed Christian blood.
- That's why... - Enough!
Tell Sigismund that this is my country.
Only I and I alone set up the conditions!
I have only one: He must leave! I don't want to hear about him.
You see the noblemen!
Alexander the Macedonian of the Christian world, let me see you now!
Prepare all the cannons!
And the cavalry!
Milord, I have news from Istanbul.
The rebellion of the Turkish Janissaries was repressed.
It seems that Selim Pasha is dead.
The imperial army is here.
If they are here, we won't have to shed any more blood.
Your doubts were in vain, father.
Answer his greeting!
Generals, prepare for combat!
This is going to be a long day.
General Basta... The dog is here.
The ball's about to begin, my lords!
Father, who are those?
Basta and his mercenaries. You saw them in Alba lulia.
- They say they're our friends now. - Those with the nice flags?
Father, is this the Austrian army?
Yes, Nicholas. Welcome, my brave soldiers!
Your Highness,
general Basta's troops are at your disposal.
The general sends you his combat greeting and awaits your orders.
I thank you, sir. You've come to the right moment.
Take over our left wing!
Your orders will be met as such, Your Highness.
What is it, Ionica?
Countess Di Ventini wants to talk to you.
Countess Di Ventini...
She'll wait. I will call her.
Her Highness says she'll call you. She's busy with other things now.
Milady... Prince Michael's life is in danger.
I know. The prince is on the battle field.
- His life has always been in danger. - He will be betrayed.
During the battle, Basta's army will switch sides with Sigismund's.
- They have plotted against him. - Impossible!
The emperor's last letter...
Don't you see? This is a matter of life and death.
I may have arrived here too late.
My son...
The cavalry, Milord!
They're getting near!
- Leave me alone! - Do you want to die, too?
Leave me alone, father! Nicholas...
Nicholas, my son...
My sweet son! Nicholas...
With the powers vested in me, I hereby beg you to live...
May the kingdom of Heaven be closed to you
and may you never rest in peace, if you die here, like a fool!
You must bear your cross until the end.
Otherwise, we've died in vain.
My horse!
And this is how voivode Michael vanished from history.
The hero of the Christian world...
Together with the souls of the departed ones,
have mercy, Lord, on the soul of your servant Nicholas!
Lay him in a place of great light and of grassy fields,
where there are no sorrow and no tears.
What a lame victory! I'm ashamed of having served this madman.
Andrew Bathory made us submit to the Turks.
Sigismund Bathory will sell us to the Austrians.
What has become of you, Kovacs?
We didn't understand this in time and we'll repent.
We let ourselves go with Cornis
and we became the blind slaves of this family.
My dear general!
The end of a rat...
Father! Where are you?
Stanca, you're not the only one whose heart is bleeding.
I know! You have no more dreams for power and glory.
I didn't do it for myself, Stanca...
Not for myself.
Where is my child's tomb?
He lies in the ground of his country, Stanca.
In the ground of his country...
In the ground of his country...
Do you want me to be happy about it?
Go away!
You don't exist for me! Not even in my memory!
I curse the day when I met you!
They are looking all over for you.
Take it! Eat! It's nice and warm. Badgers soup.
Eat, Milord! This is what we eat. Maybe you'll like it.
The country has turned to ashes. We've waited too much.
I know Your Highness wouldn't have the time for our sorrows.
We are tied to our lands, like slaves. What's the use, Milord?
Our children are dead.
You're right, woman. Our children are dead.
Shut up, woman! You don't know what you say.
She knows.
I thank you for the food and for the kind words.
Forgive them, Milord! They are stupid and hungry.
Gentlemen, history will be grateful to you for this gesture.
Let's go!
What are you doing, general? You do it without having to?
Now I know for sure you're a real hero.
General Basta, you're under arrest.
Maybe history... Another bitch, milady...
...will explain my gesture by jealousy.
Don't toss, general! You're making us sick.
You're in the presence of a lady. What the hell...
Milady... Cover your doubtful charms!
I reject you.
General, my actions are motivated by high political reasons.
I studied the documents of our dear late cousin,
whom we constantly mourn,
we saw that our agreement with the Turks was better than Rudolph's.
Moreover, my dear friend,
the vassality agreement signed by the Wallachian is still valid.
As he had the brilliant idea of invading Moldavia,
I find myself forced to discuss with His Majesty and with everyone
in a more dignified manner!
You filthy traitor!
I've punished you for your insolence, milord.
As for the shame you've inflicted upon my honour as a husband,
when you abused the innocence of this priceless creature...
Take care of the general!
Seize him!
Leave me alone!
Milady... I wouldn't want you to catch a cold, dressed like this.
Go to your rooms!
I'm sorry to tell you
that you're honouring our small inn with your presence for three months.
But only with your presence.
Your Excellency, I lit the fire in your room.
A lady came asking about you. She left you a letter.
He wants to be received by the emperor, but he has no money!
Your Highness, His Majesty sends me to ask Your Excellency
to come with me to the imperial palace.
Rise, general!
And now, Maximilian,
let's see the hero who succeeded in troubling two empires!
Is he an angel or a demon?
My beloved and much respected prince...
Your Majesty...
You've been here for so long, without us knowing anything.
The guilty ones will be punished. Please...
- Our personal councilor... - Milord...
My dear prince...
To what do I owe the honour
that Your Majesty found out about my being in Prague?
Milord, some serious events are about to unfold.
In Alba lulia, Sigismund rebelled against us.
- He submitted to the Turks. - How do you know that?
I know him.
You are the only one who can reestablish the order.
This is why I'm making this solemn demand.
Aren't you glad?
Your most graceful Majesty.
While you raise palaces and quietly seek the philosophal stone,
I burnt down my country and lost my child and my family.
My best friends are enriching the soil of our fields.
And you ask why I'm not glad.
Milord, I want to make up for my mistake. I give you one million coins
to gather the best army there is in Europe.
We're also offering two duchies in Silesia.
The lands of Wallachia, Moldavia and Transylvania...
This is what I want.
Prepare the treaty, Maximilian!
I have only one condition.
A friendly demand, I would say...
Forgive general Basta! Make peace with him!
Sigismund hurt him deeply. Basta will fight under your orders.
I ask this favour of you.
Now, Milord, you may follow your splendid destiny!
I have the feeling he had total control over us.
Yes, Your Majesty. He did.
What a pity that he wasn't born an Austrian! Or a Turk, at least...
This character is a constant source of danger to our empire.
He is unfortunate to have to reign over such a small country.
How do you think the stars might influence his destiny?
There are cases when Your Majesty can take the place of the stars.
Let the Wallachian break his neck!
Sigismund has twice as many men and cannons.
Noblemen, I'll lead you to victory. I know you. I chose you.
I ask you a favour.
Leave the leaders that you will capture on the battle field to me!
Thank you!
The Wallachian attacks us.
He attacks us.
You'll meet him with the entire force of our cannons.
The cannons! Fire!
Your Majesty... Your troops defeated Sigismund.
Prince Michael has won the battle once again.
It was a wonderful victory.
I wonder where the destiny of this fearful prince would take him.
- A most unusual man! - Your Majesty...
I understand it is time for me to go.
Yes, Maximilian.
Your presence honours us, Your Excellency.
These are His Majesty's orders!
Execute them!
Mother... You, here?
My God... I've come such a long way to find you!
Are you healthy and well?
You're so thin!
And your hair is gray, my boy...
Why are you all alone?
You're sad... You want to start it over again.
Until the end of the road, mother.
I know, my boy.
You used to say this to me when you were just a child.
Why are you all alone?
Don't worry, mother! I'll go to our men, to give them the good news.
I did it! Nothing was in vain.
I must go now.
Why are you all alone?
Turda, the 8th of August, 1601
Your Highness...
We'd like to ask you a favour.
What do you want?
Your Highness... We are knights.
General Basta has deeply wounded us with his behaviour.
We are asking your permission to fight under your orders.
Rise! Sit at my table!
My brave soldiers! I want to drink with you this cup of wine!
For your courage in battle and for our victory!
This is our last cup together. Your duty ends here.
My army is on its way to Transylvania.
I thank you and I wish you...
You will reign over a small country.
Your neighbours will humiliate you and you will fear our armies.
Stay here! I will give you an army and you'll know what glory is.
I give you one million gold coins to gather the best army in Europe.
Also, two duchies in Silesia and a title of nobility!
Still, Mihal... Don't you want to make peace with us?
No. I'll go until the end of the road, no matter where this leads.
I want this people to know what it wants
and to understand what it can do.
I leave them my hèritage:
Wallachia, Transylvania and Moldavia.