Alexander Rybak meets Hege-Anette (Eng&Rus subs)

Uploaded by kahannne on 08.05.2010

- Hello! My name is Alexander. - Hege Anette.
Hege Anette, I know. Yes, how are you? But I can not stand right behind you.
Finally, Hege Anette from Tangerudbakken met her idol, Alexander Rybak.
Are you sure that you haven't received any letter from me?
I got a heart picture.
There, you see.
- Could you write your name? - Of course, do you have a pen.
- Is it nice to meet him, Hege Anette? - Very happy.
- It's probably even cozier for me. - I think he's very handsome.
Do you still mean that, even if I have a bit like two-day beard?
There you are, yes.
I was in town on Thursday, no on Monday, and bought the Fairytale.
That was about time, I think.
- What's so great about Alexander? - He is very sweat.
And he has this incredible charisma.
- You think so? - Yes, of course.
Another thing. You were very good at playing the Menhuin concert.
- Have you seen that? - Yes.
Thank you so much. That was something else, what was I doing there?
You played classic.
Played classic. It's so nice that someone sees that side of my. Thank you so much. Much obliged.
I did not know... Now I'm touched.
There were several highlights for Hege Anette, that evening.
For among all the fans she was the one who was the evening's highlights.
Ok, I have heard that Hege Anette from Tangerudbakken is here.
I have a song that goes like this.
Run the tape. Let's seƄ. It's so nice with sing back. You must try it once.
This is a song to you Hege Anette, and it goes like this.
Thank you for tonight!