Elizabeth Bourcier & Laura Pursley Entwine Honorees

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My dad did home wine making and I have seven siblings
and we used to crush the grapes for him
so I started early doing that. His wine makings improved over the years so
throughout the years that help them with that
and then also my first crush in 2001
as when i really got into it and actually working with it.
My parents took me on a family trip
to France when i was younger. I
was introduced to vineyards
and chateaus and
I was inspired by the whole process.
We always had
wine with dinner and
I was kind of able to start
tasting wines when i was very young
and when i was
seventeen and graduated high school I decided
that this is what I want to do. I heard about the program at Walla Walla and decided I'm going to do it. So that's when i moved up here.
It gets more intoxicating the more
uh... you do it so
then you get more inspired.
So that helped to keep your interest going throughout the two years.
I think that's the main thing to me and the
instructors again Mike and Stan
we're very uh...
passionate about what the were teaching and they were very involved with the students so that was
also what kept your interests
and kept you wanting more. I'll never forget my first trip out here to Cayuse and with the school.
And seeing the rocks
and having a tour with Christov
and being very inspired,
I had already had an interest in
Enology and Viticulture so the school nurtured that. It gave me the education
I needed
to continue on.
It helped me
get that degree there and continue on to Cal Poly.
It filled in all of the gaps that i needed that
on-the-job work
wasn't giving me so
the community college really kept my interest up and kept me going.
I probably wouldn't be here, I think, without the community college.
We did everything from lab working to cellar work to
All parts of the
industry that you would not be able to learn in any other place.
Iust to go to school and to be in the cellar. Or to be crushing grapes...
It was unreal. I don't think that I could have started my career any differently.
I worked in the cellar, I worked in the vineyard, I've done research but
in each one of those places you learn more. Right now I'm working
doing a lot of work in the farm in the gardens and
I'm learning a lot more there.
In viticulture, every single year is different.
It depends a lot on the weather and
change of crop-load, this or that so
you never stop learning.
I don't really feel like I'm at the top of my game so there's still a lot more to go
from here.
You can lean about
regions all over the world and wines all over the world and
different methods of
making wine and all the
science that goes
with it and
here we have the dynamics
and its just endless really.
There is so much to learn that
you know that's what i hope to continue to do.
Every day I think I learn more.