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Now everyone, please scream louder.
Make us look more popular on the camera recording, okay?
The artists of SM Town, the pride of Korea.
Today, they join us as movie stars... how nervous they must be!
A lot of people have come on to the stage...
So we will first have the director's introduction before we hear from each of the groups.
And over to the director.
Hello, I am the director of "I AM", Choi Jinsung
I think he might be slightly taken aback by the size of the audience so we will talk more later.
So now can we have all of our artists introduce themselves to the reporters and the fans, please?
Since Kangta is the eldest, we should start with him.
Hello, I am SM Town's Kangta.
I would like to thank the large numbers of people that have shown interest and have come here today.
This movie, "I AM" is full of our hard work... and our sincere emotions, so please look forward to it.
Next, can we have Super Junior's introduction?
It should be TVXQ-sunbaenims first. MC: Oh, right.
YH: We're over here... it's been a while! MC: Oh, it has been.
MC: I made a very big mistake, over to you, please YH: No problem.
1, 2, 3... Hello, we're TVXQ.
Firstly, thank you all for making the journey here.
Like Kangta-sunbaenim has said "I AM" is...
above all, an opportunity for everyone to see and feel with us, our human-sides...
which we haven't been able to show before as 'artistes'.
So please show it a lot of love and support.
1, 2, 3... Hello, we are Super Junior.
We are Super Juni-or!
Fangirl: ??? EH:Oh, thank you.
So... the movie may be called "I AM" but it's a full of stories of the SMTown Family rather than individuals.
So please enjoy the movie and spread the word!
MC: And now, Girls' Generation take the microphone.
1, 2, 3... Hello, we're Girls' Generation.
MC: I can hear a military platoon over there.
TY: It's full of our natural images so please enjoy the movie. Thank you.
Hello, we are shining SHINee!
TM: We have put in a lot of effort into the filming of this movie, so please show it love. Thank you.
AB: We're f(x). Hello.
LN: This film is full of the most honest and truthful portrayal of all of our SMTown sunbaes and the maknaes, f(x), all from a young age.
So please show it a lot of love and support.
MC: Yes... so the introduction of the main actors... it took only ten minutes.
So we will start the main part of tonight's talk segment
So please take a seat.
Wow, there are photos being taken non-stop... which means there will be bad photos taken too.
So this is another request for you to all use Photoshop to make them look beautiful.
I was actually surprised by the director.
You are such a humble person.
This is a very important moment for you but you look very laid-back and young, like a student.
You made this movie with a youthful mindset, so I wanted to know what you felt while making this film.
CJS: I am is a movie about dreams.
I'm sure you have all seen the movie 'Billy Elliott'.
Just as young Billy spent years working for the dream of being on stage before achieving that dream,
these 32 youths of Korea dreamed of having a stage of their own.
They spent as much as 7-8 years for the sake of just four minutes on their debut stage.
And they recently managed to perform in Madison Square Garden, New York, the stage all artists dream of.
This is a movie about that, the growth of the youthful spirit.
This movie shouldn't be seen as just an 'idol movie' or as a concert recording...
but a movie about the path towards a dream that these 32 youths have pursued.
MC: Thank you, I think the director has condensed everything he wants to say concisely as possible.
But let me ask you this one thing.
There are a lot of main actors here, but who did you personally see as 'Billy'?
MC: It might be a difficult question, but... CJS: To be honest, I haven't had a chance to see these artists often.
I was with them briefly in New York, and also in interviews...
But, as you will see in the movie, I took an interest in the videos of their practices where all these youths trained for their dreams from a young age.
Among the countless videos that I watched over the past 5 months...
The one that stood out the most as 'Billy' was... Super Junior's Sungmin.
He appears at the start of the movie, like Billy Elliott.
He is being scolded by the trainer noona, while he struggling with a difficult song.
That shy little Billy Elliott called Sungmin finally takes to the stage on Madison Square Garden, and we follow this throughout the movie.
There may be 32 people featured equally in the film...
But in my eyes, the Billy Elliott that left the biggest impression was Sungmin.
MC: Wow, even though other people might be annoyed, you really picked out someone!
You are the first person that has ever answered that question in such a fresh way.
CJS: That doesn't mean Sungmin features the most in the... MC: It's too late now!
It's too late, look at them all sulking!
EH: I never thought he would pick one but... KH: He actually picked someone!
MC: I also never expected such an answer!
EH: It should have been "everybody was the hero in this movie". MC: Yes, something like "we are all equal"...
MC: Sungmin, you are the only one laughing confidently.
SM: I feel very happy inside.
MC: So for those who were curious about stories behind the scenes...
I've prepared some keywords behind the letters I, A, M and the full stop.
If you select one, a question will be shown.
So if you could discuss that topic amongst yourselves...
So, since Kangta is the eldest and the overall sunbae, please select one first.
KT: I choose 'A' MC: 'A', which question will it be? Show us 'A'!
MC: Oh! We cannot leave this subject out of discussion. Madison Square Garden!
I'm so sorry, SMTown artists. You look like you will break your necks! Why didn't they provide monitors in front for you?
That thing is so high... and you can't even see it with one glance!
So 'Madison Square Garden' has been selected. Is there anyone who wants to speak about this?
Anyone with a lot to get off their chest?
MC: Maybe... U-Know Yunho? YH: Yes?
MC: About Madison Square Garden YH: Sorry, I couldn't see the screen... and to start with...
It's a stage that we could only dream of.
I personally look up a lot to Michael Jackson, may he rest in peace.
To be able to stand on a stage that he had stood on... As soon as I stepped on the stage, I looked at my feet.
MC: Oh why?
YH: I almost wondered if I could see myself as something like him. MC: Since you stood on the same stage?
YH: Yes, but above all, this was something I could never have dreamed of.
I think it was far more meaningful because it wasn't just TVXQ but our entire family of SM Town as a whole.
I personally felt that Shindong overdid it all the time while we were there.
MC: Shindong did? YH: Yes.
EH: Shindong always overdoes it. YH: Oh? He does...
MC: Shindong, why were you like that in New York?
SD: To stand out...
MC: You stand out just as you are SD: Oh, yes...
MC: To be honest Shindong is actually the most desired talent in the comedian industry.
We the comedians recognise that despite being born a comedian, you worked extremely hard to become a singer.
SD: What do you mean! MC: That's just how we judged you.
MC: It's why we respect you so much, we see you made a big effort.
SD: Well... firstly, thank you for the respect...
MC: But actually, didn't you feel nervous when you went out on stage?
SD: It would be ridiculous to say that I wasn't nervous. I'm sure everyone felt that way.
Even someone watching us can imagine what kind of emotions we were all feeling.
But the thing I most regret is that...
I don't remember much of it.
It was such a dream-like experience that I almost doubt that I was even there and I want to feel that nervousness again.
I want to feel and do that once more but longer. It was far too short.
MC: So you feel it was so short that you want to work hard to perform there again?
MC: Well next time, Shindong, you are more than welcome to join Gag Concert an- SD: Okay... MC: Yes...
MC: I almost forgot to mention Gag Concert.
And Girls' Generation, when you performed at Madison Square Garden, you must have felt some kind of emotions.
Who wants to speak on behalf of the group?
TF: Ah, yes.. I... MC: Yes.
TF: For me, having spent time growing up in America...
I think that stage had the most significance for me.
And I managed to get a sneak preview of the movie earlier.
I think it really captured the emotions of all of the artists.
If you watch the movie, I think you will all feel the excitement with us.
The concert... left such a big impression on us.
MC: That's right. We have all watched a seven-minute highlight of the film and even just seven minutes made us feel something.
It made us more curious and want to watch the movie even more.
And seeing all of you at a young age, and in the old photos your eyes really sparkled.
And now what about SHINee?
SHINee, you also stood on the same stage.
So as the representative of SHINee... will it be Key?
K: Even before we stood on that stage, there were artists performing there who need no introduction.
So for us to watch videos of their performances as trainees... We never even dreamed of performing on that stage, we could only admire it.
So we couldn't believe that we were going to perform there So it meant a lot to us.
MC: Oh yes... I really do feel that Madison Square Garden is something amazing.
I could feel the emotion. Not just the size of the place but...
Oh, wait, Yesung?
YS: Actually, Madison Square Garden is more significant for me than anybody else. MC: Why is that?
YS: Because from a young age, I have always watched the New York Knicks.
So when I heard that we were performing at Madison Square Garden, I was the most excited.
[SuJu member apologising for Yesung's strange contribution] MC: You must be a big basketball fan. YS: I still am!
[SuJu members apologising for Yesung's strange contribution] EH: Yesung-hyung didn't even realise that we were performing but going to play basketball instead.
[SuJu members apologising for Yesung's strange contribution] EH: He made a mistake to bring this up.
SD: He even packed two pairs of basketball shoes.
MC: Well whatever the motivation, going there is still going there, isn't it?
YS: Well when people talk about a stage where Michael Jackson performed...
Of course, my parts were edited out a lot... but I thought this part would be included...
So when people talked about Michael Jackson, I talked about Michael Jordan!
MC: That's such an unexpected answer! YS: Michael Jordan and Patrick Ewing... their jerseys are on the wall there!
YS: But it wasn't included, so I'm disappointed.
MC: The younger people might not know but Patrick Ewing is someone like an ancestor to us.
The people who understand this are a little old. But he does resemble our ancestors and he was a good basketball player.
MC: So we will be editing this part out from today's... YS: He's a legend of Madison Square Garden.
SD: Big problem! The producers in front of us are telling us to wrap up Yesung's story quickly.
MC: I didn't think they would tell him to hurry up twice in front of his face!
MC: I am very impressed by that person. YS: I couldn't see past Eunhyuk's head.
MC: Since we do have some time left... YS: That's a relief. MC: So we'll pass on the mic to someone else.
MC: So now someone from f(x)...
Who wants to speak on behalf of the group?
AB: The first thing we felt about Madison Square Garden was that our sunbaes really are great.
We only had the opportunity to go to New York thanks to our sunbaes.
And like... we're here... now...
MC: Yes, so you enjoyed it more because you experienced it with sunbaes.
MC:And if it wasn't for them, you would not have been able to experience it? AB: Yes.
MC: But f(x) are such a great group. You could probably go to the Gardens on your own.
AB: Ahh..... I don't know...
MC: I don't really know what to say, either.
I was just trying to compliment you.
MC: But isn't her pronunciation amazing? Madison Squrr Garrs.
YH: But the most important thing is that at Madison Square Garden...
YH: The audience was 90%... MC: Sorry, but could you please point the logo of the microphone forward?
YH: Sorry, I have a bad habit.
But when we went to Madison Square Garden, 90% of the audience was non-Asian.
You know how it is, we always listened to a lot of their music, watched their performances and cheered for them...
But when we visited, instead, those people sang songs from our country with us, and called out our names.
All of that is in the movie, so you can all experience that for yourselves.
MC: And if you wait a little longer and watch the movie, you will be able to experience the emotions they're talkinga bout.
You will think "Oh that's what they meant" And know why Denbo said what she said.
[SMTown correcting him, telling him it's "Amber"] MC: Sorry, I keep saying Denbo...
"Amber"... sorry, my pronunciation was a little off!
MC: Amber, I'm sorry! AB: No, it's okay!