WRIC.com Monday's Medical Minute: Virginia DRS

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The Department of Rehabilitative Services helps patients use their work skills, as they treat
a wide variety of conditions.
The workday is in full swing at HandCraft Cleaners with Shirley and Mildred in the mix.
HandCraft is one site supporting the Department of Rehab's program.
We really like having them in here, they've all been trustworthy and good employees.
Rothrock: We've had some success recently with Aspergers
and that's alarmingly increasing.
We also do a lot of work with people with intellectual disabilities, spinal cord injuries,
Cerebral Palsey, Muscular Dystrophy, substance abuse and serious mental illness
are two growing populations. Reporter: DRS Commissioner Jim Rothrock
says holding a job allows patients to contribute to the community,
and it's a way to use vocational and social skills strengthened over the years in therapy.
much like medicine, Rothrock says job placement is not an exact science.
And finding the right position for the right person
takes work from all ends. Rothrock: we have to work with the physical,
occupational, speech and recreational therapists, doctors,
sometimes even attorneys to figure out what needs to be done, and we
put all the pieces together to allow success to come forward.
On Thursday the Department will recognize businesses who are striving and offer
these employment opportunities.
For more information about the program you can follow link on WRIC.com
Amy Lacey, 8 News.