Heading to The North Carolina School for the Deaf

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Heading to The North Carolina School for the Deaf
>> Brigid: Hi Paddy
>> Patrick: Hello mom.
Alright, I have a fun one for ya...
>> Brigid: Ok
>> Patrick: So, I got a call yesterday from North Carolina, from the North Carolina School
for the Deaf. A teacher has five students that are working on a project. and there project
is to go into the community and do action and to do something to try and change something
>> Brigid: To change or do something for the deaf school? Or to change the world?
>> Patrick: I think they were just thinking something small. So they were online and saw
a video that I did with Liz Tannebaum a couple of years ago where we filmed a couple of deaf
parents and itÕs called CODA, Children of Deaf Adults and their kids, their two kids.
and (in that video) I asked the question is there such a thing as a deaf friendly business?
Anyway, itÕs up on Youtube and they saw that video and it sparked them to call me
>> Brigid: I better watch that video
>> Patrick: yeah, you should watch that... but we are going to North Carolina next week
and we are going to go see them.
>> Brigid: You and I?
>> Patrick: Yeah, you and I (laughter) you and I are going to go (laughter)
>> Brigid: ...blog in North Carolina
>> Patrick: we are going to go and blog in North Carolina, we are going to have dinner
Thursday night with the 5 students, the teacher and maybe the principal. And then on Friday
morning, we are going to an all school assembly and talk to the whole school.
>> Brigid: You are going to talk to the whole school? (laughter)
>> Patrick: I do the talking (laughter) And I am sure you will be blogging (laughter)
>> Brigid: I will be knitting (Laughter)
>> Patrick: Yes, you will be knitting... (Laughter) I am looking forward to it... Do you know
much about the Deaf community?
>> Brigid: Very Little. I have known one deaf couple in our parish who had children in your
allÕs classes. I knew a man that worked for Uncle Barry whoÕs wife was also deaf and
they had hearing children. But I donÕt know very much about them, no. I donÕt know deaf
people in my life, I know a lot of people my age who are losing their hearing, and thatÕs
a problem.
>> Patrick: So we are going to go to be immersed in the North Carolina School for the Deaf
to get to know a whole world.. I am excited to go and that we are going to go together.
>> Brigid: Me too, it will be fun, and we will report back.
>> Patrick: Very good
>> Brigid: Ok
>> Patrick: Alright.