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Message from Umehara
This video is recorded for the School festival of Trident Computer School. Located in Nagoya city Aichi pref, Japan. ( http://computer.trident.ac.jp/ )
Hi everyone, Umehara here.
By the time you watch this, I'll be in Canada. I got invited to attend a tourney there.
I wish I could join this event. But I already accepted their kind invitation first. So I had to pass up your offer.
"A school send me a invitation". This is pretty much meaningful for me.
When I was in school, Gaming is above everything else. I was a bad student by all means.
I suppose my school didn't like me. And I didn't like my school either. That was 'our' basis.
A dozen years later from those days, I got an invitation from a school... I never expected such thing gonna happen.
So, instead of attending such a special event, I'll send this video. As a least thing I can do to appreciate it.
I was so glad to hear I got invited by teenagers. I mean, our fan base are getting older like 30s. So as communities operators or players.
These young students like you guys wants me to come and talk at school. It makes me feel our genre has a bright future.
Q. What good thing did fighting games bring you?
I made good chunk of my current buddies through fighting games. We've shared same hobby for years,
What most influenced by game should be these relationships, aside from myself such as being a pro player.
Q. What's the best thing about being a pro?
The best things are... I can visit overseas frequently. Or people over there warmly greeted me.
We can play games and know each other. It's a sort of communication tool.
Sometimes, I can feel their personalities. Like "He could be a difficult person" or "He must be a hilarious person" and such.
If I hadn't been playing games, I wouldn't have an opportunity to interact with people in overseas.
So, this is best of bests.
Q. Why fighting games are fun? Or why does it attract you?
This is my personal opinion, but.. It allowed me to "fight" with others seriously, regardless of our age disparity between.
I was a kid who hate to lose, But It's hard to turn over age/physical difference. 10 yrs old me never beat 15 yrs old someone.
When in my childhood, Age disparity was huge handicap in many cases, But it was not that huge while playing games.
"It let me 'fight' against various older ppl." I found it very fun and refleshing. Therefore I got all involved in gaming.
Q. Impressions about Nagoya city...
Nagoya is most visited 'other' city in my life. I have a lot of friends there as well. ... I went there first time to play games.
I was.. um.. 14yrs or so. Since then, I've visited there on some regular basis. Somehow I've been linked with the place.
Since the predawn of arcade culture, Nagoya is known as gaming city. Even S.Invader has "Nagoya" named technique.
As for fighting game history, In original SF2 era, Nagoya was best area in Japan. It's always noteworthy city in gaming.
Q. Do you love to attend tournaments?
I really loved tourneys. I attended every single tournament, if possible.
Currently, I'm not that eager like before. But when I was a kid, no matter how big the tourney is, I used to attend all of them.
Even those on toy shops or on video rental shops. I couldn't win at all though.
Or I say... That's why I used to love attending tourneys. I was eager to step onto a higher stages.
When you went one stop beyond your home town, you'd see a diffrent ecosystem of good players. It always made me excited.
There were many tourneys here and there. And each arcade held a tourney in a same time. Even in same area, they were not tied unlike today.
If there were two conflicted, say, in Saturday... I compared their prizes and picked one. "This tournament offers a console, I'll be there!"
I even crawled multi tournaments in a day. Once I got defeated early, I moved to another. ... And found same guys there.
I never bought a console in those days. I didn't play "console version" games, untill I get its console as a prize.
I was drooling over both Saturn and PSX, But I didn't compromise myself to 'buy' em. I tried to obtain it as a prize, and so did I.
Years later, when I decided to buy PS2, I thought myself "Sigh, I'm grown up...". I knew it's too expensive to be a prize.
I reluctantly bought a PS2. But basicaly, I considered consoles, are things that you should obtain as prize.
Q. Do you play non fighting games?
I had been hanging around game shops, more often than usual convenience stores. I always looked for good games.
Normaly, those 'great' used games cost 3500yen, As a kid have no money, I had to give up. "It worth 3.5k for sure... yea, looks damn fun."
Then, moved to bargain bins to find hidden gems. I really loved that. So, surprisingly, I have played many 'other' games.
Q. For those who is watching this movie.
I wish I'll be invited to these events more often. Because, these class are for those who wanna be a "game creater".
By today, all of Players, Operators, Creaters are more linked closer with intimacy. It was never happend before.
They were all separated, and had its own move.
First, players and operators tied together. Then, game creaters are joining in recently. We should stick together to make scenes better.
As a player, it's nice to meet someone, who's trying to be a game creater. He/She might join us in future, as a different part.
I'm willing to do anything to help this relationship. So if there is a next time or similar events, Call me anytime.