Photo Crafts : Photo Flower Pot: Clay Pot with Foam

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.07.2008

Ok. Now we're going to need our small clay pot, and we're going to prep this for our
flowers. You're also going to need your floral foam. This comes in a mushier foam, which
is also a flower foam, and that's usually in green. Or, you can just use white regular
styrofoam. You're going to want a circle size, and when you go to buy your foam, make sure
that it's the same width as the mouth of your pot. This one I've already pre-cut in half.
And I'm just going to flip it over, circle side down. And you're just going to push that
in there, nice and firm. And it will bend to the shape of your pot. And it is going
to be nice and snug. You don't have to glue it, because it's not going anywhere. So it's
a great base for your pot. Once you've done that, you're going to be ready to start decorating
your pot and preparing your flowers to go in your pot as well. And this is going to
act as your holding ground for the stems of your flowers. So we're not going to have to
glue those in either.