How to use Checkpoint on the Apple iPad

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Transcript: How to use Checkpoint on the Apple iPad
Hi, I’m Daphne Wallace from the ACS Technologies research and development department and I’m
here today to show you how to use your iPad with ACS Checkpoint check-in. You can connect
a single iPad back to an ACS checkpoint host computer, but more than likely you’re going
to want to connect multiple iPads back to a single computer. You can do this by establishing
a windows server and using remote desktop connection and terminal services.
Now let’s move to the iPad. You will need to have your iPad connected to your network
and have an app installed that allows you to remote into the host computer. There are
several remoting apps available that you can use. We found a free app at the app store
called RDP lite.
Once it’s installed, you need to do some configuration. Go into edit connections and
add your connection to your host computer. From here you are entering your IP address,
your port will be defaulted, then your username and password to log into your host computer.
Once all of this is set up you can choose to connect and it connects to your host where
you can then run ACS People Suite or you can choose to run the Kiosk program.
I’m going to pull up this log in screen, bring up my menu and type in my user name
and password. Once your menu comes up your steps are the same as you would from any checkpoint
Kiosk. We’re going to go in your express check-in/-out. Choose your date printer and
session and now you’re ready for check in. An example: let’s just bring up the friendly
family. You can see we can check in Mike and Michelle print badges and finish and send
them to the printer. I hope you found this information helpful and as always the ACS
support stuff is available to help if more details are needed.
Thank you for joining me today