Decorating a Christmas Tree : How to Add Small Christmas Tree Ornaments

Uploaded by expertvillage on 17.01.2008

Hi, my name is Leslie Moselle and I'm Tony Ramirez and we are from Tampa Bay. On behalf
of Expert Village this is how to decorate a Christmas tree. Now as you can see we already
have put our larger ornaments on the tree and you try to leave enough space to fit in
smaller ornaments. These here are smaller ornaments, you can see the difference in size
between these and the larger ornaments that you have already put on the tree. Depending
on how full you like your tree to look that will determine how many ornaments to put on.
We like to fully load them and get them inside to get that depth that we talked about before.
So I'm going to go ahead and start placing the smaller ornaments and have three different
types. So it has a lot of multitasking going on not only looking at the color but also
looking at type of ornaments that you are putting. So since we have three different
types here we just have to make sure we scatter those in a even fashion. One other thing that
we want to mention to you, Tony mentioned before about the hooks actually matching the
color of your tree different types. But you also want to pay attention to the type of
hooks that you get. There are a few different types out there and depending if you have
small children or animals that you really you can't keep getting to the tree just in
case a ornament hook falls on the floor. You want to protect them from either swallowing
it and from you stepping on it. There are different types; these are a really nice thin
wire that is actually not as bad as the metal that you usually see or dealing with the hooks
that you see. But there are also plastic ornament hooks or even if you want to get a little
further and have that extra time that it takes, you can hang your ornaments with ribbon. This
is probably the safest way to put your ornaments on the tree and just slide them through that,
the holes are provided on all ornaments. Slide the ribbon through and tie them to the branches
of your tree. So there are a quiet different ways that you can actually place your ornaments
on the tree. Some are safer than others depending on who you have in your household. That will
determine what you want to use. But other than that it is all up to you and I hope you
enjoy decorating your tree.