Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Mushipan 感謝祭のさつまいもの蒸しパン

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Hi, I’m Francis,
the host of this show "Cooking with Dog."
First, cut four slices from the sweet potato about a quarter inch thick.
Sweet potatoes are hard so be careful not to cut yourself.
Cut the slices into quarter inch cubes.
Place the potato into a bowl of water
and let it sit for 5 minutes to reduce the bitterness.
Meanwhile, add the water to the brown sugar
and dissolve it completely using a spatula.
Now, drain the potato with a mesh strainer
and place it onto a paper towel.
Remove the excess water thoroughly
and place it onto a plate.
Let’s make the batter for the mushipan.
Combine the cake flour,
baking powder
and a sprinkle of salt in a mesh strainer
and sift the powders into a bowl.
Pour the brown sugar water into the center of the flour
while mixing with a balloon whisk.
Gradually mix in the flour from the center to the outside.
This will help avoid pockets of dry flour.
Mix until smooth as shown.
Next, place a cupcake liner into each cupcake tin.
You can also use a regular cupcake pan or silicon baking cups.
Pour the batter into the liners evenly.
Use a spatula to clean the bowl,
distributing the remaining batter.
Place the sweet potato cubes onto the batter.
Sprinkle on the brown sugar.
Finally, place the raisins on top.
Lightly tap on the toppings to attach them to the batter.
And now, let's steam the mushipan.
Turn off the burner to avoid burning yourself with the hot steam.
Place the cupcake tins into the steamer using a pair of tongs.
Replace the lid
and steam the mushipan on medium high heat for about 12 minutes.
Wrapping the lid with a dish towel will help prevent the condensation from dripping off the lid.
Now, let’s remove the mushipan.
Pierce the mushipan with a bamboo stick.
If the stick is clean, they are ready.
Turn off the burner
and place the cupcake tins onto a tray with the tongs.
Remove the mushipan from the cupcake tins
and place them onto a plate.
This recipe doesn’t have any butter or eggs so it is easy to make.
The ingredients are simple so this can be an excellent dessert for children.
We also recommend dried figs and walnuts for toppings.
This healthy dessert will remind you of a comforting taste.
Good luck in the kitchen.