Yugioh Re-enacted by Ponies

Uploaded by jjkmovies on 17.08.2012

I begin this duel by summoning Roid-Rage, Guardian of Testosterone!
Prepare to get dominated, Yugi Sparkle!
You're not going to get away with this Pinkie Kaiba!
I summon Derpy Hooves, and equip her with the Muffin of Deliciousness!
The baked goods increase her Friendship level by 20 Percent!
WHAT!?!?!?! No way!
Derpy obliterates Roid-Rage, sending him to the graveyard!
Next I'll place one card face down. Your move, Pinkie.
Your childish endeavors are pathetic!
I summon the Blue-Eyes White Scootaloo, in attack mode!
Next, I use Wrath of the Hater!
This magic card uses Hatred and Pessimism, causing Derpy to change to defense mode.
Not so fast! You activated my trap card: Love and Tolerance!
It causes Derpy to love and tolerate your Hater card, negating it's effect!
Nice try, but my Blue-Eyes White Scootaloo is still more powerful than Derpy Hooves!
Scootaloo, attack with White Lightning!
Oh No! If I can't get a good card, I'm going to lose!
If I can just believe in the Friendship of the Cards, I can win.
What's taking her so long?
Woah! My thinking voice sounds funny!
Oh! I almost forgot! I'm still in a duel.
Quit stalling and play your last pathetic card!
I call upon Celestia, GODDESS OF THE SUN!!!
WHAT?!?!?! That's impossible!
Harnessing the power of the Elements of Harmony, Celestia utterly ANNIHILATES Scootaloo
bringing your Friendship points to zero!