You Can Help Fight Medicare Fraud

Uploaded by CMSHHSgov on 21.11.2011

{Pamela Gentry}
Hi, I'm Pamela Gentry at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and if
you've got a minute,
I have some important news to share about Medicare.
We're stepping up efforts to fight Medicare fraud - a crime that costs taxpayers
billions and can
have a direct impact on your wallet. With new tools and resources provided by
the health care law,
we recovered more than $4 billion in improper payments and fraud last year.
But our best defense is you.
There are several important steps you can take to prevent, detect and report
The first step is prevention. Guard your Medicare and Social Security numbers.
Treat them like you would treat your credit cards. Medicare plans will never
call or come to your
door asking for your Medicare or Social Security number. Do not let anyone
borrow or pay to use your
Medicare ID card or your identity. And, be wary of scams offering free medical
equipment or services
in exchange for your Medicare number.
The second step is detection. Check your Medicare claims for errors.
When you get health care services, record the dates and save the receipts you
get from providers.
Compare this information with your Medicare Summary Notice or Medicare plan
statements to ensure
you're not billed for services you didn't get.
The third step is reporting. Call 1-800-MEDICARE if you suspect a billing error
or fraudulent claim,
or have been approached by suspicious individuals or companies.
Remember, the sooner you see and report errors, the sooner we can stop fraud.
To learn more visit or call 1-800 MEDICARE