Ek Niranjan Full Movie - Part 05/14 (English Subtitles)

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Brother! - Why is he here?
Why did you come with him again?
Have you forgotten who he is? He got me arrested.
Hey bIoody idiot!
What are you doing with my sister, bIoody?
Don't shout, your sister is here, inquire about her weIfare.
I'II not spare you when I come out, bIoody idiot.
Let's see if the fiIm continues tiII then.
First taIk to our sister Sameera.
Give me the phone.
Greetings sir. - Greetings.
Who are you?
Are you bIind?
How dare you hit poIice?
I'II put you in jaiI. - I didn't see you.
Go away!
BIoody bastard!
Bhai, I'm Manoj from jaiI. - TeII me.
The man who got me arrested has come to jaiI with my sister,
send 10 henchmen to kiII him,
if they've any doubt, teII them to caII this number, bhai.
Go, inform about his death.
Are you happy now? You met your brother.
You had a taIk, haven't I done a good deed? Yes or no?
I've a doubt. - Go ahead.
You get so many peopIe arrested, won't they seek revenge?
Why wiII they not? They try to kiII me on sight.
One comes with stick and another with knife.- Knife?
RecentIy a man back stabbed me.
I'm Iike James Bond.
IndividuaI attacks are okay, any group attack, say 10 peopIe?
10? Why wouId so many attack me?
Maximum 3 or 4 peopIe...
Why so many have come at a time? - You go.
Have you pIanned to bump me off?
Yesterday I bought you a guitar.
She has aIready hit hard on my heart, why do you aIso hit me?
Anybody has courage to beat me Iike this?
Or shaII I try it myseIf?
Hey, there's no end to this fight.
Let's Ieave it here.
pIease take me to Jani bhai.
We'II come to an understanding. pIease...
It's not for us to fight.
Okay, Iet's meet. CertainIy...
What happened? How come you're hurt?
Who hit you? - It's him, bhai.
You? - Yes. It's me.
Didn't you get hurt? - No sir.
I want to taIk to you, sir. - Sit down.
What do you do?
I don't know what they say in TeIugu.
In EngIish it's bounty hunter. - You mean...?
It means...I work for poIice.
I heIp them in catching criminaIs on run.
poIice pay Rs.2000 or 3000. - WonderfuI!
How Iong poIice have been maintaining this?
No sir, I created this post.
I got your man Manoj arrested, your men tried to kiII me for it.
I'm an orphan, it's not good to die Iike an orphan, right?
I don't have any personaI animosity against Manoj,
for God's sake, pIease don't target me.
I Iiked your approach and presentation.
Okay, I'II not harm you. - ReaIIy sir?
What did you say your name was?
If you get any cases of my boys, don't touch them.
Why just boys? If I get your photo, I'II frisk you aIso.
TiII now the conversation was okay,
thrash that bastard!
I'm hoIding gun for the first time, don't raise my tension,
I don't know who wiII die in the firing.
I'm hoIding him because,
his name is Ravi, son of prakash Rao of MaIakpet,
cases of rape, arson and murder are pending on him,
I'm taking him, pIease try to understand me,
Iive and Iet me Iive.
Why did you Iet him go?
SuddenIy I saw a hero in him.
There are peopIe with guts in India.
I aIways think, there are no reaI men here. But there are.
I don't get you.
I thought onIy you've understood me, why do you say you haven't?
Look, I'm not a fooI to Ieave.
Ravi case is in MaIakpet, they'II transfer him to CherIapaIIi jaiI,
I've a job waiting to be done there.
It's good for him to be there, so I Ieft him.
What have I done? - What have you done?
Why are you arresting me? TeII me.
SI wiII teII about the arrest, come with us.
The girI isn't Iike that, sir.
I didn't say anything but you're saying she isn't Iike that.
There's a case registered against her name.
I didn't do anything, sir.
poor girI is just a guitar teacher.
What do you do? - Coconut seIIer.
WouId your head break or not if I hit you with it?
It wiII break sir.
Second time if I hit? WiII he Iive or die?
He'II die.
It means you can kiII peopIe.
If we come to inquire, what wouId be your repIy?
You wouId say, he's a poor coconut seIIer, pIease Ieave him.
Isn't it? - Yes sir.
It seems you're pIanning to kiII young men.- No sir.
Why are you sporting curIy hair?
Why do you appear so wiId then?
Who compIained against me? - Me!
I did. - Why?
You were taking Iaw into your hands.
You're crushing it when ever you feeI Iike.
No, it wasn't my pIan. - Then? Who pIanned it?
I don't know. - What's your name?
Come here.
Didn't I take her as you watched? - Yes.
To unite with her brother on Rakhi festivaI day,
they met and immediateIy pIanned to Iynch me.
We'II not keep quiet if you hurt sister.
Yes. - Why?
We'II take your sister to jaiI and give her a sIate,
and take photos.
One fine day she'II be hanged.
pIease don't do it to me. - We can't avoid it.
You must do something,
take the boy aside, taIk to him and make a compromise.
He'II withdraw the cases against you.
Go and taIk. - Come...come...
TeII me...what shouId I do?
Teach me to pIay guitar.
You're too oId to Iearn...that age.
Okay....okay...I'II teach you.
You must caII me everyday and invite me to the cIass.
But okay.
My time is bad, teII me.
You too Iove me. - No.
Why did you say that? - What?
Be carefuI...Iike that.
Somewhere deep inside it has sprouted.
No. - You have.- No!
Take it as yes.
Give a missed caII from ceII and save the number,
keep in touch.
You feed my name as DarIing in your ceII,
save your name as Honey in my ceII.
Do it.
I want your heIp.
I shouIdn't be doing but can't avoid it.
Did you meet KaiIash?
I saw him bhai. He's in another section.
Don't ask me what and why, kiII KaiIash !
I'II take care of you. I'II pay whatever you quote.
Do one thing, break your room mate's head,
I'II ensure you're Iodged in his ceII. - Okay bhai.
Tuning is very important.
You shouId've caIIed me, why didn't you?
CIass is at 6 pm and once in a week onIy.
When wiII I Iearn guitar, start orchestra and give programs.
I think you'II ruin my career.
Learning guitar isn't that easy, I'm busy now,
many reIatives are at home.
CaII me after they Ieave. When there's no one, okay?
Is taIking to him on phone daiIy better,
or going to jaiI after kiIIing him?
Greetings sir. - May God bIess you.
We are honoured that you visit this tempIe every week. Take it.
Greetings Tantric.
Leave me. - pIease do us a smaII favour.
What do you want?
Every idiot is ogIing at our sister, pIease teII when wiII she marry?
Greetings Guru.
Your sister's marriage is fast approaching, that's why you asked this query.
More over today is auspicious day,
and Saturn is traveIIing backwards, today I'II show your future husband.