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25th June 2009, the world mourns the death of the king of pop, dies at 50 years Michael Joseph Jackson
Processor, extravagant wonderful, crazy, poetic there is no simple classification for Michael Jackson
He began singing and dancing at 5 years of age, starting in his career as a singer pofissional to 11dos Jackson 5.
Began a solo career after leaving in 1971 as a member of group.
Dubbed in the following years of "KING OF POP", 5 of their studio albums to become the most sold ...
... world of all time.
Was launched solo career in the early 70's still the Montown, record for success ...
... the group formed by him and his brothers
In adulthood sold the best selling album in history, THRILLER.
In the early 80s became a dominant figure in rock music and popular music.
And the first african-American singer to receive constant display on MTV.
The popularity of his music videos broadcast by MTV as Billie Gean, BIT IT AND THRILLER are credited as the cause ...
... the transformation of music video as a promotion and also to have become the new channel then famous.
Videos and BLACK OR WHITE SCREAM and maintained the high turnover of videos of Jackson during the 90s.
Was the creator of a totally new style of dance, especially using the feet.
With their performances on stage and Jackson clips popularized a number of complex techniques of dance as the robot and the Moonwalk.
His unique and totally different style of singing and the sound of your music ...
... influenced a number of artists in the business of Hip Hop, Dance and Reb.
Jackson has donated millions of dollars throughout his career to causes beneficientes through compact oriented ...
... the charity and maintenance of 39 centers of charity.
One of the few artists to come 2 times for ROCK IN ROLL HALL OF FAME.
His other awards include a series of records certified by the Guinness Book.
THRILLER as one for best-selling album globally of all time.
19 GRAMYS career in soil and 6 with THE JACKSON 5 and 41 songs reaching the top of the stops as solo singer.
And sales that exceed the 750 million units sold worldwide.
Some entrepreneurs have already registered the SONY the incredible mark of more than 1 billion.
It is because of all that talent and success that Michael Jackson will always be remembered.