The Guild Season 6 Production Diaries - Day 6

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Sep 22, 2012

JEFF WINKLER: That was the site rep of this place.
So what we're trying to do today is this is our hero car.
This is the car that Floyd drives, which is actually a
really cool little vehicle.
So we're going to move this truck, we're going to put the
hero car here, we're going to put Donovan's car, which is
actually Amy Okuda's little Mini Cooper,
we'll put that there.
And we'll have our scene set up for the day.
MARK FROHNMAYER: I'm Mark Frohnmayer, I'm the founder
and president of Arcimoto.
Arcimoto's a clean transportation company.
We're building a very, very efficient vehicle that's
designed around the needs of every day drivers.
ERIC FRITZ: I am Eric Fritz, marketing lead for Arcimoto.
We kind of got the call out of the blue, or an email
actually, from Felicia, which was quite a nice surprise.
We're big fans of The Guild.
She connected to us through Nathan Fillion, who's a big
supporter of the project and they, of course, go way back
from Dr. Horrible, and probably beyond
that, probably Buffy.
But she said they were interested in getting a cool
vehicle for a shot for their first episode, and we were
more than happy to oblige.
MARK FROHNMAYER: So my understanding is that this is
being used as the vehicle that is driven by the creator of
the game, eccentric genius game programmer, who is
driving a next generation vehicle.
And that's what prompted them to invite us down.
Which was sort of, I think, particularly interesting to
me, given my prior experience in the game industry.
FELICIA DAY: Oh my gosh.
Look at that.

All right, what do I do?
MARK FROHNMAYER: So it's a four point harness it's going
to come up over both shoulders.
FELICIA DAY: Oh, this is baller.
They call these things ballers.
This is sweet.
Oh no, I'm too secure.
I'm too secure, guys.
ERIC FRITZ: You can never be too secure.
FELICIA DAY: I'm in an Arcimoto, which is a
experimental, soon to be purchasable,
electric car that goes--
how fast does this go?
MARK FROHNMAYER: It'll go up to 72 miles an hour.
FELICIA DAY: I mean this is pretty sweet.
MARK FROHNMAYER: Are you a good driver?
That's the question.
FELICIA DAY: I've never been in an accident.
MARK FROHNMAYER: Oh, there you go.
Now I feel extra safe.
FELICIA DAY: I was rear-ended once.
But it was not my fault.
It was another lady who was texting.