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Are you really going to be like this?!
Episode 11
I did everything you asked me to do!
If you wanted me to run up that mountain, I did so!
Tell me when we'll start, or at least show me
What do you mean "what?"
Golf! GOLF!
Do you know how to play golf, grandpa?
Show me your golf skills.
I was thinking about going back down... since I thought you didn't have any golf skills..
You can't trust me..
If you show me, then I'll do whatever you tell me to do.
I'll even build you a house.
If it's your wish, then I'll show you.
Bring the ball.
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What are you doing? Bring the ball back!
What's this?
Let's start golf today.
We'll start with the swing.
With this?
It's a club designed in a very modern way.
The grip is the same.
Swing that 2000 times before you sleep.
2000 times!?!
Grandpa, I've been using the axe and moving all day long. And you want me to do this?!
If I do this, I'll die tonight!
2000 times is not a lot!
I'll be inside. Swing so that I can hear you.
Don't try to fool me.
You don't want to?
39 degrees C...
You're going to have to go to the hospital.
The doctor was here, remember?... I can stand this.
A person dies at 42 degrees and collapses at 43 degrees. If your temperature gets 3 degrees higher, it gets dangerous.
Don't scare me.
But you've passed round 1.
Try not to be too selfish in round 2.
If you keep overdoing it, you may just completely crumble on the final round.
I want to go into cold water.
I feel like my body
is burning.
I want to cool it down.
Can you start the bathtub?
How's the water?
It's not too cold?
Yeah. It's fine.
Then I'm going to wait outside.
Stay by my side.
I think I've gotten a bit better.
It's not good to stay in cold water for too long.
I'll wait outside.
Kiss me.
If you don't, I'm going to get up right now.
What's wrong?
Don't be like that!
Hold yourself back.. I know I'm a handsome guy.
I'm not that easy!
Who in the world spread rumors that you're a player when you're this shy?
Then I'm going to get up.
Are you happy?
How is dad?
Is he taking his medication?
You must be so tired, Mom..
Don't worry
I'm doing well.
I miss you all...
This truck is way past it's time.
No it's not.
Vegetables are here.
Vegetables? Mister......
Do you know him?
Is Mi Soo doing well?
Did she call?
I call her everyday but she never answers.
Is there something wrong with her?
She tends to forget when she's concentrated.
Mi Soo?
That's right, Mi Soo.
Our Mi Soo!
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Grandfather, Who did this?
Did you do this?
Why did you do this?
I did it for a reason.
Why would I do it for no reason?
Grandpa, I'm going to nicely ask. Untie me.
Hurry and untie me!
Stay like that for a few days.
Hurry and untie me!
Hurry and untie me!
You're so noisy
The only person that can hear you scream is me.
Grandpa hurry and untie me.
From now on you won't get a lot of sleep so sleep while you can.
Grandpa! GRANDPA!
Grandpa, what are you doing?
Where are you going?
Where in the world would I go?
I'm going to climb down the mountain, why?
What? Down the mountain?
Then you should untie me before you leave, grandpa.
I said you need to stay like that for a little longer.
Pigs might come in so I'll leave the door closed.
If you keep screaming like that then animals will come in at night.
Grandpa! Please!
Hong Jung Hee is currently in 1st place with 4 under par.
Min Hae Ryung is in 2nd place with 2 under par.
The 1st day you forgot, 2nd day you recovered and 3rd you're off the champion group
Are you proud or something?
That's right, I am proud
If the wind is blowing the course is completely different
You need to put other things aside and play humbly in order to make fewer mistakes
But you also need to be brave in order to win.
Min Hae Ryung pushes in her tee.
Yes, she had a bad start on the 1st day with a score of 4 over par.
But yesterday she scored 6 under par and finished in 2nd place.
Yes that's right.
This is her first match as a KLPG pro.
Will she be able to take home a win? We're looking forward to the ending results.
Yes, her swing was nice from beginning to the end.
That was nice.
I heard you were visiting your wife. I didn't think you would be attending the last round for the Rose Open.
How can I miss the game?
I'm going to be criticized for putting golf first.
About Min Hae Ryung
She's beginning the final 3rd round in the champion group.
Don't you think she has a strong chance of winning?
There's no one within that group that can win Min Hae Ryung
Young Min.
What do you think moves a golf ball?
A player's skill
Iron, wind.. Isn't it various things?
That's right.
Many things make that small ball move.
But the truth is
That there is one very important factor that moves the ball...
The heart...
Min Hae Ryung's second shot on the 7th hole.
She has exactly estimated the run. It's right next to the hole.
Yes all of her shots are within 2 meters from the pin.
Today Min Hae Ryung brings all her balls within two meters of the pin
with all her approach shots.
Oh is her approach shot too long and passing the pin?
The backspin is perfect
That's right, Min Hae Ryung is showing fantastic approach shots
The gallery is quite lucky today
That's right.
Gold seems to be quite easy for Min Hae Ryung today
Loosen up.
It's quite far. Is it too short?
Will it go in? It went in!
It's a birdie!
Her record is 6 under par for 14holes!
She's amazing.
Nice work.
Unni, Enjoy your meal!
Thanks to your bean soup I've been eating well.
It's your fault!
Please fill mine all the way
Of course!
Thank you
Thank you!
Enjoy your meal~
Yes Min Hae Ryung is currently in 2nd place with a 2 point difference with Lee Yeh Seul.
As long as there are no unexpected changes she will probably be the Rose One Champion.
Congratulations President Min.
All that's left is the final winning putt.
Thank you.
This distance is more than enough for her to finish within 2 points.
Yes, Min Hae Ryung probably wants to end with a birdie to give some fan service.
I think she's messing around right now.
She missed on purpose.
Quit golf.
I'm going to continue.
I'm going to keep playing and continue to lose in front of you Mom.
I'm going to keep being last until you tell me about my dad.
If you bring up your dad one more time then I won't let you play golf.
Oh, what is this?
It looks like she put too much strength in it. Is she nervous?
But she can still win if she keeps it within 2 points.
Oh what is this?
She just picked up the ball without putting down the marker.
The marker must be put down before the ball is picked up.
She just broke a basic rule.
It's hard to understand what she's doing. Min Hae Ryung, do you accept the penalty?
What kind of penalty will she receive?
Penalty points have been applied. Please continue with the game.
Min Hae Ryung has agreed with her mistake and taken the penalty point.
Don't play around.
The hole is refusing my balls today.
It has just started. Your personal feelings...get over them off the course.
You said golf is a game played only by yourself.
Min Hae Ryung is making the gallery really nervous today.
Yes that's right.
It's just a 1 point difference between 1st and 2nd place.
Listen carefully.
You don't have a father.
Even if you did, it's me.
I'm your father and your mother.
Min Hae Ryung needs to focus more.
The ball has hopped out of the cup.
What is she doing?
I can't understand what she's trying to do.
So even if she makes this,
It will be a tie for first place.
She hits it hard again.
With this Lee Yeh Seul is the champion.
It's hardly believable that putting genius Min Hae Ryung would make putting mistakes like this.
There is something strange about Min Hae Ryung with this last hole.
No matter how we look at it, it's hard to accept this as a mistake.
The title was right before her but she finished with 6 over par.
I don't know how to accept this. It's unfortunate.
If this was intentional,
then I don't know how the association will accept this.
This is unprecedented.
Min Hae Ryung, you scored a 6 over par on just the last 18th hole.
Min Han Ryung, if it wasn't on purpose, I don't think it would have been possible.
Please give us a comment.
Isn't golf a game where you just don't know until the ball goes into the hole?
But it's such a big difference from your normal scores.
And you're famous for having no handicap, please explain.
Golf is a mental sport, maybe thats the problem.
Do you mean emotions, instead of mental?
May I ask what it is that has moved even the ice princess?
May I ask what feelings changed you??
I found my father.
I found my father.
Min Hae Ryung!
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Please tell us.
The world greens keeper, Stephan Woo.
Woo Joon Mo is my father.
Oh my, is that Min Hae Ryung's father?
Take us to the resort.
Find him immediately.
Watch my game, for sure.
Because I will give you a present.
Go back right now!
I should have sent you back from the start.
I should have never met you again.
Is Hae Ryung really my daughter?
Are you crazy?
Hae Ryung is MY daughter.
She has nothing to do with you!
Disappear from our sight, this instance.
Disappear from our lives!
How could this be..
How did I not know that child.. Hae Ryung.. was my daughter.
Do you know what this competition
means to Hae Ryung and I? - But !
Because of you, it got ruined. Because of you!
If you don't want to see it get ruined any further,
Return back to The States immediately.
That.. Is the only thing you can do.
Sae Hwa.
Don't even say it. My name.
My name. From your lips.
My daughter's name. Don't even utter it.
Danny will help you.
You have to hurry up.
I'm disappointed.
I'm really angry right now but
I'm trying to hold it in.
Coaches that get mad about not placing first aren't good.
I wouldn't be mad if you tried hard and got last fair and square.
I'm embarassed as your coach.
I've been waiting for a long time for my father.
I wanted the whole world to know.
That Min Hae Ryung has a father and that he's a wonderful person.
Then you should have revealed it on a note.
You started to play around when President arrived.
More than being happy with your father.
You wanted to ruin your mother.
That thought was bigger than anything.
So is that why you're mad?
Why are you being like this too John?
Today you've played the worst game,
as the best player.
I'm really disappointed in the fact that you didn't respect the game.
The guest in this room has checked out.
Mister. I mean Father.
Do you know what you did to me today?
When you saw me
You should've been apologizing and begging for forgiveness.
Where is my father?
Who is your father?!
You threw him away again?
Did you chase him out again?
What do you know..
He was just a wind pasing over.
Right now isn't the time to catch wind that isn't catchable.
It's time for you to think about,
how to deal with this huge mess you made?
Get back to your senses, Min Hae Ryung!
Are you happy that you threw a person you once threw away, again?
To disappear even after knowing I'm his daughter,
that person is bad as well.
You're all horrible!
Where is your hometown?
A small and quiet seaside town.
I'm envious.
I was born in Seoul.
When I'm stressed I always wished
There was a quiet hometown I could return to.
That's what I wished for.
When I left Sae Hwa 20 years ago
It was different
I don't have kids so I'm not sure.
But From a parent's perspective it's probably different.
I'm curious if my hometown has changed a lot too.
What happened?
He left.
did you check the boarding list too?
Yes, I did.
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Hello. I'm a fan of yours, Min Hae Ryung.
What do youngsters listen to these days?
I'm confident in my recommendation
Try taking your shoes off.
Trust me again and try it.
You won't regret it.
Today's princess, Min Hae Ryung.
John Lee.
Why are you stuck here?
Please release me!
Please release me! come on
Hold on a second.
Are you alright?
What happened?
Where did teacher go?
Why were you tied up here?
What about master?
This grandfather
is your master?
That.. what happend is..
What? Master?
Hey.. what's wrong with you?
I knew it was weird from the start.
You planned all this didn't you.
Planned what?
Do you have something against me?
Why are you ruining my life?
You thought I would forgive you, didn't you.
Dream on.
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Where are you going? You're dead.
Mi Soo thats not it...
From the begining you were dirty..
I should have broken your legs,
when you entered my room!
Come here. You won't come over?!
H-Hey! That's not it -
You're dead! Come over here!
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Come here! Time out! Time out!
Time out?
Yeah, time out.
What is this smell?
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That bum.
Oh! What are you doing there?!
You better leave.
I brought a change of clothes.
Aren't I nice?
Shut up you bum.
Hurry up and go.
You want to wear those again.
Leave it there and go.
Are you going to keep speaking informally to me?
Hurry and leave.
Then promise me you won't hit me when you return.
Why are you like that? You're so cheap.
Then forget it.
Oh good girl. You listen well.
I will leave these here so take you're time washing up.
By chance.
If you hide and peep...
Dont do anything dirty?
You're probably first place in dirtiness.
Now you look like a person.
You're going to keep your promise right.
you shouldn't be like that. That's so cheap of you!
Do you have the right to say that?
Just take the hit and let's end this.
I'm really tired right now.
Come here!
Were able to come back wearing clean clothes because of me.
If it weren't for me..
If it weren't for you..
I wouldn't have been stuck in a dirty situation.
Try being tied up to a plank for 4 days. I wonder if you could say the same.
You, come here!
You sure are strong.
I straightened out your back so you could hit a ball well and you attack someone instead?
What the heck is wrong with you Grandpa?
Are you a cheater like him?
Tying you up for a few days was worth it.
Your spine is finally straight.
Straighten your back.
Like this~
The basic of golf is straightening your back first.
It seems like you have cleaned up yourself.
Then let's eat
We would like to decline the interview.
And if by chance you release any speculative articles,
we will take legal action.
It's going to be nosey for the time been.
Min Hae Ryung took a real shot.
It's a trivial gossip.
It will die down soon.
She intentionally lost a game she had in the bag.
"Who in the world is president Min Sae Hwa's man?"
She publicaly released that to all these damn people,
wondering about if..
Is this trivial?
Hae Ryung is the one more distressed.
Because she probably thinks she's been thrown away again.
Is this something to end because of Hae Ryung temper tantrum?
Our resort is been shaken up.
This is a scratch I, Min Sae Hwa, will not allow.
Do you understand?
To you it may just be a scratch. But for Hae Ryung it's probably a deep scar.
Do you really not know?
Are you going to continue?
Please rest.
Hae Ryung hasn't lost her goals.
Don't worry too much.
The person you are calling is out of reach. Please try again later.
Hey Sung Tae Gab..
Oh? Gong Sook, big sis.
I told you not to call me that.
Tae Gab, how is it that whateveryou wear it looks so good on you?
Oh my! Maybe that's why your name is Tae Gab.
Caddy Lee Gong Sook!
I thought you were going to clean the carts?
I'm on my way there...
Shall I play a navigator on your neck?
Is this where the carts are recharged?
I was just going to say, hello to Tae Gab on my way there.
Greet your neighbors in your neighborhood!
Please complete your duties.
I'm leaving.
I'm tired as hell, but why must we go to the mountain top?
You were tied down for 4 days, so your muscles are probably stiff.
He probably wants to loosen your muscles first.
Aren't you thankful to me?
Who else would train you like this if not me?
Why are you good to me?
Because I've fallen for you.
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I need some time to think as your coach.
It's not that you didn't want to get bothered when you are with her?
Get out of here.
Now, you are out of my life.
How many times are you splashing the water!
It's hared because of the water resistance.
What did you do as a coach
When your player is having a hard time concentrating on her game!
Don't ever appear infront of my daughter.
You will find a way there. Hit that way.
I'll find a way once I hit continuously.
Why are you acting like a fish?
Why are you so unadaptable like a fish?