Dumitru Duduman Warning America Part 2 of 10

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{\*\generator Msftedit;}\viewkind4\uc1\pard\lang1033\f0\fs20 (Translation): He said," Dumitru don't go,
Dumitru you will regret it". But dad, I want to go into the Navy. He said, " If you really
want to then go, but you will be sorry". And so I went into Navy school. I stayed for four
and a half years. I became a naval officer. They gave me 80 new recruits...they shipped
me out onto the Black Sea... and the communist government ordered me to check the ships that
came in from foreign countries. And he said, "Dumitru, if you find bibles, confiscate the
bibles and arrest the missionaries, and then we will advance you quickly. When I heard
that I was able to advance, I began to check the ships powerfully. One morning a ship from
Holland came in. And I went in with eight of my men. And among a crate of cookies, I
found very many bibles. I called the captain of the ship and asked, "Are these your bibles
sir?" He said, "No." I asked, "Do you know whose they are?" He said, "We'll find out
together." When I looked to one side, there was a man. He was crying. And when I saw that
he was praying, I thought that these bibles were his for sure. I went to him and asked,
"Give me your passport please." He took his passport out of his pocket. He was a missionary
from Holland. His name was brother Jake. He worked with "Open Doors Mission." I asked
him, "Are these your bibles sir?" He said, "No." I asked, "Whose are they then?" "They
are your brother's and your sister's," he said. When he said this, I felt as though
a knife went through my heart. But this was not enough. I began to hear a voice in my
ear. "What are you doing Dumitru? Don't you know that I brought you here? You know your
dad is a pastor, all your brothers are Christians. Don't do anything to this man. Tell some soldiers
to protect him from the police. Give him his passport back. If you won't do this I will
punish you harshly." When he said that he would punish me, I turned to see who was speaking
to me, but there was nobody there. When I saw that nobody was there, I began to shake,
thinking, "who's speaking to me." But the voice kept speaking in my ear. "Give him his
passport or I'll punish you." I was embarrassed...I shook before the missionary. So I went into
one of the compartments, and put my fingers in my ears to not hear the voice anymore.
But it got louder. "Go! If you won't I will punish you now. Give him his passport. Tell
some men to protect him from the police." I went shaking before the missionary. I said,
"Mr. Digg, your God has answered your prayers. He sent his Angel, and spoke into my ear.
I will do nothing to you. I'll even tell some men to protect you from the police." Brothers...as
I gave him the passport, the voice stopped. And I began to feel a new peace in my heart.
I knew it was the voice of an Angel of God. Don't you ever hear God's voice? When sin
stands before you, when you see you are doing something you are not supposed to...doesn't
something inside of you say, "it's not good, don't do it?" Doesn't it? This is the voice
of the Angel of God. He tells you not to do evil, but see...then the Devil comes saying
"Hey look, you can sin. David sinned. He was still King. God forgave him." Brothers...let's
not deceive ourselves. David was a King, he was under the law, and in the old days, you
could sacrifice animals for your sins. But for our sins, there was Christ who died, and
through his wounds we are healed. And through his blood we are cleansed of all sin. Amen!
[AMEN] [APPLAUSE] \par (Translation): We had a meeting with the Mormons,
in Utah. I'd like to tell you a bit about it so that you know, you won't be...but you
know how Mormons are. There were so many people in there. And I began to speak to them. "You
guys believe in the "Book of Mormon" and in the book of Joseph Smith. But you're deceived,
you should believe in this book. The only true book. [APPLAUSE]\par
"You know, it's not the Book of Mormon, and it's not the book of Joseph Smith. It's not
the book of Duduman. The only true book is the Bible. All the Mormons stood up and they
began to yell, "Hallelujah!" But I had no idea what was happening. At the end, I found
out. All of them saw an Angel of the Lord coming down...so that they understand what
we say is from the Spirit of God. And God brought out many people from among them. I
pray that God will work among your hearts too. You know, the Mormons accepted us very
well. But then they began to hate us because so many people were excommunicated. Still
they saw the power of God. You know, I pray that you feel the power of God, not see it.
Amen! [AMEN!] Hallelujah! [HALLELUJAH!] [APPLAUSE] (Translation): Brothers, I was on the Black
Sea for two and a half years. Very many missionaries came through. You know, they would tell one
another...and so I would help them all. I was full of joy now. I knew that I was doing
something for God. You know, I felt this joy in my heart. I knew I was helping someone
take in the word of God. But after two and a half years they began to persecute the Christians.
The communist government ordered all Christian children, no matter what rank, to go home.
I had to go home also, but I was very sad. I went with the thought of taking revenge
on my parents. Because they were Christians, I lost my job. My mother saw that I was sad.
She asked, "so what's wrong with you son? Why are you so sad?" I said, "Well, because
you're Christians, they kicked me out of the army. Wheres dad at?" "He's in church," she
said. "Well then, I'll go and embarrass him there," I said. She said, "Wait, don't go,
he'll be home soon." But I said, "No, I am going there." When I got to the door of the
church, they were singing such a beautiful song...like you guys sang this morning. But
I'll never forget this one song I will tell you a verse of it. (LONG AGO, HE CAME FROM
FOR LOST SHEEP) I thought, " I'm the lost sheep." I ran away from home, and Christ found
me on the Black Sea. I began to cry brothers. I felt something knocking at my heart. I would
like you to feel the same. The Hammer of the Holy Spirit. You know, I was crying and I
couldn't stop. I wet three handkerchiefs. I was embarrassed that I was crying. I'm a
man. I looked around in the church to see who else was crying. Only my dad was because
he was happy that he saw me in church. So I went to him and I asked, "Dad why am I crying?"
He said, "I'll tell you at the end of this service." At the end, he asked me to stand.
He asked, "Dumitru, are you really sorry that they kicked you out?" I said, "Yes I am dad."
He said, "Look brothers, the answer to our prayers. We have been praying for two years
that he'd be kicked out." Then he said, "God needs officers in his Army also. Now you must
come to God son." I said, "I will dad, but let me get married first." He said, "Good,
marry a girl from our church." I said, "Can't from here, they're all poor." [LAUGHTER]\par
\par }