Alan Noble from Google Australia talking about child safety online

Uploaded by googlefamilysafety on 09.09.2010

My name's Alan Noble.
I'm the head of engineering for Google
Australia and New Zealand.
My kids love the internet for everything.

It's how they socialize with their friends before, during,
and after school.
It's how they research their projects for homework.
It's how they get entertainment.
They love YouTube.
I have to ration YouTube because they'll
watch a lot of that.
So today's kids--
the internet is just how they relate to
the rest of the world.
So it's important in almost everything they do.
A big part of ensuring that your kids are safe online is
actually being a good role model yourself.
So they're going to see what you do online, and they're
going to emulate that.
It's like anything else in life.
So making sure that you're setting a good example--
if you think they shouldn't spend too much time watching
YouTube, then you shouldn't spend too
much watching YouTube.
If you think that giving too much information out,
personally, is a bad thing, well, set a good example by
not doing that yourself, as well.
And kids will learn from what their parents do, so I think
that's really, really important to
be a good role model.
I think it's really important, also, as your kids get older,
that you trust them.
Teenagers and up, they're practically adults.
So it's really important to trust your kids.
You're not going to be able to watch
everything they do online.
It's just not possible.
So there comes a point when you do have
to trust your kids.
I think with younger kids, supervising them is really,
really important.
With older kids, it's more about education.
I think it's also important for parents to actually
educate themselves first. Find out what all the tips, and
tools, and tricks are, and the safety setting, safety mode,
safe search.
There's lots of great sites out there to help parents find
out how to keep their kids safe online.
Think U Know is a great one.
CyberSmart!, and of course, Google's own family safety