Increasing Engagement, Retention & Talent Development of New Black Hires

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Vanguard is a program that i helped establish at PwC
and so it's with great pleasure that i spent some time walking through that
the slides that i have up here
will actually walk you through a little bit about the program but i do want to
lease in time for questions so
let's make this is as interactive as you'd like it today
i don't want to spend a lot of time talking about the firm i think you know
they were a professional services firm
we have all over
one hundred and sixty thousand professionals globally
of which thirty six thousand of them reside here in the u_s_
when we talk about
our journey as far as it's from a diversity inclusion perspective
we truly believe that each person has a role to play
and what we're trying to accomplish at the farm
in order for us to service our clients
and solve their biggest problems
we need to attract
an advance
dot best people
and without diversity
and inclusion we could not do that
so i thank you for the opportunity to talk about that today
if you flip to the first slide
uh... out i'll talk about this
program so vanguard
how did we come up with the name
if you think about by definition
so this flag actually covers
that the program
with the audiences
what we tried to create
when we launch day
and and the journey of what we've been prep
if we slipped to the next slide
by definition what is stand guard
it means to be the forefront
of a movement it's a year-long leadership development opportunity
and we truly believed that we needed to do something
that would be
and i feel that the individuals that
came out of that first year only treated the program
truly felt that and i'll give you some examples as we can for a
leading from the front
we didn't want them to think they're starting a job
we've really wanted them to invest early and think about their careers
so we purposely named it damgaard
how do you are yourselves to start your career
from the best possible position
if we think about malcolm gladwell
we truly want to think about those first ten thousand hours
how do you do that inouye that is going to motivate
and get them off to the best possible start
so that's what this program
we designed
now just
not just a lot
but truly arrive
and be the leaders that we know that they could day
it was less about fitting in and working hard
we wanted then
we hire a lot of great people at the firm
about four thousand you hire start with this each year
and we want this group of individuals to feel
that they could get off to the best possible start
so why did we create the program
if he flipped to the next slide
it talks about the the state of the profession
cepeda bc
is along with the other big four-part and all of the professional services
if you think about the state of the profession
the public accounting firm his truly struggled
in retaining
black professionals
for the last forty years this is an industry-wide problem
not just the n_b_c_'s problem so i want all of you know
that we truly know that this is something
not only from inbound perspective
but truly on every stage of the journey
what were we going to do to truly impact
their experiences with the firm
if you think about
the numbers
declining numbers of indeed individuals interested
pursuing a career in accounting
that's a long history
one knew that we continue to work on
each day
there's a lot to do with history perceptions about the industry so
working through that have arisen educate
even looking at going into the high schools
thinking about why
a career in accounting if equally as attractive as becoming a lawyer
up up of dr
so how do we do that way
today the a_n_c_ peak votes there are four percent
of art c_p_a_c_ are black
or african-american
and less than one percent of them fifteen leadership positions in what we
call the partnership
so this programme was design
to say what are we gonna deal our part to try to grow that number
if we conclude on minorities that number doesn't child by much
but for black professionals it is even lower
the impetus for change
if you think back to two thousand a night when we watch this program
the state of the economy
ra budgets for a while
we could not not port to go for it in past for the dollars to support this
cell with the help of nila pharma lobby who was our chief diversity officer at
the time she was just named
we might with bright weathers
chris sentence
handle parked asp operates our chairman
for the dollars to support this creative idea
we felt if we created a system where we bought back grouped together
we could changed
the outcome
and hopefully retain as many of them through their first year
and ultimately make more partners
some of that first class are starting to make senior and i've been promoted to
the next level in the organization and we are very proud of that
and we've done the program for four years now this is not we're going into
our fourth year in getting ready to do that this fall
but we continue to look for in a way to place
to build that type one inch level
so that ben barnas just one of those programs
if we flipped to the next slide
i'll give you a little bit more
about our approach
think the other direction
you'll be happy and working with technology so that's not usually my
friends and
i think my husband will be the most proud
me today and my daughter who tells me
it's not a computer tonight that money
i talked a little bit about why we created the program
now i wanna spend some time talking about the actual approach so if we think
how we start
if really kicks off at the very start of their careers
we invite them before they actually ever stop
in the p dot ec doris so the invitation process starts very curly
we encourage them to sign up and register
and then we take them through three-day
immersion program
and in those three days i talked about truly immersing them
and what the culture of p dot ec is like
so purposefully
if you think about for the first year we created the program
wheat started the program on thursday
and we went through saturday
in life the p w c we do you have busy seasons
and we wanted them to experience that firsthand
we purposely had lots of long days so that they understand also
and you will be working
some long nights
and if we think about trying to pursue the credentialing comes along with it
the cpa
they're gonna have to study also while trying to
work full-time
and so wanting them to
some of those dynamics early was what we try to create an expiry date merchant
but we didn't want them to go with alone
we want to surround them with the environment of people
that was really supportive to bear endeavor in their careers and so we
all of our black partners to participate in the program with them
so it was sort of a group
that was led by a partner
we had groups in teams of h_r_ people in recruiters because we felt they needed
to be a part of discussion
so in small group sessions large forums
we decided to make them feel
what their days if he did he say were going to be like so a csp
sort of practice
so we went through simulations
we went through the area's scenarios that we need a bullet
beach towns with on a day-to-day basis
and they had a sip
port network ellis
help them through
figured out how to go about certain situation
the whole entities for that was that we didn't want them to feel like they were
going it alone
and oftentimes if we think about the small numbers that i quoted earlier
if you think about it
four thousand hires
of which
i may be won a very few
and to walk into that room
and not feel like you have someone that
has spirit past and experiences you know
we want to change that
so this way and we could experience
life if he did b c
but in a way ask some questions
learn from others
the comment here of yourselves
so when you go back to your office is in your markets
uh... you could reach out to them and feel like you can see question
get access to more resources than you would have today
i don't wanna take the picture they did not have this if you have you see
because they did
each and every one of our hires are signed our relationship partner and a
coach so that if someone apartment lovell
and oftentimes someone at the manager level
that is assigned to them to really talk about their careers and the experiences
of what they would be working on
it's it's an additional lighter that we felt was needed what we created in the
and the reason for that is because
we wanted them to see what life was like
and hear from others that have been through similar journeys
so we use the leverage those partners and others ways throughout the program
by giving them the opportunity to ask questions
different panel discussions
we also invited some leaders to the
program operates our chairman was there the first year
he addressed the group
he himself said his story
the experiences when he was in japan and the only
in a in a world
that was very different for him
and how he took that challenge on
and saw it as an opportunity
today itself in in that room
could feel like
if he could make it
why cannot
and it's really empower them
icon never forget the first year we came back
i dot emails from that group of professionals probably everyday asking
for their picture marantz
so we truly locked down
with an experienced
when i say that um... individuals virtually transformed
i want to give you
perspective of some of the individuals that we had in the room so i'm gonna
read a quote
our newest
colleagues in such an occasion is a renewal for me
heikel whispering someone's and i recognize
triggering waves of nostalgia about the person i was
life as a teenager
much i would like to give anything to recapture
some that i would never lied to relive
at the time having tax site
access to the insiders d_a_'s express with courageous candor
are forming personalities and
an african-american experiences
and the glamour into the experiences and say jamaica or nigeria
was a real ideal printer from me
as merely always dbs
is the case price a lot after being asked to teach
my walk away
more enriched than the students
thank you for being an important part of my education and enjoyment
and best of luck as we explore
your promise and both discover injury who you are
so that is a quote from one of our board members that had the opportunity to come
to furstenberg program
and how it impacted can
that was one of many
emails that we
perceived ob received
uh... i'd just can't even begin to tell you what backer perfect professionals
felt like when they left
i don't want you to think that all we did was this three-day boot camps i
wanna walk you through some of the other elements for the program because
it truly was built around
their entire first year
not only to encore them
but for them to have access an opportunity to others
so that they have the best experience possible
so what we built was
around them
a series of webcast
we got the group to gather
uh... again on webcasts virtually
to try to every against some of the experience and and
and reiterate
what they should be focused on this first year
so if we think about relationship building
a lot of times you might go into
either a partner's officer your coaches office at the weather the case
and you might
not necessarily dead
this time it's a lot
make it we scheduled to make a cancelled on
and sometimes it's hard to go back
but i think it's important for them to learn early that that's
corporate america
and it happens but that doesn't mean that the person is an invested in you
know so what's your what's your purpose in trying to do that
some other things that we really want to stress and and reinforces some of these
was how you show up
your personal brand is really important
and oftentimes we only have
one-time to make the first impression
and so we we drilled into that but some of the experiences
what are you doing and how do you reacting to certain situations
to taking that opportunity beam
self aware
but asking for feedback from fathers so don't just rely on how you feel you
doctor a situation
but try to duelist hats and asked others somehow
how how it went for you
we also uh... who talked earlier about truly engaging the human capital
community and we have to partner with them
not only to help us build the realm
because not many people to talk about what they've been part experience
splines you have to bring them to gather
and encourage them to get their staff to be a part of the program
so what we do this whole swept past with the h_i_v_ community and really talk
about what week we're going to accomplish with the crew
and when we came back we also engage the groups so that we could check-in and see
how to create this talent
outside of that we also wanted to get those relationship partners and coaches
to gather
an all-star so they can ask
at the actual of protested
what their experiences for life and how they can better help them
as they got through their first year
so we try to create a full
team effort
around these individuals that they can't really be successful
he everything we did and i talked about the partner implant
carport as we call them that group of about ten or twenty people
and in that those partners hosted calls individually with their small called
fourteen about eight to ten
new hires
and knackered dot on paul's
and talked about whatever they were experiencing so as an example how do you
and and get it done
all day
how do you show up sometimes and feeling like you're always on
and feeling like i have to perform every minute of the day
we really want to go in high insist
listen to my music
on a break
and how that might be coming off of virtually unit teaming environments
what's the perspective of your colleagues
so those are the types of things that we went through and you really reinforce
and hopefully provided them
with what they we thought they needed to be successful
i don't want uh...
you think it also i think one of the things
was operates actually spent unnoticed all partners
letting them know about the experience i'm sure that he was there for your one
everybody was happy to have pictures
but he and his leadership what he decided to deal with
sending out artist partners to give them a perspective
on what we try to achieve their cell i'll read a little bit
i would like to share with you her recent three-day are importing pilot
event in new jersey with our black campus hires developed by a person's
rory weathers
no formal aunty an art
diversity team
this intense agenda
demonstrated how profoundly different our experiences
and perceptions can be at the start of our careers
and drives home the critical importance of relationship building
for coaching contented feedback
and what was overwhelmingly describe this transformation a white the
as well as the partners
leaders and board members in attendance
immersion programs designed to give our plaque
professionals the career advice coaching
realtime feed back to be successful client service professionals
in the words of one of the staff members
i came to work completely different person today
the program helped me to see opportunities and never sort before
and also changed my perspective on the firm
if you know what any staff member that was invited to attend this event in new
please reach out to them and ask them to tell you about their experiences
through park actions
and the time we spend with our staff each of us
has the power to change the staff person's perception
of the firm
and ultimately impact they'll have
honor cong
and that was leadership as well
because that and started
more people understanding what you're trying to accomplish
and rally behind it
do we continue to invest in that program
i think it's really evidence because four years later
four percent
hasn't changed but as i mentioned we are starting to make seeing some senior
associate status
three years into the organizations that first group
we have quite a few some of which
properly promoted to senior so we're really proud of their accomplishments
but that is what we intended to do some of the other metrics obviously
are around for attention
we want to make sure that they're getting their credentials as early as
possible we can do that cpa number without them getting sitting studying in
passing that exam
uh... it takes and requires a lot of time
but for whatever reason we have to continue on this journey so
i don't wanna
talked anymore i wanna at least give you guys the opportunity to ask you some
questions so
open it up
it's interesting uh... we
first answer questions be a icp a and industries albrecht they actually have a
diversity commission
out there and that is working on this very problem
uh... certain members of my team were actually part of that
uh... you know that
their are different
the area's at are institutions have been the schools that we recruit from
they also have their own
areas of focus and really trying to move
and numbers talent
howden bring more
and attract more
but i think eight if we look at the problem
it is bromley
and so
their outreach titles past are now
pass to begin now
how to read to convince them that
it is an attractive career
so that's the first preston uh...
and hopefully this commission is going to come out with some things
i know that ninety degrees the opposite is here with andrea
redeemed she meets with the other big words so when is definitely something
we're all trying to work two words
but forty years of history
that that is going to take some time
we did not win
question are you starting anything like this for twenty minutes or any other
when the fed the business case for the program thinking nine numbers for a
black professional still along read there's education years
today regarding once designed specifically to meet that business need
we do bother we have other milestone programs that bringing all of our
minority groups because that's where we see it supply plane ship so at the
senior associate level
is where we have a program
seniors this it's because we feel that that's another
and your careers
right now
that's the program uh...
but the ongoing peace citizens really focused on our black professionals today