Interview with kiska @ Star Series DOTA 2

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Apr 29, 2012

Hi, everybody.
We are talking to a beautiful girl.
Could you introduce yourself?
I’m Julia, known as KISKA on Na`Vi Boards, moderator.
Please, tell us how did you get here?
You are from Minsk, aren’t you?
No, from Gomel.
It’s a district center in Belarus.
I was really eager to get here, to STARLADDER final.
And so I came. I’m glad now.
Who do you cheer for?
Na’Vi of course.
M5 and CLG are now playing.
Whom do you predict to win?
Somehow I chose M5, I am cheering for them.
They have just won, well played.
Now wonder you support Russians ?.
Did you like the game?
Altogether it was pretty emotional, it was cool.
Do you actually play DOTA2?
For how long?
About 6-7 years.
Wow. Do you play DOTA or DOTA 2?
Sequel. I’ve got a key in November and since then
all the things started, my own team etc.
What else do you do?
I’m studying at the university.
What else?.. Hanging out with my friends.
I’m sure a lot of people will watch this interview.
So you have a chance to say whatever you want to anybody.
Actually I’m a nice person.
That’s for those who said I was bad, I am not.
Regards to everybody who knows me.
Guys, you’re awesome.
I think people I deal with are wonderful.
Thank you very much.
Good games and good day to you.
Thank you.
Bye. Bye.