A STEM Education, Tools to Change the World

Uploaded by whitehouse on 16.09.2010

Secretary Chu: As you go into science and you know about the
quantitative science, mathematics,
it puts you in a very good position so you can understand
much of the world around you.
Those who feel comfortable, they don't have to be experts,
they don't actually have to be practicing scientists or
engineers, but feel comfortable about those things.
Understanding science, mathematics,
allows you to deal with many of the pressing issues that the
general populations will have to deal with.
Craig Barrett: The basic premise behind stem education is really
solving problems, understanding natural phenomenon and then
solving problems.
In fact, there is an interesting statistic that the most common
educational background of Fortune 500 CEOs in the United
States is, it's not business, it's not law; it's engineering.
Kids can get an engineering education.
They can go do anything with it.
They can be a lawyer, they can be a businessman,
they can be a politician, they can be whatever they want,
but they will understand how to solve problems and that will
see them beneficiarily through their entire career.
David Zaslav: Science, technology,
engineering and math, they are the new language.
We can inspire kids and they can begin to see the world in
a way that would give them a chance to pursue things that
they never understood before.
Who's going to be an astronomer or an engineer or a doctor,
and give them the basic tool, the foundational understanding
so they can make those choices for their path in life?
But also have a chance to understand the world
better so that they can see the world in a more intelligent and
more informed way?
Craig Barrett: The individual can impact the whole world through inventions,
innovation going forward, but to do that primarily you need
a good understanding of the math, the science and
the technology behind it.
Secretary Chu: There will be Nobel Prize-caliber discoveries
that will have to be made in order for society to better
itself in a way that will leave the children and the
grandchildren a bright future.
As a scientist or an engineer, should you choose to go into
that career, you will have the tools to do many wondrous things
which will, in large part, help save the world.