Interview with Eric Saade's younger siblings & Kindergarten Teacher

Uploaded by EricSaadeorg on 27.06.2011

Did you watch Eric yesterday?
Did you watch him compete on TV yesterday?
And how did it feel in your stomach when they were voting?
How nervous were you?
A little bit.
How did it feel when they called his name at the end?
I wasn't awake then.
It was really good.
You were awake?
Okay, explain exactly what you felt before you knew that he was safe?
Really good.
Were you nervous beforehand?
Not that much, actually.
How did you react when they called his name then?
What did you do then?
I got really happy. And screamed really loud.
How do you think it will go tomorrow then?
Hmm.. Good.
Is there many who have talked to you and asked
what it's like be Eric's younger siblings? What do people say?
Lots have.
And how does it feel?
Do you think you'll stay awake tomorrow when the final takes place?
And what will you do? Have you decided what you'll do tomorrow?
We have our aunt and cousin that we will watch it with.
Because mum is in Greece and dad is at home and will watch TV with us.
Have you decided what you'll do then?
Are you going to have candles and popcorn..?
How do you think it will be?
Popcorn, chips and stuff like that.
Are you planning on staying up for the whole thing then?
And you?
What memories do you have of him as a child?
I don't know much about when he was younger
as I didn't work with him.
But I met him sometimes when I worked in the kindergarten.
I saw that he was always dancing and singing.
And I thought, and said to my co-workers at the time that
if he doesn't become a singer, then who will? And he did. Mmm...
And since you watched the whole competition yesterday,
how do you think his chances are tomorrow?
I hope they are good, but you never know. There are many people in the east
who don't think the same way as everybody else. But I hope so.
What has it meant for the school now that you have a star
who went to school here? What does everyone think?
It's positive and most of the kids are naturally cheering for Eric.
But there hasn't really been that much of a change,
since there's many kids that liked the first song better,
"Manboy", and not "Popular". But we are of course still cheering for him!
We love Eric.
You do? Yeah, they do.
He's the best.