Maple Apple Pie Recipe : Baking & Serving Maple Apple Pie

Uploaded by expertvillage on 17.01.2008

Hi, this is Kip here on behalf of Expert Village. In making our Maple Apple Pie we need to preheat
our oven to 425 degrees but it also will boil over and make a mess so I like to take some
tin foil and make a little tray to catch that mess so my oven does not get messy. So we
will take and since my pie is a little larger than this, I am going to take and make a tray
that is maybe a little bit wider and just turn the edges up a little bit to ensure I
don't have any spilling of maple apple pie goo. I suppose you could use a cookie tray
or something for this but then you have to wash it. This way you can just toss it when
you are done. I'm going to roll that over one more time and there you go and make sure
that is on the layer under your Maple Apple Pie. Not directly under the pie but underneath
and we will put that in the oven right now. Just place this aluminum foil under where
your pie will be and when our oven is preheated, we will just go ahead and place our pie like
so. You are going to want to bake your pie for about 55 minutes. You are going to want
to set your timer to 40 minutes and the reason being, I want to check and see if it is browning
too much on top and if it is, I'll put a piece of aluminum foil on top of the pie to slow
down the browning and let it continue to cook. So we will set our timer to 40 minutes and
check and then reset for another 15 minutes. Our timer has gone off. Remove our tin foil
off our Maple Apple Pie. Cool it and it will be a wonderful dessert.