Roronoa Zoro, Becoming The Best Swordsman (French and English Subtitles)

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Here, your sword.
Which one is it ? I couldn't tell so I grabbed all three.
All three are mine.
I use three swords.
You'll take them, right ?
But if we fight together, you'll owe me.
Being killed by Marines or coming with me ... Which one do you pick ?
You're the son of the devil!
Fine ! I'd rather be a pirate than die here !
Great ! You'll be my comrade!
Alright! This is perfect!
I get it, now set me free!
Umm, hurry!
I can't untie the knot!
Stop screwing around !
It doesn't matter who he is. Those who oppose me will be persecuted!
If guns don't work, then cut them to pieces!
That's weird, the knot is getting tighter!
Hurry up and give me my swords!
Luffy-san !
Roronoa Zoro!
Whoa, cool !
Make one move and you're dead!
I'm so scared!
I promised to be a pirate.
Opposing the Marines will make me a wanted man.
However, I'll tell you one thing.
I will always follow my own ambitions!
Ambitions ?
To become the world's greatest swordsman!
If you do anything that would cause me to abandon my ambitions ...
You will end your own life on my sword!
The world's greatest swordsman ?
That's nice!
As the Pirate king's comrade, I wouldn't expect any less from you.
Heh, indeed.
It doesn't matter if it's as a devil or a saint...
My name will be heard all over the world!
Don't move!
I said don't move!
I'll shoot him!
Be ... behind you!
I'm the Captain of the Marines, Axe Hand Morgan!
Fa...father, hurry up and kill ...
Nice ...
It was nothing, Captain.
Captain Buggy.
What is it, Kabaji ?
Please let me handle this.
Alright! Show them your acrobatics.
The chief of staff, Kabaji the acrobat!
Captain Buggy's rage has been transferred to me!
Since you're using a sword, I'll be your opponent!
Roronoa Zoro.
Time to die!
Annoying bastard!
Is hitting my wound...
That much fun?!
Why didn't he dodge it?
Are you satisfied now?
I will show you the difference between you and me!
Whaa, cool!
This is Roronoa Zoro.
I underestimated you.
My goal is to become the world's best swordsman!
I can't be defeated in a fight, not even once!
I see.
You wanted to show me your strong will.
Don't worry though.
You can't beat me with just that.
It can't be your excuse for losing.
Stop joking around.
If I lose to someone like you just because of a wound like this...
I can't imagine what future I would have!
Now for my best acrobatic special.
Acrobatic Special : Hundred Spin Tops Wind Attack!
Acrobatic Special : Climbing the Mountain!
Acrobatic Special : Rising Fireworks!
That's high!
Single Flower Vase
Kabaji! I'll hold him!
Finish Zoro!
As you wish.
You basterds!
That hurts!
Zoro's fight...
Don't interrupt it!
I don't need the captain's help
To defeat someone like you.
That's enough. I'm tired.
You've finally given up on this fight.
I'm amazed that you've fought with that wound until now.
I'm saying that I'm tired of your useless acrobatic specials!
Then I will finish you with one last strike!
With my...
True sword technique!
The Buggy Crew...
Was defeated by a couple of thieves...
I'm not too familiar with one sword techniques, but...
Let's go, Buchi!
Gotcha, Sham!
Cat Claws Attack!
This is bad, Zoro's under heavy pressure.
What're you trying to do?
If they keep attacking him like that, there's no way he can win.
I'm covering him!
Take this...
An opening!
Why are you hitting our own people!
That's not what happened.
He's the one who moved to get hit.
Eh ? He did it himself ?!
You moron! Usopp!
You wanna die ?
We're the ones who were saved.
if you had hit them with the pachinko then those two would've probably...
Directed their attacks toward us instead.
That guy ...
This is no time to be worried about us!
If only I had one more katana...
Why you ! Don't go kickin' my katanas!
Where's my "Thank you" ?
Thank you.
No useless, useless...
Even if you have three of 'em...
The result's still the same!
You guys don't get it.
Four minutes to go.
Using three swords and three sword techniques are...
totally different things.
That bastard, I'll kill him!
Please hypnotize me.
Please... Captain!
He's still alive.
Guess you're a bit soft.
He's probably saved by all that fat.
Get him, Buchi!
Hypnosis again, eh?
He's gonna be more of a pain now.
He tore the ground apart in his original state.
What is he able to do after powering up?
I will take care of this kid.
Please take care of Kaya-ojousama.
She will write the will as planned
Then kill her.
And the three ants over there...
are an eyesore!
I won't let you pass me.
Cat kill, STUMP!
That again?
You've already lost to me once.
Didn't I tell you not to bother me anymore?
Outta my way!
I've been sailing the seas to face you.
What's your mission?
To be the best.
If you really were a fine swordsman,
You shouldn't have been able to judge the difference in strenghts without drawing your sword.
Challenging me...
Are you that brave ? Or simply reckless ?
This is for my own ambition!
And for a promise to my fallen friend.
Hey now, what's the meaning of this ?
I'm unlike those idiots who use their all to hunt rabbits.
Though you're famous enough to be called a swordsman.
This is the weakest of the four oceans, East Blue.
Unfortunately I'm carrying nothing smaller than this.
Quit mocking me!
Just don't regret it when you die!
You're but someone who's yet to experience the real world.
Aniki's demon technique was broken!
But, that had always worked 100% of the time!
What in the world happened?!
I can't move!
What just happenned?!
No one could avoid this technique before, but just with this toy, he...
Is this really happening?
Is a strenght like his really this far away?
That can't be!
It can't be this far away!
The world shouldn't be this far off!
This can't be happening, aniki!
Please fight seriously!
It can't possibly be this far away!
Such unrestrained skill.
Just with that thing, he's taking on all of Zoro's three swords!
That's a monster superior to monsters!
I... I didn't come all this way to lose against this toy-like thing!
To become the greatest in the world...
I... have to become strong, for her sake too.
My strength will even reach the heavens!
I'm going to become the strongest in the world!
We promised... I will...
If I could just defeat this man...
What's your mission?
Why do you seek the ultimate power, you weakling?
I can't afford to lose!
That's great! The world's greatest swordsman, eh?
As the Pirate King's companion, if you're not at least that, I'd be in a dilemna.
Do you wish to have this go through your heart?
Why don't you step back?
I don't know.
I'm not sure why myself.
But if I were to take even one step back,
I believe that all those important oaths, promises and many other deals 'til now
will all go to waste and I'll never be able to return before you, ever again
Yes, and that's called "losing".
That's why I can't step back.
Even if it means death?
Death may be better!
What strong will
Preferring death over defeat.
Kid, announce your name.
Roronoa Zoro!
I'll remember that!
It's been a will since i've since such strong will. As a reward,
A gesture to a fellow swordsman, I will wield this "Black Sword",
The most powerful sword in the world, to end your life.
I appreciate your offer.
It's out!
The sword that cut the ship!
This is my last chance.
World's number one ... or death?
That's enough, aniki!
Please stop!
I lost.
Losing wasn't something I'd ever imagine possible.
So this is what it is to possess the greatest power in the world?
What now?
Attacking from behind is a shameless act among swordsmen.
Well said.
Don't rush your death, yound lad.
When I decided to become the greatest swordsman in the world, I've already discarded my life.
That guy and his stupid ideas.
His opponent was the true world's greatest.
The result was obvious!
Why didn't you give up your ambitions, realizing inevitable death?
It's simple!
To abandon your ambitions!
Luffy, can you hear me?
Sorry for worrying you.
If I don't become the greatest swordsman in the world, you'd be in a dilemma now, right?
Aniki! Don't say anymore!
I will ... I will never ...
Until I defeat him and become the greatest swordsman, i'll never be defeated anymore!
Any problems with that,
Pirate King?
Six swords styles, huh?
You're full of crap!
Roronoa Zoro!
Let me just make one thing very clear, Octopus.
There is someone that I must meet again.
And until that day...
Not even Death himself can take my life away!
What's with you, Roronoa Zoro?
Why do you keep pushing yourself to go on?
I don't think you can defeat me and my six swords as you are.
I think anyone in the world would say the same...
Shut up, it's none of your business...
This isn't good... Aniki's conditions...
The fever's probably making him lose consciousness.
He's delirious.
If that wound opens again, he'll die without a doubt.
But he doesn't have time to think about that now!
Right! If there's anyone who knows that, it's Aniki!
I'll show you...
My santoryuu!
Yosaku! Johnny! Lend me your swords!
Of course, Aniki!
Shit... I'm losing it.
How many more minutes can I hang on?
Aniki, here they come!
Don't you want to use them?
Hah! Now you'll see the barrier that tho-handed humans will never surpass.
Aniki, watch out!
Got him!
The six swords doesn't touch him! Aniki's awesome!
That takes such concentration... and persistance as well!
How could this be?
I'm really mad now ! I'm going to kill you!
Just think about it normally, would you?
You cannot match six swords when you can carry only three yourself.
Don't you get it?
Normally? That's a major miscalculation.
Three swords...
Six words...
Numbers doens't matter!
I may only have three swords but yours will never be as heavy as mine!
The weight is it ?
Now I undersand.
Your swords are heavier eh ?
But don't think that'll help
each of my swords weights 300 kg, you know!
They're much heavier and more powerful than any of your swords, you moron!
It's useless talking to an idiot...
That's dirty! Aiming for his wound!
Aniki's gonna be killed!
You won't hit the ground alive!
Touch these for second and you're mincemeat!
You don't have a chance!
That jerk, he spun with me in the air and did somersaults on my swords!
Then he cut my hands like some kind of circus trick!
Quit joking around! I'm not some sideshow sword-swallowing act!
Now I'm really pissed, and I'm going to destroy you!
He's in so much pain...
That probably opened his wound again.
Ah... if only i could suffer in his place!
A wound that'd make an ordinary man unconscious...
I won't lose to it.
This is the end!
A wound that would kill an ordinary person...
I won't lose to it!
To face one who is extraordinary , Hawk Eyes
I can't allow myself to be ordinary!
How could...
Octopus jerk...
Now do you understand...
How much heavier my swords are?
Are you satisfied?
Huh... This katana...
That katana... perhaps...
Yes, that's it.
Sandai Kitetsu.
It's definitely the Sandai Kitetsu.
Its predecessor, the Nidai Kitetsu was one of the Oowaza-mono!
And the Shodai Kitetsu was the one of the Saijou Oowaza-mono!
Ojisan, do you really want to sell this katana for only 50000?
That's amazing! It's the one of the legendary works of sword craft!
You, you should get it!
It's worth should be 1,000,000.
That's a great deal!
No way! I won't sell it!
I thought so! That sword for 50,000...
I thought it seemed strange...!
No, it's not that...
It's cursed.
You knew?
No. I feel it.
Starting with the Shodai Kitetsu, they are all excellent katana.
But they are all cursed!
The swordsmen who have used the Kitetsu over the years...
All of them came to tragic fates, mysterious deaths.
You won't find a single swordsman in the world nowadays who will use a Kitetsu.
Because everyone who ever used the sword, is dead!
I wanted to get rid of the damn thing, because of its curse...
I-I'm sorry! I had no idea it was such a terrible thing!
I shouldn't have intruded!
I like it.
I'll take it!
Are you stupid? If I sell it to you and you die, then won't it be like I killed you?
You're the one who's being stupid!
Just sell it!
How about this?
My luck... and this thing's curse...
Let's see which one is stronger!
No way!
Its sharpness is the real thing! You'll lose your arm!
I'll take it!
I'll survive.
Survive and...
I'll survive, and return to Arabasta!
Eat this!
T-The pathway...
Who the hell is that?
I had to cut snot!
Why do you have to be so persistent at a time like this!?
Not so fast.
I came to save you.
- Oi Luffy. - Here I come!
- Calm down and listen to me. Everyone in this town is a bounty hunter - My power allows me to change my weight from 1 to 10,000kg!
In other words, our enemies.
Don't ignore me!
Eat this!
It seems nothing I say's going to get through that thick skull of yours.
You stupid idiot!
No I'M gonna try to kill you!
So don't be pissed at me when you wind up dead!
Bring it on!
Hang on.
What's going wrong?
Aren't you two nakama?
This is a good opportunity...
Fists or Swords... find out which is stronger!
Let's see what you've got!
These guys have made a fool of me.
And disgraced the name of the Baroque Works Officer Agent.
Mr 5.
Let's show them exactly what we can do!
Here we go, Miss Valentine!
Yeah, Mr 5!
We are Baroque Works Officer Agent!
You won't make fool of us!
Shut the hell up.
Our fight...
You're in the way!
I finally remember your ugly mug.
I vaguely recall...
... a bounty hunter well known in West Blue.
Am I right?
They called you a truly magnificent and notorious assassin...
But you're just someone's dog.
What are you fighting for anyway?
Little dog of Crocodile.
Did you lick his hand so you could get a good treat from him?
You fight for money.
Pride also has a bill.
Get ready to pay it.
So your body is as hard as steel.
If I can't cut steel, then I can't cut you either.
As you say.
Striking and cutting attacks will not affect me.
I see. That's a pain in the ass.
And since I can't cut steel, I can't beat you.
Then what will you do?
I'll pity you.
A predicament like this is just what I've needed.
I've been itching for a chance to get one step stronger.
When I beat you...
I'll have become a man who can cut steel.
When you beat me?
That ardent fervor of yours will be a point to contend with.
But from the moment I obtained these Supa Supa abilities, to this very day,
None of those who call themselves swordsmen have been able to scratch me.
As a swordsmen, you cannot defeat me.
Yeah, I see what you're saying.
But you should save those pretty memories for your photo album.
It doesn't matter how many swordsmen you've fought in the past.
You've never met me before.
At least your tongue is sharp.
I'll take that as a compliment.
Octopus licker.
How long will this last?
Depends on you.
As I said.
Not a single scratch. That's a bit of a shock.
And this is the first time anyone's ever gotten up after I've exerted myself so much.
I suppose so.
You've never met me before.
I get it!
He has the ability of a Blademan through his whole body!
There's no hidden factor to his swordsmanship!
T-This guy...
Fly away!
A sword which cuts nothing.
Cut nothing...
Cut steel...
What the hell is that supposed to mean?
"Push with all your force!"
That is the essence of a mighty sword!
I won't stop 'til I cut you to pieces!
You're beginning to piss me off.
The same to you.
One piece of advice.
Don't think of me as a swordsman.
For I have a multitude of weapons...
...capable of ripping your body apart.
If you're not a swordsman,
Are you an excavator?
An assassin.
How fast are those things moving?!
They're going to snap!
An excavator's work would be impossible for me.
I bore through everything I touch.
A moment's misjudgment will invite...
So you're still alive...
I can't ... show him my back!
Why struggle with just your bare hands?
I couldn't explain it to a bastard like you who doesn't strive to be a swordsman.
You wouldn't understand.
I didn't want to know anyway.
Die in peace.
I'm having...
...bad luck with rocks today...
How can you be standing?
With those wounds...
Did you dodge all those falling rocks?
I dodged... these rocks?
I knew
Where they wouldn't fall
My katana?
It's under that rock.
I know.
What is he doing?
I've felt this way before.
The world goes deafeningly silent.
I hear my heartbeat thundering in my ears.
This must truly be... the brink of death.
I felt the presence of the rocks as they fell,
As if they were living things...
But not a presence...
Something more distinct...
A breath.
The breath of rocks.
Trees have the breath of trees.
And the soil has its own...
Is that what it means?
Listen carefully.
In this world we live in, there are swordsmen who can cut nothing.
To cut nothing...
Is to know that breath?
That is the power to cut steel.
You wretch! What did you do?!
Taking those attacks...
Losing that much blood...
You can't be alive!
I can hear it...
The breath of his steel.
A katana follows will.
Very well.
I will end you life once and for all!
All that's left... to see if I truly have the power to cut steel.
I don't believe you can take my attacks using only one sword.
It doesn't matter.
I won't take them anymore.
So you've prepared yourself.
Very well!
I thank you.
I can still become stronger!
Within this very fight, he transcended himself...
...will you try cutting diamond?
That'd be a waste.
Well shit...
Well, drink up.
Hey, thanks.
What, you're a nice guy.
And what are you doing, underling?
That's a question you should answer.
Zoro! Wait a minute!
We still haven't gotten any information yet, and-!
Shut up ! This guy asked for a fight and I'm giving it to him!
Right now, I gotta do something about those shining pistols!
That's it!
The effectiveness of those guns us pretty exaggerated!
Too bad for you!
Check out these goggles!
Your shining pistols won't work on me anymore!
Give up while you still can!
Those don't look like sunglasses.
And unto the six mortal senses...
What nonsense is that?
And further unto each, Purity and Corruption.
The 36 earthly desires of this world.
I am facing the muzzle of a cannon at you.
You are a pistol.
I am a cannon.
In timing and power, my weapon surpasses yours.
You did well, but...
You're going down!
A cannon?
Has he lost his mind?
How could he have a weapon like that?
Have you seen...
... the Flying Blade Attack?
What a joke!
That hurt.
This was nothing personal.
I'm not one to die just because someone says so.
I'll accept the challenge:
Do you desire revenge?
No, I don't really like fighting for that kind of reason.
Oh? An impressive answer.
I'm a bit fired up now.
You seem to be the vital point of the Blue Sea dwellers.
All of your nakama did well.
But, I have already decided to strike your heart.
Pray to God, swrodsman of the Blue Sea.
I'll never pray to God.
How sad.
In the end, the only difference in life is dying sooner or later.
Well, do what you want.
I'm tired of your pretentious preaching.
Even if I can't see you,
That streching sword of yours will tell me exactly where you are!
The instant you know that is the instant you will die!
One lifetime, 36 desires...
Two lifetimes, 72 desires...
Three lifetimes...
108 desires!
The Iron Cloud broke?!
That move was harder than I thought.
It shows that I still need more training.
At least it's quiet now.
He does what anyone tells him?!
Hit yourself in the hed and take a little nap.
I hate manipulative women.
She's a woman!
I can tell.
You possess talent.
And do you think you're taking there?
I don't give a damn about your World of Dreams!
No, Zoro!
He's too powerful!
it seems I must tell your body before you will understand...
... the meaning of God.
No matter how you struggle,
You cannot defeat my insurmountable power!
Now you will know...
Having every slicer of hope dashed... the same as dying!
Mankind holds no greater fear than its fear of death!
I wasn't planning on killing you, but...
The self in the forsaken world.
I will cut.
This guy is strong.
I hate indirect fighting.
He read me!
Sorry, but I'm a Yontou.
Not a problem!
Come to think of it, your whole body's a weapon, isn't it?
This is fun!
I don't have time for games.
But for now I've gotta get your key.
If I don't make it in time, it's the same as losing.
If you wear that bandanna, are you more powerful?
I don't know.
If you're in the air, you're done for!
Even though I'm a "cube", I have no "weak spots".
Shut up, what the hell are you doing?!
How naive...
Haven't you realized?
Giraffes have four legs.
Are you even trying to fight?!
Where are you looking?
The attack has already begun.
The attacks will bounce off the ceiling, and rain down.
Shut up!
"Giraffe-Jar", "I'm a giraffe"...
It's just annoying, it doesn't matter which it is!
And you should prepare yourself.
Playtime is over.
First, that "tekkai"...
I'll break it!
That's pretty funny.
You'll break the tekkai?
Can you do that?
Yeah, of course.
Should I try?
Could you have cut it if it was steel?
I'm the one who decides whether or not to use tekkai.
Then I'm gonna have to go about this differently.
Now, come.
This time it's a test of strength?
How interesting!
What a powerful attack!
Talking like that from such a high place...
You didn't even consider that you could be defeated too.
You're too full of yourself!
Was that all you could think of?!
This is too much talking.
Such power...
He jumped to the floor above?
I've made you wait.
My neck as well as my limbs...
If I can control all of their reaches at will,
I can fight as I like!
I'm a yontoryuu user!
Like this, I can use the giraffe's power to its fullest!
You'll have no chance of winning!
Even if giraffes are the most powerful...
Even if you can fully use that annoying neck...
Even if you are a yontoryuu user...
He stopped my words?!
You still have no chance of defeating me!
How boastful...
Then show me what you can do!
He's flying towards me?!
I thought I avoided the attack!
Don't tell me...
He knew what I was going to do?
Why are you so surprised about?
This couldn't have really been the first time you've been hurt.
You really did mean it.
You've truly made me dislike you.
But this is where it ends!
Not only do I have my mastery of rokushiki, I also have the power of a giraffe.
Skill, power, speed.
No matter how you look, there's no way I can lose!
I don't allow you even a moment of relaxation!
A whip-like neck...
How is it, being hit by numerous attacks?
And without stopping, four swords!
Prepare yourself!
Here I go.
What a powerful attack...
What's wrong?
Is blocking all you're able to do?
You can't defeat me!
Mere pirates going against the World Government never had a chance!
Everything is worthless compared to justice!
Even that woman!
What? Just now...
For just a moment, this man looked like a fierce god with three faces and six arms!
What is he?
You got cocky...
And said too much, bastard.
Did I offend you?
Well then
Using the most powerful rankyaku "amanedachi" that I sliced the tower with...
I'll slice you in two and finish this!
You should give up
There's nowhere to run!
This is different from that demonstration before!
You're the one that should give up.
Demonic Spirit...
The demon from before...!
Is he creating illusions with his soul alone?
That's a good try, but you're too late!
You're also the one... that's too late.
You should wait to say those things until after you've avoided the rankyaku!
The attacks...
He made them disperse?!
You did well
Suffering is good...
On the path to carnage.
With this we have all the keys.
Let's hurry and get to Robin.
Isn't there anyone good here?
Don't think you'll be able to beat me, no matter how many of you there are.
You can't really think you can fight me.
You've got my attention.
How's that?
If all you're doing is trying to overpower me,
You'll never win.
That was close, bastard!
Go fight Zoro instead!
Zoro is-
Good job, Zoro-kun!
Sogeking, duck!
Nice, Zoro-kun!
That sure surprised me!
He opened up a hole!
For a thrust to fly, what kind of muscles does he have...
I suppose it's a tie.
Seems so.
You almost sliced me up.
A weapon-breaking technique?!
He withstood it?!
I'll fall!
The wound ignited itself?!
My defeat...
The named blade that once the legendary samurai carried... Shuusui!
If you are its next master, it'll most likely be the sword's will, too.
This body of a samurai... to have given it a defeat is so shameful.
As long as you feel shame, it's enough.
A swordsman needs a healthy spirit and body...
I would have wanted to meet you in your era.
Fine... I'll let you have one head!
However, in exchange...
Please take my life of his!
I ask this of you!
My head may not be worst much at the moment...
But this is the head of the man who will eventually become the world's number one swordsman!
Surely that should be enough!
Despite your great ambition
You wish to take that man's place...
And approach death?
Aside from that, I see no other way to save the crew...
If you can't even protect your captain, then your ambition is worthless!
Luffy is the man who's going to become the Pirate King!
You can trust me... I will keep my promise.
But before I claim your sacrifice...
I will make you experience hell.
What I have just repelled from his body was his suffering...his stress.
This is all the damage he accumulated during his battles with Moria and Oz.
If you wish to take his place
Then naturally you would have to take in all of his pain.
However, since you are already close to death, if you were to take in all of this, it would be impossible to survive.
You will die.
Please, try some.
How was it?
Just let me... Choose the location...
Although it seems like everything's fine... Just where is that bastard!?
Found him!
What do you think you're doing? Oi!
Where'd that Shichibukai go...?
What in the hell is with all that blood?!
Oi... Are you still alive?! Where is that guy?
What happened here?
A-Absolutely... nothing!
Once you get desperate, the fight is over.
Hey, blast him over here!
You're too damn stubborn...
Alright! He's finally starting to fall apart!
W... What is that?!
Zoro multiplied?!
Even if you lose your brother, or anything else were to happen...
Luffy, I know you're a man that will keep your promise.
So, I'll definitely be at the meeting place too!
So you've come.
Well, I guess you aren't willing to just let me go.
Was that Gyuuki Yuzume?!
Now it's Tatsumaki?!
These guys are using my Three-sword Style techniques!
Hey, you guys!
Who do you think you are, imitating me then acting all innocent?
How long are you gonna keep messing with me?!
Do you really think saliva will heal it?!
Where did you pick up a folk remedy like that?!
Hey what's that?!
Look at the water! Something is surfacing!
What is it?
That's huge!
It's a galleon ship!
It wasn't coated well and was crushed by water pressure?
Or attacked by Sea Kings?
But it looks like it's been cut by some kind of knife.
Don't be a fool! Who could cut a ship this big?
You bastard! how dare you ruin our dream to go to the New World?!
It's a quirk of fate!
You should blame your own fate that brought a plague onto your ship.
No, you're the one...
-Look! -Somebody's on the ship!
Oh, he's back! I couldn't care less about him.
I got on...
... the wrong ship.
Three-Sword Style technique; Crossing the Six Paths!
The demon that rules the realm of water... So weak!
I feel grateful when I think about it. I got to fight every single day for the past two years.
To top him...
I'm still gonna get stronger!
Are you starting to suffer?
Humans are so disadvantaged under water!
Zoro's gonna pass out!
Is that what Hody's up to?
I'm passing out!
That swordsman's dead!
How stupid is he? Thinking that a human can fight against a Fish-man in the water!
What a pain in the ass, but this is it.
Drop dead, you lowly creature!