Bob Sapp's Pre-Fight Interview

Uploaded by DREAM on 29.12.2010

Bob Sapp
Q: What's your condition like now?
A: It is good enough to fight.
I would love to have more time to prepare,
but as a fighter we need to stay in good enough condition
to fill in last minute spots which is what I am doing this time.
Q: How do you feel to be back in DYNAMITE?
A: That I am excited about. I have always looked forward to fighting at the end of the year.
It is a wonderful surprise.
Q: Can you tell us about what you've done in 2010?
A: I still had a few fights. I also filmed one movie and some commercials in Korea.
Next year I still have a few fights to do in Europe,
and I also have a contract with a US television show.
Q: Where have you been training?
A: The movie was filmed in Bulgaria so all of my current trainers come from there.
Q: How much do you know about Suzukawa?
A: I know of him from IGF.
He is a tough young guy. This will be shoot rules,
so it isn't some pro-wrestling match. I'm looking forward to it.
Q: So it is a sort of irregular MMA rules. Do you have any worries?
A: Well, as it is all open handed, and my strength is my punch,
I'm just worried about breaking my fingers.
Q: For the last few years I think you lost some of the "beast" you once had.
Can you come back this event?
A: I have suffered some downs in my career.
I think looking at K-1 and MMA everyone has suffered a little.
I am still fighting though, and I am still fighting for victories.