CSUN 2012 Commencement: College of Engineering and Computer Science

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>> Good afternoon. Will everyone please rise for
our national anthem.
[Singing of national anthem]
>> Please be seated. Welcome to California State
University 54th annual commencement and the 21st
commencement of the College of Engineering and Computer
Science. I am S.K. Ramesh, the dean of
the College of Engineering and Computer Science.
I would first like to introduce the members of the platform
party here with us today. I ask the members of the
platform party to please stand. When I call your name to be
recognized, and then be seated and audience, if you'll please
hold your applause until all members of the parties are
introduced. Starting on the front row to
your right we have Dr. Harry Hellenbrand, interim president.
Dr. Cynthia Rawitch, vice provost.
Dr. William Watkins, vice president for student affairs,
dean of students and acting administrator for academic
affairs. Ms. Bernadette Shane, member of
the vote of trustee of the California state university.
On your left in the first row, Mr. Nicholas Timinskas, our
keynote speaker today, Ms. Sevana Avanessian, our
student speaker who's graduating with her bachelor's degree in
mechanical engineering today. Dr. Nagwa Bekir, associate dean.
In the second row, on your right, we have Dr. Mark Stover,
dean of the university library. Dr. Ali Amini, chair of the
department of the electrical and computer engineering.
>> Dr. Nazaret Dermendjian, chair of the civil engineering
and applied mechanics department.
Professor Ben Mallet from the electrical and computer engineering
department. I see he needs no introduction.
Professor Steven Stepanek, chair of the computer science department.
And faculty president California state university, Northridge.
Dr. Ileana Costea, chair of the department of manufacturing
systems engineering and management.
Dr. Bob Ryan from the mechanical engineering department.
And one of our name readers today.
Mr. Kunal Chitre, class of 2005 electrical engineering masters graduate
and class of 2009 engineering management M.S. graduate representing the alumni
association today. In the last row on your right we have
Dr. George Youssef from the mechanical engineering
department who's our mace bearer today.
Ms. Hilary Baker, vice president for information technology and
chief information officer. Mr. Tom McCarron vice president
for administration and finance and chief financial officer and
finally in the last row on your left, we have Dr. Hamid Johari,
chair department of mechanical engineering.
Dr. Barbara Gross, chief of staff, office of the president.
And Dr. Vance Peterson, vice president for university
advancement. Please give the platform party a
big hand.
>> I would now like to recognize the faculty and staff in the
college who contribute so much to the education of our
students. Will the faculty and staff
please rise.
Please join me in an expression
of appreciation for these wonderful faculty and staff.
>> Thank you. You may now be seated.
It is now my great pleasure to invite Dr. Harry Hellenbrand,
interim president of California State University Northridge to
make his initial remarks. President Hellenbrand?
>> Honored graduates, faculty, friends, consider these numbers.
In the large cities in America today, for every 10 students who
begin high school, 7 graduate. Those 7 who graduate, 4 go on to
technical school, college or community college.
Those 4, 1 gets a BA or a BS. And of that 1, .33 goes on to
get an advanced degree. So you who are with us today
have truly beaten the odds and deserve our congratulations.
>> Now, today we are remarkably good at splicing DNA and tracing
our genetic origins but we have forgotten our cultural
interindebtedness. So I want to talk just briefly about that.
There's no one of us here today who would be here were it not
for an ancestor who made the voyage to this new world or this
golden state. Few of us would be here today if
a parent, an aunt, an uncle, a sister, a brother did not work
an extra shift, pick an extra bushel, take an extra job.
Few of us who would be here today if a stranger didn't reach
out a hand and say, here, follow me.
If a friend did not reach out a hand and say, please, do not be
like me. If a teacher did not say, here,
this is how this works, if a coach did not say, I know you
can do it. Look up close from our own minds
and hearts we all seem to be on a continent in an individual
isolation but when we step back a little ways and look at
ourselves, we see that each one of us is a Archipelago of island
of influences made up of all the influences of people who have
contributed to our lives. You stand here as an individual
graduate but you're representative of we the people.
And today we celebrate your achievement and the achievement
of all the people who have worked with you along the way.
We wish you the best. We wish you help pull other
people along in your career. Congratulations to you today.
Thank you so much.
>> Thank you so much, Harry, for your remarks.
It's now my pleasure to invite our associate dean, Dr. Nagwa
Bekir to recognize our outstanding students.
Dr. Bekir?
>> We want to recognize three
groups of honors students. The first group consist of
graduating members of Tau Beta Pi, the engineering honor society and
Eta Kappa Nu, the electrical engineering honor society.
The second are those graduating students who have participated
in the college honors co-op program.
The third group is all the students who received a
scholastic honors award -- or an award for personal achievement
at honors convocation. Will all graduating students
from Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu and honors co-op and those who
received awards at the honors convocation, please rise
and be recognized.
>> Please be seated.
Each year, the faculty select
outstanding undergraduate and graduate students to honor from
each program. I would now like to present
these outstanding graduates. Please rise as I call your names
and remain standing. The outstanding Baccalaureate
degree award recipients are, Kavian Refahi and Zory Grigoryan
in the civil engineering and applied mechanics department.
>> David Brutz in the computer science department.
>> Shaun Baldwin and Jose Riaz in electrical and computer
engineering department.
>> Jonathan Hopwood in the manufacturing system engineering
and management department.
>> And To Siriveh in the mechanical engineering department.
The outstanding master's degree award recipients are
Arbi Karapetian from the civil engineering and applied
mechanics department.
>> Margarita Vamos and Nicholas Turani from computer
science department.
>> Mohammed Zuhir Sayeed from the electrical and computer
engineering department.
>> Amirmasoud Latifian, Mazyar Aram and Mark Micklich from the manufacturing
systems engineering and management department.
>> Ali Eslambolchi from the mechanical engineering
department. Please join me in congratulating
these exceptional graduates.
>> Please be seated. I will now call on dean Ramesh
to make a special introduction.
>> Last year, we started a tradition
in the College of Engineering and Computer Science
to recognize the top graduating senior from the college with
special recognition and a plaque as the distinguished College of
Engineering and Computer Science graduating scholar.
Ms. Swapna Pawar from the electrical and computer engineering
department received one of the four 2012 CSUN outstanding graduating senior awards
at honors convocation on Monday and was also the college's nominee
for the university's top graduating senior award,
the Wolfson scholar award.
She's graduating with her bachelor's degree in electrical engineering with an
overall GPA of 3.92. It's my pleasure to invite
Swapna Pawar to step up to the stage to accept her plaque.
Ms. Pawar.
In recognition of your distinguished achievement as the
distinguished scholar in the college of engineering and
computer science, 2011/2012, Ms. Swapna Pawar from the
electrical engineering.
>> Good afternoon everybody, congratulations to everybody who's graduating today.
Ah… I'm a little speechless right now.
My parents are not here. They are in India but they are
watching me and I want to say thank you to everybody who
supported me, my friends, my family and everybody who's come
here today. Mom and dad, this is for you.
I love you. Thank you.
Thanks, Andrew!
>> Thank you, Swapna, congratulations.
Dr. Bekir?
>> Now I'm pleased to introduce
our student speaker, Ms. Sevana Avanessian.
Sevana is graduating today with a major in mechanical
engineering and a minor in writing and rhetoric.
She is currently the president of CSUN society of women, engineering section
Please join me in welcoming our student speaker,
miss Sevana Avanessian.
>> You don't understand how hard my heart is beating right now.
So we're all engineers. Let's talk numbers for a moment.
Over 30% of America's population holds a bachelor's degree.
But less than 10% obtain a degree in science and engineering.
My fellow graduates, we're about
to join this small but distinguished and dignified
community. Honorable faculty, family and
friends, on behalf of this year's graduating class of 2012,
I would like to welcome you to join in our celebration of this
great achievement we reached after years of hard work and
dedication. All of us graduates should be
very, very proud of our accomplishment because by now we
know what it takes to complete this study.
It takes a lot of commitment and the passion of wanting to know
more, it's endless hours of exhaustion and work and coffee
and Monster and Red Bull to get through the many, many late
nights of studying so if you didn't know what you were
getting yourself into, you certainly know now.
So congratulations to all of us because we really put forth the
effort. Never in my life did I ever
think I'd be a member of the graduating class in engineering
and computer science. And I know I'm not the only one.
We come from so many different backgrounds, some directly from
a line of engineers. Others struggled to find
themselves and get to where we are now.
Some like me grew up playing with dolls and didn't take them
apart. Others had Legos and started
disassembling toys, computers, and anything they could get
their hands on from an early age.
Regardless, our pasts and personalities have made us who
we are. Many of us don't talk about
this, but hidden among us geeks, analysts and machinists are
talents of music, art and craftsmanship.
We tend to hide our potentials from each other, but these
disciplines are part of the qualities that have brought us
to this date, science and music, mathematics and art, two
completely opposite ends of the spectrum and I want to tell you
something that took me years to realize.
Never lose your personality to a textbook.
Personally, I had all the characteristics of studying a
humanitarian-based subject and, quite frankly, I was expected to
by many people. My decision to study mechanical
engineering came as a complete surprise to everyone.
And aside from family support, I wasn't really expected to
succeed. But I pressed on.
You press on. You discover an endurance level
you never thought you had and develop a strong character.
These are things that all of us wearing a cap and gown have
developed for years. They are what carry us into our
profession. We've set the foundation that
will support our professional growth and created the dynamics
that will move us forward. This day is a significant
milestone in our lives and all we need now is to keep the
momentum going. And it all happens on this
campus. The engineering building has
become like our home. We've spent almost every waking
hour here studying, working on labs and projects, learning from
knowledgeable faculty and making lifelong friends and colleagues.
Something about that brick building changed me.
And I'm sure it affected many of my fellow graduates, too.
We talk a lot about today and how we've completed this
educational milestone but not many look back to how it began.
The beginning was different for all of us, and yet, it is so
important because that was the day we made the decision to
study this course. On my first day on campus, I was
an undecided major having no clue what I wanted for my
future. By chance, a faculty member
invited me to tour the building and the moment I stepped into
those engineering labs, I was instantly hit with a nose full
of the industrial smell of hot metal ball bearings and well
oiled machines and out of nowhere everything made sense.
This was my calling, my unidentified passion, and I
suddenly knew what I wanted to study.
And this is just me. I'm sure each of us have had our
moments of clarity whether we took apart a computer for the
first time or heard an engine roar or stood in front of an
architectural marvel that took your breath away.
However it began, this choice we made to be a part of a
distinguished profession was the best decision of our lives.
But this is different. This was going to require
work. A lot of work.
Perhaps a change in attitude. We were determined and pressed
through all those times when we didn't see the light at the end
of the tunnel. And endured everything so when
we finally reached the end, we are different people, stronger
and dedicated. And now we have it.
We've reached our goal after all the work we've put in, our
dedication and endurance have brought us to this day.
We're joining a professional future where we carry so much
responsibility and integrity. We've developed our characters
and identified our personalities, none of us would
be here without putting forth the time, effort and dedication
our studies required. Now we know what it takes, and
we will carry this pride we have for our accomplishment for the
rest of our lives. Congratulations to my fellow
graduates. We are now part of the next
generation of engineers.
>> Thank you, Sevana. I would now call on dean Ramesh
to introduce our next speaker. >> Thank you.
It's now my pleasure to introduce our keynote speaker
for today. Mr. Nicholas Timinskas.
Nicholas graduated from CSUN with a bachelor's degree in
computer science, summa cum laude and a GPA of 3.9
in 2009. Nicholas was honorably
discharged from the United States Air Force in January of
2005 with a rank of staff sergeant and received the
Air Force commendation medal for meritorious service.
He started his career at Amgen
through our college's signature honors co-op program and he's
currently the global commercial operations information systems
portfolio manager - that's a mouthful - and a project manager for
various global initiatives including break-away cancer.com
and global contracts and pricing system. Nicholas's success as a project
manager has led to his selection as the leading member of the company's project
management office and more recently, he was chosen to be
the project manager for a new inside sales business unit that
is being developed from the ground up which will completely
change Amgen's sales landscape. In addition to his activities at
work, Nicholas is very active in his church and community.
And he's a black belt in shaolin kung-fu and owns his own home remodeling
and carpentry business. Nicholas is accompanied by his
lovely wife, Alena Timinskas and their daughter Sophia and several
members of his family and friends. Ladies and gentlemen, I present
to you Mr. Nicholas Timinskas.
>> Well, thank you, dean Ramesh. Thank you interim president
Hellenbrand, thank you to all the members of the platform
party. And thank you, class of 2012.
Let me just start by saying with all sincerity, congratulations.
>> Give yourself a hand of applause.
>> Now, many of you may recognize me from my time here
on campus, through my company's recruiting efforts.
I've attended several student groups, tech and job fairs and
had the pleasure to speak with many of you individually.
CSUN is just one of the target schools that my company targets.
We also recruit at USC, UCLA, UC Santa Barbara and Cal Poly
and I can say this confidently that the
the graduates of CSUN are just as prepared -- if not more so --
than any of the graduates from those universities
to join the modern corporate work force.
This diploma you're about to receive says a great deal
…that's good. Give yourself an applause.
This diploma you're about to receive says a great deal about
who you are. And you should be proud to
receive it because you've earned it.
So congratulations once again on this great accomplishment.
My first thought when asked by dean Ramesh to deliver the
commencement speech today was to come up with a formula, a
pseudocode, if you will based on famous examples of commencement
speeches throughout history. Okay.
That's not true. My first thought was why on
earth are you asking me to give the commencement speech?
And my second thought was to come up with this formula.
And I tackled this just as any professionally trained engineer
or computer scientist would tackle any complex and daunting challenge.
I did a Google search on commencement speeches.
Luckily for me we live in the era of YouTube
so getting historical examples of commencement speeches
is really no laborious undertaking
and what I found is that there's a wealth of inspiring
material to draw upon, filled with poignant perspectives on life
and existence made by very prominent and influential men and women.
Some of the more notable examples you are probably
familiar with, Carl Sagan's commencement speech in 1996
entitled "The Pale Blue Dot" in which he mused on the
insignificance of the earth in the face of the vast cosmos.
Or Steve Jobs 2005 Stanford speech which went viral on the internet
and in which he gave a very intimate account of how he succeeded both in
business and life and of course let's not forget Conan O'Brien's rousing
2011 speech to Dartmouth graduates in which he called
the school's president stinky Pete.
Okay. So maybe some of the speeches were
more poignant than others and what I came up with after all
this exhaustive research is an understanding that every
commencement speech basically follows a predictable pattern or
outline that could be generalized into a repeatable
formula. I simply had to add some local
variables into this formula and the output is what I'm presenting
to you right now and is what I like to call my hello world.
of commencement speeches.
For the noncomputer geeks the hello world program is the first
program you write whenever you learn a new programming
language. And since this is my first
commencement speech, rather than reinvent the wheel I'm going to
do my best to make this speech follow a pattern which is easily
recognizable to you. And it follows the great
commencement speeches of the past.
It's pretty straightforward. I think I can summarize about
every commencement speech in five bullet points.
In a nutshell the hello world of commencement speeches is this.
The first bullet I start by profusely thanking the platform
party and profusely congratulating the students.
I've already thanked the platform party, but have I said
congratulations to you, lately. Congratulations to the class of
You guys are great. You're so excited to get your
degrees I could probably stand up here and read the operating manual for
a TI81 graphing calculator and I'd get an applause from you.
The second bullet in my hello world of commencement speeches
is that I'm supposed to get up here and give a miniature stand-up
comedy routine intended to get you laughing and cheering prior
to the main message. You know, it's true Conan
O'Brien was just one of a dozen professional comedians that gave
commencement speeches last year.
The third bullet I'm supposed to roll off a list of aphorisms
and platitudes that focus on themes like following your dreams and never
give up and don't be afraid of failure all of which are interspersed with
even more jokes designed to keep your attention and make you forget
just how hot and sweaty you are. I follow this up with a fourth
bullet a frightfully intimate and touching personal anecdote about
my own past experiences. And how they led me to some form
of ultimate wisdom. And I finish finally with the
last bullet, a final thought which serves as a capstone to
your many years in college and is intended to resonate in the
forefront of your minds for the rest of your natural born lives.
Well, at least that's the general idea.
Since I'm not a stand-up comedian I'm going to skip the
comedy routine and go right into the wisdom portion, the third
bullet point and this is really the meat of any commencement
speech and I pray I do it justice.
So class of 2012, the ultimate wisdom that I have to impart to
you is this: Very simply, get wisdom.
I'll say it again. Get wisdom.
The degree you're about to receive is a document that you
can carry with you for the rest of your lives and it declares
one irrefutable point about your person.
You have knowledge. You spent four years -- give or
take, four years acquiring that knowledge.
And that knowledge puts you as many people up here have said
in a very select demographic of about 7% of the world's
population with a college degree but this knowledge and this
degree say absolutely nothing about how wise you are.
Because wisdom in its purest definition is the proper
application of knowledge. The knowledge you've acquired
while earning the degree you're about to receive will get you
through the door of a good company and it will set you on
your career path, whatever that may be but it's wisdom that will
help you choose which door you should pass through in the first
place. So get wisdom.
Seek understanding. What really defines success?
Is it how much money you plan to make in your lifetime?
Or how far you get up the corporate ladder?
You are just starting your career paths now and there will
be course corrections along the way.
But nobody should start going down a path unless they know
what lies at the end of it or what the end state even looks
like. What lies at the end of your
path? Ultimately knowledge cannot
answer these questions. So I say again, get wisdom.
Of course, there are a couple of caveats here.
One of which is this. I can't give you wisdom.
And this isn't just self-deprecation on my part.
The truth is no mortal human being alive can give you wisdom
because wisdom is an individual acquisition which no one can
impart to you unless you are inclined and even capable of
receiving it. You must get wisdom.
But I cannot convince you of what it is and I can't show you
how to get it. All I can do in the time that we
have remaining is hope you'll indulge me as I share with you
my journey and hope that it proves useful to you.
So with that I'll transition to the fourth bullet point, the
personal anecdote. My lovely wife Alena who is
sitting in the audience over there -- we just recently
celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary.
We met for the very first time -- thank you.
We met for the very first time seven years and one month ago.
Now you're all scientists and engineers so I'm sure you can do
the math. I knew Alena for one month prior
to getting married. In fact, I informed her that she
was my wife on the second day of having met her.
Now, it was knowledge that led me to believe that she was going
to be the woman I would spend the rest of my life with.
But it wasn't necessarily a good application of wisdom --
To tell her that on the second day.
Most women would have probably applied for a restraining order.
Luckily for me, she was just in love as I was and we've been
happily married ever since. I bring this up because it was
my wife who introduced me to wisdom.
Before having met Alena I had plenty of knowledge.
But like most young men I was never able to properly or
consistently apply it. In all honestly my lack of
wisdom led me to the point where I had made some pretty
significant mistakes in my life. And I was in a very humble and
low state. I'd recently finished my
enlistment with the United States Air Force and I had
nowhere else to go except back home.
I was without a career, without any direction in my life and
completely and utterly without purpose.
And it was precisely at that moment that I met this beautiful
fiery curly haired Romainian woman and she opened up a Bible
and she started reading to me from the scriptures.
She told me that I was a sinner, that I was not in the right
before a holy God, that I had in my addiction to sin and
self-worship turned away from God and I was going to be
judged. I was going to hell and that
only through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ
through his death on the Christ could I find forgiveness and
eternal life. And did I mention this was on our
very first date?
>> I had never heard anything like that before.
And, in fact, it kind of made me uncomfortable and even offended
me a little bit even though at the time I could not say why.
But discomfort should never discourage you from exploration
or from growth. And being challenged should
never cause to you flee or become offended and respond with
hostility which basically amounts to the same thing so I
listened to her. Truly it was her boldness and
her conviction that awakened me. I had never met anyone who held
such passionate beliefs in the face of such opposition and I
realized then that I had never known boldness.
I had never felt deep conviction and that without the strong
impetus of an objective purpose it was no wonder that I had
never rightly applied my knowledge.
Without knowing the end of the path it was no wonder I had
never moved forward. So this was my personal journey
to finding wisdom and it started with defining the journey.
It should go without saying that my wife's faith became my faith
and once I had found a purpose for my life, everything else
fell into place. Soon after that I came to CSUN
and received a computer science degree and I've been blessed
ever since with incredible opportunities like this one.
To be able to speak here to you today.
It's my guess that you've never been asked to write a computer
program without knowing beforehand the desired output or
or to survey an undefined plot of land
or set up a total station without finding a definitive landmark to
gain your bearings. You don't design a mechanical
component without understanding how it's going to interact with
the rest of the machine. In the same way when you
understand your purpose in life, your place in the universal
order, you will truly make the most of the education you earned
and paid dearly for today. So get wisdom and seek
understanding. I want to close with a quote
from one of the greatest engineers in the history of mankind.
A Hebrew king by the name of Solomon.
In the ancient world monarchs, queens, emperors and potentates would travel
for thousands of miles to see his incredible architectural marvels
and listen to his unsurpassed wisdom.
When these noble and prestigious visitors would call upon Solomon to seek
his instruction, this is what he would tell them.
"Acquire wisdom. Acquire understanding.
"Do not forget nor turn away from the words of my mouth.
"Do not forsake her and she will guard you.
"Love her and she will watch over you.
"The beginning of wisdom is this, acquire wisdom and with all your
"acquiring get understanding. Prize her and she will exalt
"you, she will honor you if you embrace her.
"She will place on your head a Garland of grace, she will
"present you with a crown of beauty.
"Hear and accept my sayings and the years of your life will be many.
"I have directed you in the way of wisdom
"I have led you in upright paths when you walk your steps will
"not be impeded and if you run you will not stumble.
"Take hold of wisdom. Do not let it go.
Guard her for she is your life." Thank you guys very much for
hearing this. Thank you so much and
congratulations once again.
>> Thank you very much, Nicholas, for those very
inspiring remarks. As a token of appreciation for
your speech today, we'd like to present you with a small gift basket.
So if you'd step to the podium, please.
>> Thank you so much. Thank you.
I'll now call upon our vice provost Dr. Cynthia Rawitch to
present the candidates for the masters of science degrees.
Dr. Rawitch?
>> Will all candidates for the master of science degrees please rise.
Interim president Hellenbrand, I have the honor of presenting the
candidates for the master of science degree.
These candidates have completed the requirements for the masters
degree as prescribed by the state of California and the
trustees of the California State University and they have been
recommended by the faculty of California State University
Northridge. Please continue standing as
interim president Hellenbrand confers the masters degree upon you.
>> Upon the recommendation of the faculty of California State University
Northridge, and by the authority vested in me by the Board of
Trustees, I hereby confer upon you the degree of master of
science, with all the rights, honors and responsibilities
pertaining thereto. Congratulations.
Please be seated.
>> The completion of a degree program is a significant
achievement that we are very proud of.
And we want to share this experience with you so please
hold the marshals and listen to directions when you come up to
the stage to be greeted.
>> Thank you, president Hellenbrand. Dr. Watkins, Dr. Rawitch, the
department chairs and I would now like to offer our personal
congratulations to the recipients of the master of
science degree.
>> Will the candidates for the master of science degree please
rise and please follow the directions of the marshals and
come forward with your name cards.
As you return to your seats, you'll receive a special token
of our appreciation. Once you return to your seat,
please remain there until the conclusion of the ceremony.
Candidates from computer science, from mechanical
engineering, manufacturing systems engineering, and
management should come forward to the ramp on your left when
directed by the marshals.
>> And candidates from electrical computer engineering
and the civil engineering and applied mechanics department should
come forward from the ramp on the right. Thank you.
[Graduate names being announced]
>> We'll now present the candidates for the Baccalaureate degree.
Will all the candidates for the Bachelor of Science degree please rise.
Interim President Hellenbrand I have the honor of presenting to you
the undergraduate class of 2012 from the College of Engineering and
Computer Science. These candidates have completed
their requirements for the degree and they have been recommended
for their degrees by the faculty of California State University Northridge.
>> Upon the recommendation of
the faculty of California State University Northridge, and by
the authority vested in me by the Board of Trustees, I hereby
confer upon you the degree of bachelor of science with all the
rights, honors and responsibilities pertaining
thereto. Congratulations and please be seated.
>> Dr. Watkins, the department chairs and I would now like to
offer our congratulations to the recipients of the bachelor of
science degree. We invite the candidates for the
bachelors of science degree to come forward to the stage.
Please follow the directions of the marshals and come forward
with your name cards. As you return to your seats,
once again, you'll receive a special token of our
appreciation. Once you return to your seat, we
please ask that you remain seated until the conclusion of
the ceremony. Candidates from computer
science, mechanical engineering and from manufacturing systems
engineering and management should come forward to the ramp
on the left and candidates from the electrical and computer
engineering and civil engineering and applied
mechanics should come forward to the ramp on your right when
directed by the marshals.
>> Presenting the candidates for the degree of bachelor of
science in computer science and degree of bachelor of science in
computer information technology, please have your name cards
ready and proceed across the stage as your name is read.
Presenting the candidates for the degree of bachelor of science
in electrical engineering and the degree of bachelor of science
in computer engineering
[Graduate names being announced]
>> Now for the moment in the ceremony. Will all recipients for the
bachelor of science degree please rise.
The placement of the tassel of the mortarboard
is an established part of the academic tradition.
The student who has not yet earned a degree wears the tassel
on the right side. When the degree is conferred
the scholar moves the tassel to the left side and joins a select
company of highly educated men and women.
Will all the recipients of the Baccalaureate degree
please move your tassels to the left.
Congratulations. Please be seated.
>> Today's graduation marks your entry into the alumni association.
So here this afternoon to welcome you into the Cal State Northridge
alumni association is our alumnus Kunal Chitre or KC as I know him
KC's a dual masters degree graduate from CSUN
having earned his masters degree in electrical engineering
and engineering management respectively.
He now works for Digital Energy and he's especially
interested in industrial design and has been working with the
college to develop the project website for our AIMS squared program
under the recent United States Department of Education grant.
Without further ado let me introduce to you Mr. Kunal Chitre.
>> Thank you, dean Ramesh. On behalf of over 200,000 alumni
and under the authority of the board of directors of the
Cal State Northridge alumni association, I'm pleased to
formally welcome you as alumni of our great university.
This is your day. You have worked long and hard
to reach this moment. We're honored to join with you,
your family and friends to celebrate the joy of your
achievement. The word commencement is defined
as the time of a beginning. In that context, this ceremony
marks the beginning of a new and enduring relationship between
you and Cal State Northridge. With this, it is my pleasure to
inform you that you may add the title of alumnus or alumna
to your name as you can now become proud members of
the Cal State Northridge association.
>> Thank you Kunal.
Graduates, you have just joined the distinguished group of
alumni of the College of Engineering and Computer Science
at California State University Northridge.
We're really proud of your achievements and the recognition
that you brought, your education positions you to uniquely lead the
way and address the emerging challenges that we face in the world today.
As graduates from this college, you will design, solve, arrange,
model, build and test for the real beneficiaries, which is the
world and everything in the world.
Indeed, as the national academies of engineering noted,
no profession unleashes the spirit of innovation like ours.
Few have such a direct and positive impact on people's
every day lives. We are counting on engineers and
their imaginations to help us meet the needs of the 21st century
Our message to you today is very simple.
Start by doing what is possible what is necessary -- excuse me
then do what is possible and soon
you'll find yourself doing the impossible.
Be bold, be brave and don't be afraid to dream.
And remember, the best way to predict the future
is to create it. Congratulations.
Thank you.
At this time I'd like to recognize the parents, grandparents,
spouses, children, families and friends of the graduates.
You have supported your graduates financially and emotionally
throughout their college careers.
Please join me in expressing our
appreciation for this wonderful group.
Thank you.
Also at this time I would like to thank our
university jazz "A" band under the direction of
professor Matt Harris and our singer Ameena Khawhaja
for the talent they have brought to our celebration.
>> I would also like to thank all members of the campus
community including the commencement and honors
convocation committee, department faculty, staff and
students who worked very hard for the last year to make
today's ceremony a great success.
Would you please join me in expressing your appreciation
for the wonderful work this team has done.
Before we officially close the ceremony, I ask that all
students rise for the university alma mater, hail to the matadors
under the musical direction of professor Matt Harris, the Jazz
"A" Band and performed by Ms. Ameena Khawhaja.
After the alma mater is concluded
please remain by your seats
until the platform party and faculty have recessed.
We ask that all parents and guests please remain seated
until the end of the recessional, immediately
following the ceremony, the college of engineering and
computer science will be hosting a reception for our graduates
and their guests in the Cypress Hall courtyard
which is directly south of our commencement ceremonies
and we request that all of you join us.
Without further ado, Ms. Ameena Khawhaja.
[Singing of "Hail to the Matadors"]
[School band playing]