Double Trouble - The Guild Behind-The-Scenes S5 Ep 8

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FELICIA DAY: So the story of the epic journey
of Leslie, the extra.
KIM EVEY: All of a sudden I was told that the twins that
we had coming in were not available because
they were in Arizona.
FELICIA DAY: And we're like, what?

But they promised us they would be on the road by 6:00
AM and get to set by 2:00.
KIM EVEY: The night before, Felicia said, well at least
call in some stand-ins.
SEAN BECKER: This is Tink's scene with her family for the
first time.
And these are stand-ins for the twins who
have not arrived yet.
LESLIE CRYSTAL: I responded to the casting call for extras
for Cosplay extras.
Hi, I'm Leslie Crystal.
And I am a [INAUDIBLE].
The Guild--
I actually--
I think I was on YouTube doing something incredibly nerdy,
like looking up how to do a raid.
And then I just somehow ended up searching guild.
And I came across The Guild.
And I loved it.
I come in, and I was so excited that I was going to
get to see a scene with Vince.
And I get told to come back on Monday.
And I also was told I would be standing in for these twins
that would be late.
KIM EVEY: Finally get a call from the agent.
FELICIA DAY: They're going to be there at 6:00.
KIM EVEY: We don't have the luxury of
saying, you know what?
Let's just wait for them.
We'll shoot tomorrow.
We don't have any money to shoot tomorrow.
FELICIA DAY: I took with great relish, fire them.
KIM EVEY: So it's just a matter of OK, how do we make
it work right now?
LESLIE CRYSTAL: I noticed something is wrong.
But I'm so consumed with the fact that I'm there that I'm
not really paying attention.
Then they start looking at me.
And you get so nervous when they start looking at you and
you don't know what they're saying.
FELICIA DAY: And I was like, Sean, can we
double her in camera?
SEAN BECKER: We're under pressure.
We're behind at this point.
We're trying to make do with our day.
Let's complicate this even further, shall we?
But it was weird, because when the idea came up--
FELICIA DAY: He started getting excited.
He's like, yes.
LESLIE CRYSTAL: I get called outside.
At first I thought I was in trouble.
And then Felicia turns to me and says--
FELICIA DAY: Leslie, are you available this day,
this day, this day?
FELICIA DAY: Guess what?
You're Tara and Lara.
LESLIE CRYSTAL: Everybody wishes that.
But that doesn't happen.
KIM EVEY: OK, so I didn't know until two seconds ago that
Leslie's not even an actor, that she was just a super fan.
LESLIE CRYSTAL: I did maybe a high school play or something.
But I've never done this before.
And, of course, I'm freaking out.
Then all of a sudden, Felicia comes and grabs me.
It hit me a little bit then.
I was like, oh crap.
I have to do this.
But she actually helped me through the lines and started
kind of carrying me through it.
I felt like I had this person who was very prepared just
kind of ease me into it.
So it didn't feel like, boom, you're there.
Even though it was like that.
FELICIA DAY: Having everybody touching her or doing her hair
and her makeup and being thrown in.
And it's like, oh, raise the bottle just so.
Don't move the bottle ever again, because we have to use
that shot and just being able to go with that.
So the only thing I can do, being sympathetic to her, is
support her the best.
So that's where Lady Gaga wig came in.
LESLIE CRYSTAL: There still needs to be a stand-in because
I need to make eye contact.
And of all people, Felicia Day is the person to do it.
She grabs this Lady Gaga wig.
And she's there in my sweater.
And we're looking at each other and doing the twin
giggle thing.
It was so much fun.
FELICIA DAY: It's not my best look.
Not only did Leslie, not being an actress, have to learn
lines, learn cues.
SEAN BECKER: You can't cross this line.
You can't cross that line.
You're going to look over to the side here.
At this moment, you have to take this
glass and put it here.
We couldn't have made it more complicated for her or for us.
But in the end, thank God, it all worked out.
FELICIA DAY: I have to say that I admire her so much,
because had I been thrown into this morass--
I think that it's just amazing how she adapted and really
rose to the challenge in a way that didn't freak out like I
know I would in her position.
LESLIE CRYSTAL: It's been so exciting.
And it's been really challenging, because this is
something that I don't--
I mean, I'm not an actress.
So I was very excited to even be able to be a part of it.
Oh my gosh, I think it still hasn't even sunk in.
A part of-- yeah, I still think that they're playing a
trick on me.
I don't know.
Is it happening?
I don't know.
I still don't know.
I think I'm waiting for--
it hasn't hit me.