Kay Goss: Childhood and Public Service

Uploaded by CapellaInspires on 27.05.2011

Well, I guess it was when I was eight years old and my father brought me a ballot home
from--he'd always served as an election judge and he brought me a ballot and told me to
fill it out. And then to watch TV, listen to the radio, and see if my candidates won.
He also bought me an election bulletin so that I could read about the candidates and
choose them. I probably chose the best-looking ones instead of too much substance at first
and I started thinking about what are these people going to be doing? And then I realized,
gee whiz! These people are making decisions for the whole community. And they can influence
that larger community more than anyone else in the community and I want to be one of those
people one day. So I always knew I wanted to be in public service.