Classical Vocal Training for Singers : Chest & Lung Exercises for Classical Voice Training

Uploaded by expertvillage on 09.02.2008

I'm Nina Mikhailova with Expert Village. I'm teaching about breathing techniques right
now. The next exercise is for your lungs. With an inhale you just hug yourself, like
this; and you feel like your lungs are full with air, and then you do exhale. You take a little extra breath than in previous
exercises. Very active inhale, passive exhale. So the whole body warms up and fills with
air. And I tell you one more time, if you feel dizzy, just take a deep inhale, exhale
and stop for a few seconds. And then we do together two exercises, pump and the previous
one. And you feel the air everywhere in your body, and pretty soon you will be ready to
sing or to talk, because you are already warmed up. And just a little bit for your chest,
because when you talk or when you sing the lower notes, you mostly use your chest. "Mmm",
so you do a little bit massage, massaging it with the sound, "mmm". And now you can
check the difference. So, you can try to do all those three exercises, with the massaging,
and you'll feel the much deeper sound, when you just started. It means that your body
is warmed up, and you are ready to project your voice.