Internet Censorship Secret Planning Meeting

Uploaded by VortexTech on 28.05.2011

Come in number two.
We will discuss your project to censor search engines later. Please give me your reports
on progress to eliminate free speech on the Internet with the cooperation of your respective
governments and organizations. Number seven,
agent for the RIAA and MPAA, please report.
Thanks to our continuing financial support of the U.S. Congress everything we could
want is in the new legislation.
We'll have all Internet users everywhere by the balls.
Excellent number seven.
Number 12,
agent for annihilation of political dissidents and free speech, report.
Everything proceeding as planned.
Anyone who attempts to speak out will be branded a purveyor of child pornography.
Well done number 12.
Number one, people are going to get upset when they realize that we've turned the Internet into a
tool of police state oppression.
People will believe what we tell them to believe.
They will willingly give up free speech in exchange for the order and discipline we will provide.
But it has come to my attention that one of you has been working with free speech activists
against us.
We shall now proceed.