Fliegende Hollander: Part 11

Uploaded by heildirgunther on 18.03.2009

Whoever you may be and whatever the doom
that cruel fate may decree for you,
whatever the lot that I bring upon myself,
I will always be obedient to my father.
What, so unquestioningly?
Could you be filled with such deep compassion for my sorrows?
Oh, what sorrows!
Could I bring you comfort!
How sweet a sound in my night of tumult!
You are an angel!
An angel's love can comfort even lost souls.
If I may still hope for redemption,
O Eternal One, let it be through her!
Ah, if he may still hope for redemption,
O Eternal One, let it be through me!
Oh, could you know the fate
that awaits you with me,
the sacrifice you bring me
when you swear to be true would daunt you.
Your youth would flee, shuddering,
from the lot you would bring upon yourself,
if you did not keep your vow
of woman's highest virtue, true constancy!
Well I know woman's sacred duties.
Therefore take comfort, hapless man!
Let fate condemn one
who can defy its decree!
In the purity of my heart
I know the high demands of fidelity.
To him to whom I vow it I pledge it wholly,
fidelity till death!
-This vow, this solemn promise, -Some mighty magic fires me
-pours a holy balsam on my wounds. -and sends me forth to save him.
-Hear, ye powers! I found my salvation, -Here may he find a home,
-which you withheld from me! -here may his ship rest in safe haven!
Hear, ye powers!
I have found my salvation!
What is this power I feel within me?
Star of misfortune, you shall wane.
What enchantment is locked in my bosom?
Light of hope, shine anew!
-Almighty God, let this which elevates me -Ye angels, who once forsook me,
-be the strength of fidelity. -strengthen her heart and keep her true!
Forgive me!
My people will stay outside no longer.
Each time we return home, you know, there is a feast.
I would enhance it,
therefore I come to ask
if it can be combined with a betrothal?
I think you've wooed her to your heart's content?
Senta, my child, do you too consent?
-Here is my hand! And without regret -She gives her hand!
I plight my troth till death!
Powers of hell, through her troth I defy you!