TaylorMade R11 Iron Set Review

Uploaded by GlobalValueCommerce on 29.07.2011

Hey, Ashley Young, PGA Professional here at GlobalGolf.com. We're real excited about the new launch of the
TaylorMade R11 irons. You know the R11 series of clubs this year has
been tremendous, the response has been really well received by the customer
base. And let's take a closer look at the new R11 iron from TaylorMade.
Okay, taking a look at the R11 iron
aesthetically, really a nice-looking iron to look at. You know, the
pop of white that they put in here goes with
this year's color theme with the R11 being white. Also, some little pops of red you
see here
in the weight port.
Aesthetically, a very nice-looking golf club with a chrome finish.
Okay, looking at some of the features and benefits
on the new R11. You know, TaylorMade has really
meshed two their popular current irons to make this iron--
the Burner 2.0 and the current Tour-Preferred series of irons.
First and foremost, the Tour-Preferred series of irons, you can see that they
incorporated the weight port here
in the bottom of the back to the iron which was as you've seen in the
Tour-Preferred series.
And this weight port allows TaylorMade engineers to
lower the center of gravity in the golf club which will help for better launch
conditions, and it helps them control
the swing weight characteristics and be a little bit more accurate.
Most manufactures have the weight port in the hosel of the golf club where you can't
And as stated earlier, TaylorMade's moved it more to the back center,
which I think is a really nice move.
The part that is similar to the Burner 2.0 series will be the face thickness.
It incorporates a really thin face.
And also, this is not seen here by just really looking at
these clubs, but the wall thickness on the toe and the heel is
just a little bit thicker than in the center so uh... TaylorMade's popular
inverted cone technology which is going to really
get the ball moving off the face
draws from that Burner series of irons.
Also some features of the R11--
I have 5 iron here on the left and a 9 iron on the right
and you can see the
sole on the longer irons (being the 5 iron here) is a little bit wider and thicker than it is on the 9
iron, and
what that's gonna allow you
to do is lower the center of gravity by having more weight
at the bottom of the club which is going to help, again, with launch conditions,
help you get the ball up in the air with the longer irons
than you would in the shorter irons. If we turn the clubs and look at
them from a playing perspective, you can see the 5 iron on the left has a slightly thicker
top-line than the 9 iron on the right.
You know, having a thicker top-line with longer irons is going to help
really with your confidence. And on the 9 iron on the right you don't
really have to have a thicker top-line. So, really a nice-looking set of irons
from top to bottom.
The R11 comes with two standard shafts-- in graphite is the Fujikura Motore shaft
and in the steel shaft is the KBS 90. Both very nice shafts for this iron.
For more information on the new R11 iron, go to GlobalGolf.com.