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My friend Mitchell is always full of creative, imaginative and innovative ideas. She's always
taking everyday objects and turning them into something, well, extraordinary, if not spectacular.
Okay, hi. Something weird happened suddenly. At one time I had a small child, and he was
small and delicate and precious, and one day he grew like into this giant oversized thing.
He's feet are bigger than mine. Who is taller than me. And his friends are all a million
feet tall. So in that little short period of overnight, he out grew all of his clothes,
seemingly at one time. I know some of you might know what I'm talking about. So I have
a big pile of too small clothes that he still likes, has sentimental attachment to, and
they're still important. So what's a girl to do? I'm going to show you how to make no-sew
throw pillows for your kid's bed. And this is a fun project to do with old T-shirts.
I'm gonna show you two ways to do it for no-sew. One is using this magic stuff: This is called
Stitch Witch, and it comes in black or white. And I think that in some places you can get
it in brown, but commonly it comes in black or white. And this is a fusible web, basically
it's glue. And I'll show you how to use it in a minute. And then we're also gonna -- I'll
show you how to use this, which is fabric glue. Which is also easy, ideal. So for this
one, we're gonna put his favorite sport's player onto an existing throw pillow. This
logo, I wanna use as much as of this logo as I can on here. So I get a pillow that's
around that right size. And I wanna go bigger than the pillow. And I'm just gonna cut out
this shirt. And I'm doing it about an inch and a half wider. Does not have to be exact
because this is a pillow we're sticking in here. And then right here where the sleeves
come down, we wanna go at the most inner part of the sleeve and cut. So I'm gonna cut up
like this all the way as high as we can go to that hat in there. And then across the
top. This is super easy. Okay, so, this is one way for a logos shirt. I'm gonna show
you how to do a rugby shirt. I've already cut off the bottom on a rugby shirt you wanna
go right underneath the armpits on either side. And this, we only have to do two sides
of. And then I cut off the bottom. And this will fit this other one. So you wanna turn
it all inside out. And I'm gonna flip this one inside out as well. Now, I'm gonna press
it super quick. Okay, so for this one let's do the Mighty Mend-It -- this is fabric glue
and it will bond forever, and this will be washable as well. So I'm just gonna go along
and run a thin, thin line. And this is real, real gummy, as you can see, it's pulling up.
You go right along the edge and you wanna do a thin, thin line. You do not need a lot
of this at all. And I'm gonna just run it along three sides. You don't want any openings.
But, you also do not want tons of glue. Go down here to there. But since I've got a whole
pillow that I'm putting in, I'm not just stuffing it, I'm wanna go ahead -- I'm only gonna go
to here. You need to leave it open so you can fit the pillow in there. Okay, now I lay
this guy down, face down, and line it up. Now I'm gonna mash that down. Okay, meanwhile,
let's do this one. Now this one, I'm gonna go ahead and do three sides of it so we don't
have a lot of extra space. So I'm leaving about an inch on the outside. Now, because
this is stripes, we wanna line the stripes up as well as we can even though it's stretchy
fabric. Okay, so, I'm pressing this out as well as I can, just real super quick. This
project should not take more than 10 minutes, ever. All I'm doing is I'm lining this up
along the edge. And that'll just lay right there -- it sticks, ya'll. It's so easy. It's
not gonna slip and slide. You don't have to be careful. You just pull it to where you
need it to be. Now here's where I'm gong to be careful that it doesn't get all uneven
or anything. I'm gonna line my lines up with each other. I'm gonna hold this done and I'm
gonna count to like 5 -- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 -- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. This is the highest setting that
this iron is on. Now I'm gonna let it cool a minute because you can definitely pull it
up at this point. If you're checking it, it'll rip right up at this point. You can just check.
Let it cool for a minute. Just check it, make sure you can go back over it again. You don't
wanna go over it too long because it'll melt. What you wanna do is cut each corner, just
the little square off the corner so you don't get that bunch when you turn it in. So let's
turn this one inside out. And see, you cannot tell -- it just looks like a side. And I'm
gonna push my finger into this corner. Then we slip our pillow in. Look at this. Now,
to close it up -- this is the trick -- push it down in there like this, and then just
do a fold under. And all you have to do is kind of iron it across like this. And then
fold that much in on this side. We're just creating crease real quick. Now you just wanna
make sure it's tucked under, that's all that really matters. Now the closure is just a
little bit more tricky. But, this is the most difficult part of this, which is not difficult
at all. We've got that folded under and everything. So we're gonna shove that down there as far
as we can. Then I'm gonna take some Stitch Witch. Rip it. I'm just gonna run it right
here. Now it's important to fold it under. This, I'm gonna be a little bit more -- I've
gotta guide it a little bit, just as far as my fingers will go that's comfortable for
me. Then start it. And I wanna hold my iron on it a little bit longer at this point because
there's so much fabric to go through. So it'll get hot. So I'm gonna wait. I'm gonna count
to about to about 15, 20 seconds. And just pulling these together. And I am being careful
that these line up. It is kind of easy to get them uneven. And you wanna just -- but
it only takes a little bit of effort to make them even. Okay, so I'm gonna let this cool
now. We do the same thing with this one. We just turn it inside out, put the pillow in
and glue it shut. Alright, and then I'm just closing this up like so. Tuck it in. Ta-dah!
Look at this. So we'll go straighten it out. Once this dries real good in about 15 minutes,
I'll tug on it a little bit like you do a normal T-shirt, and then it'll be great and
done. And this should be done. This one's done too. Tug on it a little bit. Make sure
all your seams are on right. And there we got a couple of throw pillows. Let's go see
how they look. So look how great these look. Of course, as always, I made these with stuff
I already had laying around that you probably do too.