Baking with Chips from HERSHEY'S Kitchens

Uploaded by HersheysKitchens on 30.01.2012

[ Music ] [ Background Music ] >> Hi, I'm Linda Stahl with HERSHEY's kitchens. Today,
we're going to be talking about baking tips and how you can
use them in your recipes. You know, when you think about baking
with chips, you think of the chocolate ones. Your milk chocolate chips are the semisweet
chips. But let's think out the box a little bit today. One of our
most popular chips is the Reese's peanut butter chips. You get a
punch of peanut butter in every bite and you're going to absolutely love them in the Reese's
chewy chocolate cookie. Then we've got English Toffee or Bits
'o Brickle. One has the chocolate and the other one is just a plain inside of the traditional
health candy bar. You will find that either version is absolutely wonderful in this all
American brownie. Another one to try that you don't often think off is the cinnamon
chip. That's great in your pastries, your bread, anywhere where you would
like to have a touch of cinnamon. Try throwing in just a few
cinnamon chips and I think you'll like the results. Here we have Cinnamon Chip Biscotti,
and the flavor that you don't often think of is the butterscotch
chip. Try these the next time in your blondies recipe, they're
absolutely wonderful. So to spark your creativity, go to so you can get
these recipes and a lot of other ones to try. Happy baking!
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