How to remove window pivot shoes

Uploaded by SWISCOdotcom on 06.04.2012

Hey, it's Mike from
and today I'm going to show you how to remove your pivot shoes from your vinyl windows
For this exercise you will need a Flathead screwdriver
and some of you may need Jamb Spreaders, which are the Swisco 75-069
and are available online at
The first step is going to be to inspect your track or jamb for existing cutouts.
Cutouts are there to allow you to remove the pivot shoe from the track.
Now be sure to remove any window stops or track covers to expose your cutouts.
If you do notice you have a cutout you can use a Flathead screwdriver
to remove the pivot shoe from the track.
Two locations to look for cutouts is in the top corner for the lower sash
and the bottom corner for the upper sash.
Now, if you notice you don't have a cutout in your window track
you can use a pair of Swisco 75-069 Jamb Spreaders.
Now the Jamb Spreaders allow you to create a vinyl jamb pocket in the window track
to allow you to remove the pivot shoes without having to cut into the track.
Now to use the Jamb Spreaders, make sure they're closed enough
to where it allows you to put it in the track.
And tighten it up so it doesn't move anywhere.
Now, I recommend putting the Jamb Spreaders an inch away from the pivot shoe on either side.
Now, once they're in place, slowly spread them apart
simultaneously so you don't put stress on one end at a time.
And gradually use your Flathead screwdriver to give it a test to see if you can remove it.
If you don't, you can go ahead and spread them apart a little bit more.
And then close them just as you opened them - simultaneously.
As always, thank you for watching!
If you have any questions on removing your pivot shoes, using Jamb Spreaders or any other hardware
please be sure to visit us online at