F.T Island - New Year Dumpling Game [ENG SUB]

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Thank you
Let me do a little report. They are really quite exaggerated, because
we actually came here to rehearse yesterday
and we heard that some have already been waiting here since 12 midnight yesterday
'You Are Beautiful' yo~
Wow, too scary!
- N..No way! Kenji Wu just brought a hundred over people here - Yes
And they brought 10,000 people here!
Okay coming up next, this group of guests..
All of you are bad women yo~
So powerful!
Do all of you 'Love Love Love' them yo~
Ladies and gentlemen... Applause!
F.T Island!!!
Wow, handsome!
Crazy, already gone crazy..
- So handsome! - Handsome yo~
- Let's greet everyone first, alright?
Hello everyone, we are F.T Island!
Introduce yourselves one by one
I am Choi Jong Hun, hello everyone!
- He's speaking mandarin! - Choi Jong Hun, the leader
Okay, next up, the 2nd one...
Hello everyone, I am Lee Hong Ki
- Lee Hong Ki, main vocalist - Main vocalist, main vocalist.. Lee Hong Ki, hello
- Hello everyone, I am Choi Min Hwan - Choi Min Hwan, drummer, and next..
- Hello everyone, I am Lee Jae Jin - Lee Jae Jin, bassist
- Hello everyone, I am Song Seung Hyun - Song Seung Hyun, guitarist and vocalist!
- Hello, I am Na Dou yo~ - Who are you!?
- Trying to wear a white suit to fit in here, shocking yo~ - Precisely, it's the same!
Heard that they are very caring. They have learnt some new year's auspicious sayings in mandarin
Let's listen to it
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! Wow, so accurate
Too accurate..
I would like to ask, what kind of different customs are there during Korean's new year?
- Wow, that's so interesting! - You understand it?! What's the meaning..
- Please translate. - You want to know? Let's translate that and you'll know..
The first point is, they have to drink rice cake soup
The second point is, they must pay a new year's visit to the elders..
The third point is, they have to get the lucky money.
- Oh, that's very similar to us - Yeah, that's so interesting
- Wow, you understood it all - Yes... majoring in Korean language
Here, we also want to introduce to F.T Island,
- during the lunar new year, the Chinese will eat ingot dumplings, right? - Yes
to symbolize fortune flowing to you
therefore we've prepared the Juan Cun dumplings today.
- It's not just eating the dumplings, right? - How should we play this, Na Dou?
We have 10 dumplings in each plate, and the most important point is one of these has a coin wrapped inside
to symbolize the meaning of gold ingot
Hold on... I noticed this main vocalist is very crafty
he has already used the chopsticks to poke open the skin to see which one has the ingot
- Not yet, not yet! Hold on.. - Wait a moment yo~
- Chotto, chotto... (Wait) - Chotto is in Japanese!
Okay! Whoever gets to eat the one with the coin inside first, we'll give him the red packet!
Sure, 1, 2, 3, okay!
- Start! - Please eat
- Let's see, which one - You have to eat
- You have to eat it in your mouth to be counted - Is there?
- Who ate it? There is!
- Guitarist Seung Hyun! - So fast!?
- Really? Where is it? - Take it out and show it to us
Spit it out, let's have a look
- It's real! Gong Xi Fa Cai! - Gong Xi Fa Cai! Cai Yuan Guang Jin (May plentiful fortune flow to you)
- Is there any from the rest of the members? - Did you eat it?
Look at vocalist, Hong Ki, his mouth is already like this
- Did you eat it? - It's already full
Whoa, how can (you) still look handsome while eating like this?
- The mouth is completely filled but (he's) still handsome! - The luckiest one is Seung Hyun
- Jae Jin did you eat it? - Did you? Did the rest eat it?
You eat really slowly yo~ The mouth is so small, so cute yo~
- They have already eaten until they are going to vomit soon - He's so lucky, he only ate the first one
Okay, it's fine, it's okay.. This is so tough, please applaud yo~
- Here, our red packets.. Tao Zi please pass it to them - Just now...
Eh? Who ate it?
What, what is he saying...
Using force!
Little rascal....
- So active... - Here, congrats
- The first one ate it so I'm giving two.. - Thank you
- Anyone else wants the red packet? - Is there?
- Here, good.. - There's really money inside.. definitely
Whoa! Real money!!!
- Give him again, again
- He's so high - Is he too over contented?
- Wow, this stage is so wonderful - Yes..
Okay, everyone has one too..
- [auspicious saying....]
...Hey, you're still eating?
Here... Gong Xi Fa Cai
- Look at this, endless counting of money.. - Let's give applause to thank F.T Island
- Thank you - Because the mouth is oily yo~
so they have to go back and clean it, change clothes, and then perform again okay?
- There's more amazing performances later!
Let's all scream, F.T Island, Sarang haeyo!
- F.T Island, Sarang haeyo! - I LOVE YOU TOO!
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