Panasonic debuts first consumer 3D camcorders

Uploaded by networkworld on 27.07.2010

Panasonic has unveiled its first two consumer camcorders capable of recording video in 3D.
They look like regular video cameras and can record conventional 2D images, but by adding
a lens adapter, they can capture in 3D.
The adapter has two small lenses that each see a slightly different image. These right-eye
and left-eye images are recorded side-by-side and are what's needed to create a video image
with the illusion of depth.
The side-by-side recording method does result in some quality loss. In 2D mode the camera
records a full high-definition image at 1,920 pixels by 1,080 pixels, but in 3D mode each
image takes up half a frame so the recording resolution drops to 960 pixels by 1,080 pixels.
Video recorded on the camcorders can be viewed on a 3D television, where it's expanded to
compensate for the side-by-side recording method and take up the entire screen.
The lens adapter will be available as an option in Japan, but in other markets it will come
bundled with the camcorder.
Panasonic is offering two models in Japan from August 20. Overseas there's only one
model and it will be available from October.
In the US the camera and lens bundle will cost US$1,400.
The launch of the two camcorders makes Panasonic the first major digital camera maker to offer
a 3D-capable camcorder.
Panasonic and other major consumer electronics makers have been pushing 3D televisions in
the last few months as the first professional 3D content begins to appear on Blu-ray Disc
and via television networks.
The next target for Panasonic and its competitors is products that allow consumers to create
their own 3D content.
In Tokyo this is Martyn Williams, IDG News Service.