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Hi. My name is Catherine J. H. Miller and I am a Portland, Oregon based artist who is
legally blind.
Today I'd like to ask for your support through Kickstarter and tell you about my wonderful project.
My project is a universally designed book and exhibition
featuring the works of twenty-eight artists, performing artists, and writers with and without
where I'll be discussing the intersection of contemporary art and disability.
My name is Lisa Voltolina I am the Administrative Coordinator for
the Oregon Office on Disability and Health, also known as OODH,
at Oregon Health and Science University. As a representative of OODH, I will be the Copy Editor for the book.
The aspect of this project that
I'm most proud of
is that it's going to bring together people that have disabilities
and people who
don't have disabilities and we are all going to be talking
about our living experiences.
and I think that's really important
to give people an opportunity
to talk about something
that really isn't
very often
acceptable in every day conversation. I think that the art that is going to come from this,
whether it's visual, or performing, or literary,
is really going to
open up a conversation. Every aspect of this project is universally designed.
I've brought together an amazing group of people. Even our Performing Arts Curator is giving
to the project in a way to make it that much more accessible and inclusive.
We are producing an audio book which she will be doing the
audio description for.
I'm Alyson Osborn, the Performing Arts Curator and Audio Describer for the book.
Audio Description is the term used for the writing and narrating of verbal descriptions to accompany any visual medium
so that the blind and visually impaired
can see in their mind's eye
what's happening, either on the stage or on the page or in the film.
My name is Zaneta Taylor and I am the Graphic Designer on the project
A Somewhat Secret Place: Disability and Art.
Basically, as Graphic Designer, I am working on the production of the book under the art direction
of Catherine Miller and
what I'm really excited about with this project is that the book is
You haven't really seen
a book that goes about
disability art in this way where it's not just
for people
of disability, but it's supposed to be accessible for everyone.
In the design world,
we talk a lot about how things are supposed to be
inclusive and you hear words like universal,
but I think this
is truly the first time that something
is going to be universal because
all of our funding is coming from the public,
which allows us to produce a book that is affordable. In addition to the measures
that we have for the exhibition space and the book to have been universally designed
and inclusive of all sorts of people
we've also made it so our application process is inclusive
so we can receive the best
artists with the best art.
We believe application assistance should be
available to every
person, not just people with disabilities.
My name is Heather Birdsong and I am the
Applications Assistant and Gallery Coordinator.
Applications Assistance is something where I will be helping people
with and without disabilities complete and fill out and properly turn in their applications for this.
I will be assisting in any capacity that anybody needs. We are making an effort to reach out to the community
and invite nonprofits all through Oregon
to come to our exhibition space
and partner with us and produce their own events. Already we have Write Around Portland
committed to doing a writing workshop of 80 people.
I'm Sara Guest and I am the Program Coordinator
with Write Around Portland.
We are going to be hosting the writing workshop that will kick off the first day of the exhibition.
I see a lot of the
community of folks living with disabilities
doing projects just
designed for that population and I see a lot of art
coming from the population of folks that do not live
with disabilities, and I don't see them
overlapping that much.
I think
writing about anything deepens our understanding of people.
Your pledges today will not only go to general
gallery operations, such as signage and lighting
and our artist stipends,
but it will also go to staffing the gallery. How we're doing that is we are going
to have an intern
through Incight
who will receive a scholarship
for meaningful work experience in the gallery.
My name is Keith Ozols and I am the Executive Director of Incight. We're a nonprofit that
works with people with disabilities we connect them to employment opportunities, to
opportunities in education.
We provide the students and people we work with with disabilities to work opportunities.
We get them internships, job shadows, and
this is actually going to be a great resource for somebody who is really interested in art
to work the gallery and be able to support this project.
It's a project that's
real in terms of being able to provide a voice to artists but it's also real in the sense that it's
going to be employing people with disabilities.
My name is Beth Omansky
and I am going to be working on the
back cover copy of the book.
A Somewhat Secret Place:
Disability and Art
is revolutionary
in its idea that
it is going to bring
two worlds together that have not come together before.
I'm Helen Healy and
I'm the Literary Curator on this project.
Why I think this is very important
is this is an opportunity for many people
to come together and experience the world through different peoples' eyes.
You can pledge your support today through Kickstarter or go onto our blog; find out more about us.