World of Tanks Tutorial - The Tank Destroyer (German Audio, English subtitles)

Uploaded by Lexandro22 on 31.07.2011

Hello and Welcome to another World of Tanks Tutorial Video.
The following Episode, is about the Tank Destroyer.
His strong points, weaknesses and battle tasks.
To its benefits count its long range and accuracy as well as the high pentration and damage its weapon can inflict.
And, good camouflage ratings.
Therefor the Tank Destroyers can not endure much damage and since they often dont have a turret...
...the Tank Destroyers are vulnerable for attacks from the side and back.
As a result, the Tank Destroyer should avoid close combat confrontations.
These pros and cons, make the Tank Destroyer downright to a sniper in World of Tanks.
It can pick off targets from long range out of save cover and is therefore an exellent defender and can support his team from ambush.
Now we jump into a battle on the map "Malinovka".
I am on the way with a tier 3 tank destroyer, the german "Marder II". (Name translates to "marten two")
I will deploy on the left flank behind a bush. My objective is to intercept rushing scouts...
... and to take enemys under fire, that get scoutet on long distance.
If you use a bush as cover, it is most important, that no part of your tank sticks out in front of the bush.
This is necesarry, to avoid getting scoutet despite the cover.
When we open fire we negate the cover, but we can secure getting the first shot to surprise our enemy.
Left of our position, a german tier 4 Hetzer (Translates to agitator) has gone into position...
...and the first enemys are getting scoutet. So we start firing.
Indeed we negate the cover through firing, but thanks to our high carmouflage rating and the long distance between...
us and the enemy we are still unsighted.
And so we are already able to shoot down the first enemy from save distance.
We push the enemy backwards, deeper into their cover.
Since we are well positioned it is impossible for the enemy to charge.
If the enemy would attack despite that fact, they would suffer heavy losses due to our firepower.
Therefore the enemy uses their cover for now and wait.
We change our position to get a wider field of fire.
After we found new cover, I go with my camera around my tank to check if I stand correctly.
When only a white outline is visible, I know that my tank is covered completly by the bush.
Note: When you are moving with your tank, the external view is usefull to gain a good overview.
This way you can avoid colisions with your teammate and perceive enemys faster.
When you are going to shoot, you should choose the ego perspective.
In this perspective you can measure up the enemy position in relation to the terrain much better...
...and you can aim much better.
After a short while of waiting, new enemys are getting spotted and we open fire again.
If you want to hit a moving enemy, you should not rely on the auto aim.
It is better you aim by yourself and hold the aiming sight a bit in front of the target.
In this shown situation, I was lucky to hit the enemy tracks.
This way he was imobilized and fell victim to our next shot.
We made a little cut and are now located in "Himmelsdorf" with the russian tier 6 tank destroyer "SU-100".
While we had a lot of bushes in "Malinovka" that could protect us from the enemy sight...
...we are now in a very different battle situation.
In general we can differentiate cover in two types.
Soft cover, like bushes, trees, wooden fences etc, can only protect you from the enemys sight.
When you get scoutet regardless, you can be shot without any protection from this cover.
The other kind of cover, is hard cover. Suchlike that cannot be penetrated by the enemy guns.
Like solid rocks and massive brickwork.
Since we cannot hide from the enemys view, we have to use hard cover ti shield us against enemy fire.
As you can see I stay close to the wall. This way I can retreat backwards to avoid enemy fire....
...until I reloaded.
To prevent beeing hit, you should pay attention to the time the enemy is fireing.
After the enemy fired his gun is the best oportunity to come out of your cover and shoot.
Here I have to take a hit, because I didn't take this to heart and came out while the enemy was aiming and waiting.
With united forces we were able to hold the lane and destroy our enemys.
While my teammates advance, the enemy was able to break through the other flank.
Therefore I decide to stay back and help with the base defence.
This time I use the rubble and boulders as cover.
Those covers a part of my tank and reduces the area where I can be hit.
The enemy has to aim more precise and the probability for a miss is much higher.
Had both shots hit me my tank would have been destroyed.
But thanks to the use of cover my tank is still intact to fight on.
Because I show only a small area to hit makes my opponents use more time to aim.
Another benefit of cover, that made this kill possible.
If my enemy had a free field of fire, he sure would have shot me down.
While this battle in "Himmelsdorf" comes to a conclusion...
.... I want to summarize:
The usage of cover, be it hard or soft cover, is important for every tank.
...however the tank destroyer profits the most since he can not take a lot of hits.
If the Tank Destroyer stays alive, he can provide exellent firepower and penetration for his team and inflict a lot of damage to the enemy.
Cockiness however, often leads to a abrupt end.
With this I will end my Tutorial Video with the subject Tank Destoyer and I hope you liked it.
In this sense.... Styregar - over and out.