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I am going to show you and reveal to you very very important, crucial and critical elements
of bearing once you get this concept you will forever be comforted in bearings and here
is the concept I am going to show and share with you first. Right here this diagram displayed
here I am going to show you random angle first and we are going to there concept so let us
take a closer look. First of all as you can see we got the north, east, south west situation
happening, now here we have a random angle 30 degrees from the eastern vast, so you can
see this eastern vast going up here 30 degrees so that is kind a random and then over here
we got a 180 by down the bottom which is the opposite north down south we got 19degrees
sweeping across here and then finally we have here from the north part backwards anti-clockwise
32degrees our mission transform them into beautiful bearings . now what is that 1 concept,
the 1 concept is always begin at north and go clockwise , always begin at north and go
clockwise because nothing happens in bearings without north, nothing happens in bearing
without north. Here is our north we are going to take the first 1, we are going to get the
bearing right there O A, from O to A bearing, first bearing. Second bearing, from north
clockwise sweeping all the way across to 90degrees, from north that way from O to B and then finally
starting at north all the way around almost a revolution which is 360degrees going back
here by 32degrees. Let us go through this, now remember, the concept is no bearing can
happen without north, so let us sweep it through and do them all one at a time.
The first one is right here, we want to get the bearing here so let me mark out the bearing
so you can see it visually – there is our first bearing, ok that is what we are going
for. Now in order for us to do this I wonder whether if you can recognize and realize looking
here that this is complementary if we have 30degrees in here what is left over up here
will give us the bearing from north clockwise, yeah. so let us work this out together so,
we have bearing of A from O, bearing of A from O yeah, that is what we are looking for
that is going to be 90degrees take away 30, yup. So that is 90degrees take away 30degrees,
so the first bearing across there is a grand total of 60degrees, there is our first one.
Ok let us go for the second one, which is coming from down across there. Now the second
one is going to be clockwise remember nothing happens without north, so we are going to
go all the way around here, all the way down here, down here, down here, down here all
the way around here, all the way around there, all that is going to be the second bearing.
Now as you can see when we gone from north to south that is supplementary that is a straight
line all of that sweeps 180 degrees and as you can see here we just add the 19degrees
so let us do that now. Let us actually work that out. So for this one here is going to
be the bearing of B from O – yeah, and that is going to be let us seen all the way around
that is 180degress, 180 degrees then + the 19degrees and putting that in to your calculator
adding them up together B from O—is going to be 199degrees there is our second bearing.
And finally we have the bearing up here and going all the way around revolution and then
take away 32 gap there that is going to give us the clockwise bearing from north. So let
us have a look here, this is going to be bearing --- of--- C from O let us point that out,
C from O, yeah. and that is going to be 360degrees take away that little gap there 32 degrees
and that is going to be let me just show you the bearing is going to begin all the way
across there, across there, across there, across there, across here, across here, all
the way up to there, all the way is going to yield an answer of 360-32 and that equals
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