Boys Over Flowers aka Boys Before Flowers: Full Episode 16 (Official & HD with subtitles)

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I'm only here because your house was the closest.
Yi Jung would give me grief because of the fight we had in Macau...
And at Woo Bin's place, the girls are too loud...
What about the punch I took?
What are you going to do about that?
Uh, fine. Hit me. It'll be settled if I let you hit me once.
Hurry. Hit me.
What's going on with the engagement?
I don't know. How would I be able to predict the machinations of that Old Witch?
Engagement, my foot. And of all the girls, where'd she come up with one like her?
Did everyone.... return safely?
If you're curious about Jan Di, then yes, she made it back safely.
Did anyone say I was curious?
Hey, it's your friend's birthday and you haven't even given me a present!
Hurry up and hand it over.
What is this?
Goo Joon Pyo, happy birthday.
I'll be praying that this birthday is not a lonely one, but one filled with happiness.
Geum Jan Di
- What I said to Joonpyo in Macau...
- I know...
You only said it because you were mad at Goo Joon Pyo.
You there! Hey, you, Beef Jerky!
I was right. I'm right. The beef jerky girl in Macau, right?
Hello. How is it that you're here?
Hey. I'm your life saver but you don't seem all that happy to see me.
I'm really happy to see you.
I'm happy to see you too, but why are you here?
I came to look for someone.
- Goo JunPyo? - Oh, how do you know that?
Do you know that jerk?
Oh right. Your name is... JanDi. Geum JanDi.
Oh, Geum JanDi. Do you remember my name?
Ha JaeKyung.
Seeing that you're in a uniform, I take it that you're still a high schooler.
Junior? Senior? Senior.
I'm going to start attending ShinHwa University. That's great. Shall we be big sister/little sister?
Oh! You're cute!
From the first time I saw you, you really appealed to me, little sister, Jan Di.
Little sister JanDi?
Where is that jerk hiding?
Oh! Why is that girl here?
Oh, I found him!
You found what?
What do you mean, "What?"
My fiance, of course! You'd better let go!
Why? You don't like my greeting?
Then would you rather I bite your ear, like last time?
What is this crazy monkey saying? Why don't you just buzz off?!
I'm only going to say this once, so don't forget it. My name is Ha JaeKyung.
From today on, I am your fiancée.
You got it? And keep in mind.
Keep what in mind?
From here on, I'm going to tame you.
From today, Joon Pyo is going to be attending ShinHwa University with us.
So you're okay, then?
- About what?
- That girl.
That fiancee girl. Doesn't that fiancee bother you when she goes running after Joon Pyo sunbae?
What does that have to do with me?
And that unni (big sister) . . . Unni?
She seems like a cool person.
No, she is a cool person.
Who? Who's a cool person?
Why are you here?
Hi! I'm Ha JaeKyung. Are you JanDi's friend?
I'm also a friend of Jan Di. It's nice to meet you.
- Eh?
- Oh, so you work part-time here?
It must be fun. I've always wanted to do something like that.
Then do it!
Since you are such a universally beautiful woman, you are welcome any time.
For now, I'll just borrow my two friends today.
Chen, don't think of following me and take care of the things here.
JanDi, GaEul, you guys are going to go somewhere without me again, right?
Don't worry about the porridge restaurant and go.
You know, I've really always wanted to do stuff like this:
Gossip with my girlfriends and bad-mouth my boyfriend and get advice about dating.
You don't have any friends?
No, I don't have any friends.
Since I was young, I traveled so much to places like India, Europe, Africa.
I didn't have time to make friends.
So, what kind of style does JoonPyo like?
Ah, it's pretty.
Girly style or boyish style?
Or does he prefer a cute style?
He's too busy worrying about his own style from head to toe.
He probably won't remember what you were wearing.
The more I learn about him, the more I like him.
I like the serious type.
Tell me more about him, Jan Di.
He is second to none when it comes to disdaining others and being arrogant.
He acts like a total know-it-all, but in reality, he's ignorant.
And... if he likes something...
he ignores others' opinions and pushes his own...
just like a bulldozer.
He's really scary when he's angry, but,
but when he's being nice,
he's really sweet.
Ah, in any case, if you put childish, spoiled, whiney brat all together,
that about sums him up.
JanDi, you really know JoonPyo well.
I'm impressed. I have a favor to ask you.
What is it?
I really want to make a go of things with him.
Jan Di, from today can you be my dating coach?
I'm begging you.
That girl is an interesting character, isn't she?
That's true. She's second only to Geum Jan Di.
What's so funny?
Your fiancee. She's really funny.
Fiancee, who says she's my fiancee?
Why not? I'm in favor of it.
Compared to all the other rich and snoby girls, she's not so bad.
But, when did you guys get so intimate? I distinctly remember her saying she bit your ear.
Joon Pyo, isn't that your weak spot?
To be more exact, it's his sensitive spot.
Do you guys think this is funny?
And you call yourselves my friends...
Move aside.
Seriously, how will he handle it?
Sounds like JoonPyo's stuck in a corner and can't do anything.
It's one thing that the engagement is a business deal, but if she actually has feelings for him...
And on top of that, it's the JK Group.
If we don't do something fast, it'll only be a matter of time before Joon Pyo walks down the aisle.
You guys can take care of it.
F4's Don Juan and Casanova.
Use some of your legendary skills.
We can just go on by ourselves now.
I had a lot of fun today. And from now on, you two are Ha JaeKyung's "BFFs".
Okay? Huh?
Oh, and this. This is JanDi's.
And this is GaEul's.
What is this?
Their gifts to thank you for being my friends.
Good Night!
That Eon ni (big sister) seems a little strange.
A bit, eh?
In any case, she's not someone you can dislike easily.
Ah, it's cold.
You're back?
What's with everyone?
Is something wrong?
Is it true that Master Goo Joon Pyo got engaged?
How did you find that out?
It's true.
Ah, what can we do about this?
All this time we waited thinking "no news is good news", but...
What can we do for JanDi? What do you mean by "What can we do for JanDi"?
As if I have anything to do with him.
Did someone die?
Why shouldn't you be concerned? Until just last year, you were slated to be
the daughter-in-law of the ShinHwa Group.
What do you mean this doesn't concern you?
Wait just a second. We're really ruined.
I mean, where did this girl even come from?
This is just like the saying that the wheel that rolls in displaces the wheel that's in place.
Wait a second. We should find out what her name is and what her family does.
Wow, these are nice!
My name is Ha JaeKyung.
JanDi and I decided to be friends.
Oh no, I'm her elder sister.
Please take care of me. Ha JaeKyung?
Wow, even your name is pretty. Your face is pretty, too.
What a pretty name!
Your face is pretty too.
If you and Jan Di decided to become sisters, then we should just make you a part of the family. Shouldn't we, honey?
From now on, think of this as your home and come to visit often.
Thank you!
Then, can I sleep over tonight?
Don't you get the feeling of a deja vu from this situation?
Yeah, I kept thinking that too.
JanDi, where's your room?
It seems just like a pajama party.
I always wanted to do something like this.
This room is really cozy.
Is it?
It's really fascinating.
What is it?
Meeting JanDi and JoonPyo in Macau
Seems like fate.
You've known JoonPyo since Macau?
I guess I must have liked him since the first time I saw him.
Engagement. If it had been anybody else, I would've made a scene.
But from the moment I saw him, my heart started racing.
JanDi, have you ever felt like that?
I mean, do you have anybody you like?
Like a first love?
So you do have one. What kind of person is he?
He was a rather dull person.
A dull person?
The kind of person that made me feel dull by comparison.
He was that kind of person.
Oh, I get it. He must be someone you feel comfortable with, a really sweet person.
Goo JoonPyo is just like wine.
Wine has a great aroma. As soon as you drink it, your whole body just turns upside down.
That kind of exhilarating feeling.
Wait! You don't think he has a girl that he likes, does he?
Doesn't matter. I just need to make him like me.
It's been a really long time since there's been something that I really wanted that I had to work hard on my own to get.
Do you have something to say?
Why aren't you swimming?
I quit.
Why would a swimmer quit swimming?
None of your business.
Did you follow me just to ask that?
It's not in my nature to just let things go,
since I have to uncover what needs to be uncovered.
That engagement or whatever. It doesn't concern me.
It doesn't concern me either.
Goo Joon Pyo
You've gotten really friendly; explaining things like this to the stain you want to erase.
Over there. Your fiancee is headed this way.
Why is that monkey showing up again?
Sunbae. Could you give me a ride?
What a coincidence to see you both together like this!
JanDi and JoonPyo, I guess you two are really close.
- Oh. Who's this person?
- This is JiHoo sunbae.
Why are you introducing my friend?
Hey, monkey! This is my friend, Yoon JiHoo.
Do you like him? Looks like you know what good-looking is.
I get it.
This person's the one, right?
What? The guy JanDi likes.
Oh, unni, no that's not... this person and I...
That's great, let's go hang out, the four of us. What do you think? It's a good idea, eh?
- No. - We can't.
Eh? Why not?
Uh, I have to go someplace urgently, right now.
Unni, you two just go off and have fun.
Sunbae, let's hurry up and go.
What shall we do now?
Do? Do what?
Let's go together!
Are you working part-time here, too?
It's not a part-time job. I'm here to volunteer.
I just clean and help out here and there, but . . .
But when I'm here, I feel relaxed and I'm albe to study.
It's fascinating.
What is?
How you can do everything so diligently.
I guess I'll go inside then.
Geum Jan Di!
I can clean pretty well, too.
Pretty girl, why are you only coming now?
I had to go to school. Just a minute.
You must eat before.
Thank you.
Yes. On Sunday, be sure to come and eat here. Got that?
Grandma, let me check your temperature.
Go. Be careful.
JiHoo! JiHoo!
What? That old man's, I mean, that doctor's grandson is JiHoo sunbae?
So, Jihoo sunbae is the grandson of former President Yoon, so that grandpa is...
...former President Yoon SukYoung?
No way!
How is it they've gone on this long without seeing each other?
Going on this long without seeing each other wasn't a choice. They couldn't see each other.
What's that supposed to mean? Come on, what's your relationship to that grandpa?
JanDi, those two people, you have to help them.
Welc . . .
- GaEul, some water.
- Me too.
What's going on with you guys?
Queen Elizabeth liked this piece.. Do you like it too?
Wow! You're giving this to me?
Whether it be man or dish, we're always waiting for a woman to properly appreciate us.
Thank you. If i give this to my Leon as his water dish, he'll love it.
It's my pet lion's name.
Hey, miss.
You've got a killer style.
Why don't you have a cup of tea with us?
It's cold, don't you think?
This lady has no fear.
Stop it right now.
Who are you?
You shouldn't bother a pretty lady.
Stop fooling around and get lost.
We had dibs on her first.
It's time for children to go home.
Go home. You'll get hurt.
It's gotten a little noisy. Sorry.
Miss, Are you alright?
Thanks for helping me.
Ow . . . ouch!
Those idiots!
If that had been all, it would've been all right.
There's still more?
Don't even go there. That girl is a real monster!
♪ I want nobody..nobody but you
I've seen plenty of girls in my day, but that's the first time I've ever experienced that kind.
Then what are we going to do now?
That unni, she's close with us too.
We have no other choice but to use our last resort emergency plan.
Emergency plan?
We'll give up on the monkey girl, and worry about getting the two idiots back together.
The two idiots?
So that's why I'm saying...
GaEul, you're going to have to help us.
I was the one that killed them.
I was the one who turned him into an orphan.
It's all my fault...
Hello. What?! you and YiJung sunbae are doing what?
No, you can't. You can't, GaEul.
Why? YiJung sunbae's not a bad person.
Uh, that is... he's not bad.
He's not a bad person, but,
That person is F4's biggest...
In any case, GaEul!
It would be a good idea to really think this over.
I don't know. He said he's picking me up early tomorrow.
So I'm going to bed early, though I don't know if I'll be able to sleep.
Good night, Jandi. Bye.
So YiJung?
So YiJung.
So YiJung?
JiHoo sunbae, answer your phone! Please!
- The number you have called cannot answer... -
How are you?
No way, no way. NO WAY!
Yo! Geum JanDi, what's up?
Sunbae, Goo JoonPyo, where is Goo JoonPyo?
Goo JoonPyo!
- Ah, Sunbae! - You asked where he was, you didn't ask what he was doing.
Ahhh! What the hell's with you?
Goo JoonPyo, help me. There's big trouble!
Big trouble?
It's out of my control.
I don't have any money or a car.
What if something happens?
Something happens? What will happen?
What happens if they end up at a hotel?
Geum Jandi, I know you've gotten a shock because of that Monkey, but...
Why are you doing things you don't usually do?
YiJung sunbae says he's going on a date with GaEul.
Now that I think about it, YiJung did mention a girl he was stuck on.
I wonder how long GaEul will last?
Two days? No, it may only take him one day to finish her off.
O... One day?
Geum JanDi, don't you know what YiJung's nickname is? "5 second Kill."
"5 seconds Kill?"
One. .
No way... No way!!!
Has YiJung taken drugs?
To date GaEul . . .
What is that supposed to mean?
Honestly speaking, GaEul isn't YiJung's type.
YiJung never dates anyone unless theis body is better than LeeHyori and their face is better than Kim TaeHee.
With GaEul?
Leave them in an empty room together for 3 nights and 4 days.
See if anything happens.
No, he actually said
that something about GaEul was really cute.
See! Now what are we going to do?
What are we going to do?
So, what do you want me to do?
Come here.
Give me your ear.
- I don't know.
- Why?
Oh. He's here.
Are you ready?
- Yes.
- You and I are both suffering because of our idiot friends.
Do you think we can pull it off without getting caught?
Don't worry. Just follow my lead.
We've already done this acting thing together once before.
Hey. Get down!
Don't be nervous.
Hey, start the car. Fast, fast! Start.
Ah! Really!
Let's go.
Grandfather probably still hates me.
All the people I love always end up leaving me behind.
I tried to live as though I didn't need anyone, but...
I keep wanting to hold on to everyone.
What should I do?
It's been hard, hasn't it?
No, it's been fun.
Who wouldn't mistake him for a player?
YiJung Sunbae's ridiculous.
So would you rather he didn't care
whether she froze to death or not?
Well, no, it's not that.
Look at your lips turning blue.
You'd probably freeze before your friend.
Come here.
- Hey, what are you doi...?
- Just stay still.
I'm o, okay.
Look. I told you this would work.
Then, should we slowly lead up to the climax?
Are you ready?
How is it that you guys can make a fireworks display look as simple as setting off a kid's firecracker?
That rascal, he sure is cool.
Was it that cool when I did that?
What was the last thing YiJung said?
What do you mean? There's only one thing he could have said in that situation.
What's that?
Should we go up?
Go up where?
No way. No way!
Though he's my friend, he sure is a real player.
How could he bring her to a hotel?
I was wondering why he took her skating.
Wow. I didn't know there was a deeper meaning behind it.
Be quiet!
I can't hear anything.
Do you know how many stars this hotel has? Do really think you'll be able to hear anything?
Then what should I do?
Why don't you go outside and stand guard.
Oh, that's right.
Goo JoonPyo! Goo JoonPyo!
What's wrong?
Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!
Oh my god! YiJung Sunbae must have prepared that.
Hey, do something!
That's the mark of a player, we can't let that go in that room.
Hey, let's go bring that here.
- What? - Hurry! Hurry!
Ah, really!
Hurry! Go! I said go!
Thank you.
It's a complete success.
Will everything be all right?
I'm not sure. As a couple, they have so much going against them...
We've done all we could, so we'll just have to wait and see.
You did great today, GaEul.
Oh, WooBin.
We're about to finish up here.
- Congratulations. - Thank you.
Though it's late, Happy Birthday.
Though it's late, thanks for the present.
You got my gift?
That was the first time I've ever received such a crappy gift.
But I'll accept it because it's the thought that counts.
Though it's late . . .
Congratulations on your engagement.
I told you to stop thinking about that!
JaeKyung Unni is a good person.
Eon ni?
She really,
Really likes you a lot.
You're still as nosy as ever!
That's right.
If you didn't drive me crazy, then you wouldn't be Geum JanDi.
So . . .
would you be happy if I just gave up and got married tomorrow?
Would that make you feel better?
Ah, what is that girl doing?
I'm going to go out for a little bit.
This girl...
Everything is going well, right?
Yes, everything is going just fine.
By the way, JoonPyo is currently in a hotel room.
JoonPyo's in the hotel right now?
What is this?
Why can't I hear anything?
They can't be...
You there!
What are you doing here?
You really are a girl I can't let slide.
Or are you finally showing your true colors?
This is why I was careful from the start in preventing him from hanging around with kids from trashy families.
Your words are a little harsh.
My family is not trashy.
If a still wet-behind-the-ears girl who follows a boy into a hotel, isn't trashy, then...
Hey, Geum Jandi! You!
Did JoonPyo's engagement make you nervous? Is that why you thought you'd try to throw yourself at him?
You rude, awful girl! Stop it!
Get JoonPyo out of here.
Young Master.
Let's go, Young Master.
Contacts: Yoon JiHoo
Touch to send
Sending . . .
Message sent to Yoon JiHoo.
Where are you?
Ah, I'm at home.
Is anything wrong?
What do you mean? There's nothing wrong.
I see this has become Geum Jandi's house.
I couldn't sleep, so I came out to get some air and to study. So...
Yeah, mom?
What's wrong?
Was there some kind of accident?
What's happening?
Look at that.
If you have any eyes, just look.
What are we going to do from now on?
It's hard enough paying the interest with what we're making now.
How could you think about vouching for someone's debt ?
That is . . .
Long before our situation became like this, a friend asked to just borrow my name.
Just your name?
With just your name, how could these red tags... (reposessions)
Oh honey!
Oh, headache! headache!
Yes, this is Mr. Geum Il Bong and Mrs. Na Gong Ju's residence.
The Art Center?
I'm sorry, but my parents have been ill lately.
Could I do it in their place?
What I'm saying is that it puts me in a tight spot if they don't come back to work soon.
I'm sorry.
I'll do everything that's been needing to be done.
Can't you let this go until they get better?
I'm letting this go because even though you're little, you're so earnest.
Then, I'm trusting you.
Thank you.
Thank you!