Soviet News Program 1982

Uploaded by obender on 24.09.2011

Lebanon Patriots conducted their largest operation to date yesterday,
codenamed Sabra and Shatila
against the Israeli occupiers
in the Southern Lebanon.
Fighters from the organization
Lebanon National Resistance Front
bombed the headquarters of
Israeli Military Administration
in the Southern Lebanese city of Tyre.
As the result of the explosion more than 150 occupiers.
Immediately after the bombing, the Israeli stormtroopers
started combing the surrounding city blocks.
Israeli occupying troops in Lebanon are in a state of heightened alert.
Israeli government conducted an emergency session.
President Reagan announced that he is again sending his
special envoy Philip Habib to the Middle East.
Habib's mission, as reported by sources, is to primarily control the execution
of the American-Israeli plan on Lebanon,
which calls for the long-term presence of the American Marines
under the guise of the multinational forces
as well as transferring large territories of the Southern Lebanon
under the pretext of maintaining security of the Northern borders of Israel.
Speaking at press-conference, President Reagan rejected any decrease in the number of troops.