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And now, Tiffany.
For me...
I think we all end up following the trends.
TF: For us... for me... I've become a weekly music show MC MC: Oh, that's right!
So I can always see newcomers.
And the manager oppa who comes with us always plays songs for the trending groups while we're in the car!
MC: Who are they? TF: And this summer, there's one group we've heard the most of.
SISTAR, I think they are very popular and their song is so good.
For some reason, because our manager oppa likes them so much, I start feeling jealous.
So we'll work hard too.
Tiffany, what kind of hoobae are SISTAR to you?
What kind of hoobae are they to you? How do you see SISTAR?
I see them as hoobaes that do so well.
MC: Ah, successful hoobaes? TF: Yes.
Even though they are very successful, I am sure SISTAR will be working very hard to become like SNSD and that may be why you look favorably on them.
MC: So Sooyoung-ssi... SY: Yes, I...
SY: Are solo artists included? MC: Of course, solo artists are included.
For me, it's PSY-sunbaenim...
So enviable!
MC: Is it because of that article? SY: Pardon?
MC: "PSY Makes Fortune from Just One Song"? SY: Correct answer!
It's not just that but to have Britney Spears introducing you to the world is really...
It's something that will remain in the records of K-Pop for a long time.
He didn't even do a real promotion but he is on the charts, so...
And we also did a debut in America, too.
The American market isn't easy to break... and to have done it in his own style singing in Korean really is impressive.
Won't you be attempting to challenge America once more?
In my opinion, I think if SNSD keep banging on the door, you could have success or hit songs in America.
Well we have the English version of "The Boys" that is gradually... not getting attention.
I think you should put emphasis on the 'gradually'.
I think we will keep knocking on the door and hope for good results.
Jessica, your role would have been very big in America with your English.
Oh, should I get that for you? As expected, pasteboard dumps belong in Soonkyu's hands.
There may be groups you are envious of but I think all these groups will be envious of SNSD's teamwork, talent and looks too.
Now, we'll quickly move on and there aren't many questions left.
Now, is there a song you wished SNSD would sing?
"Oh, I wish we could have sung this song instead!"
Oh, Yuri?
Uh... umm... isn't this an O/X question?
Oh, it is. I was just impatient.
So, "I would have singing that instead" or "I think my group could have done that song well."
1, 2, 3!
There is but I can't...
If there is one but you can't remember, still raise and O and I will give you time to think.
Now, apart from Taeyeon-ssi alone, everyone has raised an O.
Now, Yuri-ssi.
Well... we...
PSY oppa's...
YR: You know Gangnam Style? MC: Ah, Gangnam Style!
Doesn't everybody do the dance as a group in the MV?
I thought it would look good with all nine of us dancing it too... Just a thought!
Oh~! This is very dangerous!
Yuri-ssi, this is very dangerous!
YR: Wait, it's not that... MC: Why are they cheering? I didn't tell them to do anything!
From over there, there was a "Yah!"
"Show us! Show us! Show us!
SY: This dance needs music. MC: Yes, without music, it's difficult to keep rhythm, isn't it?
That's why we have prepared it. Music, please.
Even if it's short! Short and sweet!
This was honestly unplanned!
Honestly, thanks to you, the audience...
Words from Yuri's mouth, through your audience... we saw SNSD's punishment dance!
I honestly thought we didn't have music! That's why I joked about having it prepared and the producers turned it on!
Honestly, it was unplanned!
LOOK representatives, you are the best.
You really were tricked into doing it!
We would have moved on if there was no music but you burned a copy in that time!
So, we'll move onto the next question.
"I am jealous of a part of another member's body."
A part of their body.
MC: Like their collarbones. YR: Body section.
Well saying "body section" makes it sound like cuts of pork.
I think we shouldn't call it "body section" for people.
It sounds like you're going to talk about someone's shank or something.
TF: We could still call it "special body section". MC: Yes, we could...
TF: Not "part of their body" but... MC: Ok, not "part of their body" but "special body section".
Sorry, it just felt so much like a butcher's.
So then...
"I am SO jealous of this person because of this!"
YR: Neck fat!
A body section that makes you think that. 1, 2, 3!
It's true for everybody!
Oh, Jessica, I don't think you should be jealous of anyone! So who are you jealous of?
JS: For me... it's Sooyoung's... MC: Yes, which part?
JS: Her legs. MC: Wow!
I understand. No, I was just making sure!
But wait, wait, wait, what's wrong with picking that?
Honestly, her legs... Sooyoung's legs look a million dollars, don't they?
A while back, Lee Hyeyoung had her legs insured.
I think Sooyoung should also get her company to insure her legs, isn't that right?
SY: I don't agree with that. MC: Ok, we'll forget that, then.
It's not like I make the decision on that.
So then, Sooyoung-ssi.
You must be feeling good since Jessica envies your legs.
I'm so thankful but...
MC: Who are you jealous of? SY: My legs are my complex... pardon?
MC: They are your complex? SY: Yes.
Will it be one of those self-praising... no, wait, we should listen to her side of the story!
Just because it's long doesn't mean it's pretty.
So for me, my legs...
Because I perform on stage, I need them to look pretty when I'm dancing too.
So, the legs that I want are Hyoyeon's and Yuri's. I'm jealous of their legs.
So, when wearing clothes or dancing...
Hyoyeon's expression right now is...
SY: Can I talk about who I envy too? MC: Yes.
For me... umm....
SY: I think I could pick out one from every single member. TF: I think a perfect member could come out of this!
YR: So what about Sooyoung picking one from every member?
SY: Should I put it all together? MC: Yes, put it all together.
Firstly, Yuri's face-type, no her neck...
Okay, Yuri's neck.
Yuri's neck. Please stick out your neck!
You should all display which parts have been highlighted!
SY: Yuri's neckline! MC: Okay, Yuri's neckline.
MC: Next? SY: Hyoyeon's shoulders.
Shoulders! Show us your shoulders!
Oh, wait, that's too...
Hyoyeon's shoulders.
SY: Wait, Hyoyeon's waist. MC: Hyoyeon's waist, they've changed it to waist.
SY: Wait, the waist is for Taeyeon. MC: Oh, really?
MC: Okay, we're going to go with shoulders. SY: No wait, I know, I know!
SY: Hyoyeon's waist and Yoona's... MC: Ankles?
SY: Face, face. MC: Face!
Yoona's face.
Taeyeon's... butt.
Butt! Oh my!
I'm sorry but Taeyeon-ssi, could you turn around?
Oh no, no, wait..
Taeyeon's butt.
Don't take so many photos! Take just enough!
TY: Who's doing that? Who was it?
And Sunny's...
Sunny's... no, Sunny, Sunny.
MC: Sunny's...? SY: Sunny's... wait a second.
MC: Sorry, but if this takes too long then it looks kind of... SY: Lips! Her lips!
SY: Sunny's lips. MC: Oh, her lips!
Now, take Yoona's face and delete the lips, and add Sunny's lips.
SN: ??? SY: Add Sunny's lips and...
Seohyun's arms.
Also Seohyun's feminine aura.
SY: So this aura. TF: Her bodyline. SY: Her bodyline.
[Momgajim mispronounced to momganji] Body-perfect
[Momgajim pronounced correctly] Body-perfect... don't you mean the way she moves?
And next? They've started a discussion.
SY: Ankles. TF: Ankles! My ankles are so pretty!
Your thighs! Your thighs!
MC: Tiffany's thighs. SY: Tiffany's thighs.
[More literally: Ti-thighs] Fanythighs!
Okay, my thighs. How should I show it?
I think that will be difficult!
SY: Tiffany's hips to her thighs. MC: Okay, from her hips to her thighs.
And below that, please use mine.
TF: From her calves... MC: Shins, your shins.
YR: But the colors are different. MC: Yes, her calves.
I'll add the shins to this now.
Sorry, but Yuri just said that the colors of the leg would be different.
YR: Slightly... MC: Yes.
SN: Like Frankenstein. SY: And...
SY: And Jessica's TF: Hair quality.
No, this part.
Jessica's bust!
Now... wait...
Jessica's torso!
Yes, her torso, her frame is very pretty, isn't it?
In a short time from now, there are people noting down everything we've said.
Someone will make this come out with their computer skills.
TF: Please make it, we'll be waiting. MC: It's going to be like Cyber Singer Adam.
You're going to make it, right?
I think in a very short time, it will be up on DC Inside.
It will be in the SNSD Galleries that our rookie singer will appear.
SN: And make the leg skintones match! MC: Yes, make the skintones match.
And we'll move to the next question.
MC: Sooyoung, you finished it off very nicely. SY: Thank you.
Now, "I have a special, personal dieting method."
Why doesn't someone speak as a representative? "My special, personal dieting method."
What else would there be? We just drink LOOK everyday...
[Quote from Gag Concert] It's not difficult at~ all~
Of course, they saw the Yakult Korea people sitting over there.
But really, we always drink it in the morning and sometimes both morning and evening.
Sorry, I've been hoarding and drinking it all by myself.
Yes, but there's some members who secretly drinks more?
Of course there's some members that drink more... But it's good for you to drink more.
It's not just us but our parents always drink LOOK every day.
JS: We're so grateful because they deliver it to our homes and to our dorms. MC: Oh really?
JS: They really do. TF: LOOK staff, thank you very much.
SNSD are expressing their thanks and the staff members are sitting somewhere here but...
JS: They're over there, right there! TF: Where? Where are they?
MC: They will be here somewhere but... JS: They're over there.
I'm sure that SNSD like LOOK but they could be trying to wriggle out of a contract extension, it's what their parents want.
It was something that I noticed.
Well anyway...
Aigoo... what are you like... Anyway, next...
Sorry, it's because I'm so nervous.
Now the next question... please, don't be so nice to me. My wife is glaring at me right now.
Now, the eighth question and only two left.
"In this, at least, I am the best in SNSD."
Like "In this thing, I am the best among us."
Why don't we have a spokesperson who wants to speak?
Oh, Tiffany-ssi?
MC: What would it be? TF: I have the loudest voice.
MC: Really?TF: Yes.
But Tiffany, you always speak so smoothly all the time.
I did a musical in this place...
And I didn't need a microphone!
So if it isn't too much trouble, could Tiffany sing one verse of a song from that time without a microphone?
TF: It's a little embarrassing to sing so... I... MC: A line of script then?
MC: A line of script, quiet please.
Please love LOOK very very much!
Now, I don't know which opera, which musical that is but please love it very very much.
TF: Hey, I just changed it to LOOK. MC: Oh, you did.
You're right and I was so surprised. I though LOOK had even commissioned a musical.
["Love Letter" quote famous in Korea] I think that's the greatest call since "Ogenki desuka"
But I think that was very loud because projection is difficult with so many people present.
Can you hear her from the second floor?
The thing you haven't noticed yet is that people on the second floor are taking photos of the top of your heads.
Yes, the second and third floors.
Could you look up to them so that people on the third floor can take pretty pictures too?
No, you shouldn't do that.
Hello... but the stage lighting...
Please take pretty photos of the tops of our heads.
Be careful if you have a double parting.
This is the last question. Wow, unfortunately, we have come to the last question.
"I want to try something more outside of singing."
Of course there some of you have done acting and variety, and some of you have sung solo too.
But if there's something you would like to attempt next...?
What would it be? Who should we hear from?
Who? Sunny-ssi?
Okay, it's Sunny. Someone from that side is very passionate about hearing from Sunny.
Say it again, loudly! WHO?
One more time!
Ah, yes, um... I was surprised by them.
I don't know but I really enjoyed it when I did the musical.
SN: So... again... I... MC: You sound like you're retiring from musicals.
If there is another good opportunity...
I'd like to make an attempt at a new production.
So you must have a lot of interest in musicals! So is there a production you wish you could be part of?
Right now?
Because all of this gets known. All of these people will record and upload this, and musical directors will see it.
They might get the idea of casting you.
Well, from "Mama Mia"...
MC: Which role? MC: Sophie...
MC: Oh, Sophie! SN: If I'm worthy of saying that...
MC: That's the daughter, isn't it? SN: Yes, she is. Isn't she?
TF: It's the mom. SN: It's the mom?
TF: Just kidding, it was a joke. MC: Ah, so Sophie. SN: Yes, the role of the daughter.
That role requires being cute and having a lot of aegyo.
She's very positive and girly.
If Sunny was in "Mama Mia", will you all go to watch?
You must be happy.
I think you will definitely be casted now.
Now everyone, make sure to spread this. Using things like twitter...
So we can get articles like "Sunny wants to be Sophie".
You all understand, right? Drop a tip for the reporters.
Please do that.
So we've finished all the questions.
And we've come to the end of the O/X talk.
Thanks to the SNSD members were so fun to talk to that time flew and we've raced through the itinerary.
And Yuri-ssi, thank you for listening and replying so brightly too.
Well they were replies, it's kind of bad to call it "talk-back"
There are people in attendance from far away.
Could one person as representative say a sincere message of thanks?
Of course we can feel the sincerity now but to make it even more so.
There's even people from America and Jeju island here.
MC: Could one of you say something to all those people? TF: I think Seohyun should...
I think she can convey the message with sincerity.
I think it's been a while since we've been able to be this close with you as nine together.
In the first half of the year we had individual activities like acting roles, sub-units and MCing.
Thank you so much for taking this opportunity to come to see us like this.
Thank you for waiting for us and accepting us so happily even though we were slightly late in coming back to you.
We are always working hard to show an even better performance for you, so please wait just a little longer.
Thank you!
Wow, really...
TF: You felt it right? MC: Yes.
It's impossible not to feel it because it feels like my mom is talking.
It was very warm and when I look at Seohyun it's always seeing an old head on young shoulders.
Because... it's... normally it's a very strong... [incoherent]
I like it so much. It makes me listen every time she speaks.
MC: She's like the pretty homeroom teacher that everyone listens to. SH: Thank you. Ah...
SN: Teacher with "it". SH: Thank you. MC: I'm not sure if that came out right but...
I think the best way for SNSD to thank the people in attendance today is to show them a great performance.
So, we should hear another song, right?
So what's the next song? Taeyeon-ssi?
Taeyeon-ssi, may we request another song?
Uh... did I make some kind of mistake?
I... oh wow... now...
The face behind that O/X board is not the face of a celebrity! That's the face we need to take photos of!
Please! Don't turn to the side, people need to take photos of that from that angle!
So, which song?
TF: Uh, the next song is... TY: Oh!
Tell Me Your Wish!
We'll lead into that with a round of applause! Can we clear the chairs, please?
They can only perform with the chairs cleared.
"Tell Me Your Wish"... we'll listen to all your wishes.
You need to look at the mirror to laugh at your face.
Now, let's have good crowd participation and well-shot videos.
And also make sure to create that photo of all nine members' best parts.
I will be on DC Inside to see it.
[This has been oniontaker] [Until next time... bye ^^]