Castle Panic - Gag Reel TableTop Episode 6

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Jun 21, 2012


-Hello, internet.
There is no new Table Top this week but there is a
delightfully entertaining gag reel from last week's episode
of Castle Panic.
It turns out that Yuri Lowenthal never
really stops eating.
Next week is a really fun episode.
It is Gloom, a card game designed by my
friend Keith Baker.
It features Meghan Camerana, Michele
Boyd, and Amber Benson.
That'll be next week, right here on Geek and Sundry right
around 10 AM Pacific Time.
As always, thank you very much for watching, thanks for
I have to say, the number of non-dick comments on my show
blows my mind.
You're upsetting the balance of the internet and I'd like
it very much if you kept doing that.
Have a terrific weekend and we will be right back here next
week with a brand new episode.
Thanks for watching.
Love you.
Mean it.
Hello, person who just clicked into this window to hide the
porn you were watching when your wife walked in.

Intent on over running our de forces--
de forces?

--against each other in a furious combat that--
That's not what it's called at all.
This is a tower defense game.
I look like I was waiting to fart.
The goal of the game is fairly simple.
That's not right at all.
-The true question is, who's the blacker
nerd, me or Wil Wheaton?
And that answer is obviously, also Wil Wheaton.
-Pizza party!
Pizza party!
Pizza party at the mini golf course!
-He can probably roll with the homies much more than I could.

-What's going on, camera?
-My friends, Neal Grayston, will not be
here for this game.
He'll be here for a different game.
-The only thing that would have been worse
is if we'd had gotten--
I'm sorry goblin king.
-My fez was sitting by the, you know because you've got a
fez by your bed.
-Cards and stuff and made my own board games.
I am revealing too much right now.
-The power of scooting forward in my chair.
I can make it happen.
-I think I'm probably the most important player
on the whole team.

That's terrible.
-You IP banned that son of a bitch.
-Kill screen, coming up guys, kill screen.
-It looked like we were just going to get our asses handed
to us by the trolls, which for someone who spends a lot of
time on the internet is the worst thing that could happen
to you ever, in the history of life.

I'm not hard to please.