101 Ways to MAKE FIRE - #16 At the Crags

Uploaded by ROBwithaB on 07.08.2011

Hello, I'm ROBwithaB and this is 101 Ways to Make Fire.
We are here in the mountains today in a place called Waterval Boven
and um...
Rob: Hi Joe: Hey Rob: Rob, How can I help you?
I'm f*#@King freezing my @$$ off out here, I thought South Africa was hot as Sh*t, I can't believe this Sh*t right now! Do you know how to make a fire?
Rob: I think so... Joe: It's f*#@king cold man! Robertha: If you think it's cold, you should try wearing a bikini!
Rob: What have you got there?
Let's have a look...
Rob: These are cool!
Rob: Man that's nice!
Easy to hold onto, nice and light and it's got the keylock thing over here.
Joe: What, are you going to make a f*#@king fire with that thing?
Rob: No. We use these for climbing.
Can I get some of that water?
Joe: You thirsty?
Rob: Um, No. I'm gonna make a fire.
Yeah so, that's water.
You don't make fire with water.
What we have, is the Sun!
Now if you want to consentrate the sun
what you need is a parabola,
either for a lens or a mirror.
If you look at that,
that's a special case of a parabola. A sphere.
So, that's basically going to be our lens. I don't get it man!
Joe: That's like, what I'm seeing is a translucent ball of clear water...
Rob: He's smarter than he looks, folks.
Except for the translucent part, you're spot on.
This is transparent.
Oh yeah, the science...
I forgot everything from high school man! That's what happens when you go climbing too much. It's just like...Bluh!
Now all we're gonna do is wait for the sun.
To set? To rise again?
Joe: Ah man, I'm hungry! Where's the sun? Rob: West!
Rob: Over there Joe, over there!
Ah, that's what we need "'n droe bees drol"
and for my
primary ignition tinder, my prigtin I'm gonna use a little piece of tinder fungus.
Right, and there's our sun!
Okay, so we gotta flip this upside down
so that the air bubbles are at the top and I've got solid water over here.
Solid water; interesting concept.
Squeeze out any dents in this...
and it's going!
For our secondary tinder
our smould
I'm going to use that...
...a...cow pat! Apparently.
And now that one's going.
I'm gonna extinguish that cause I wanna give it to my friend Joe over here
to use next time.
Right, now for our tinder bundle. This is all burnt around here
so most of what might have been tinder
is gone.
but uh... we do have some of these eucalyptus trees
so I'm gonna make a tinder bundle out of leaves.
And we have fire!
Oonga Boonga Baby!
Joe: Wow, cool!
He just made a fire out of
and sh*t and Sh*t!
Wow! That's pretty impressive! Oonga Boonga Baby!
That's my man b*#ch!
Find your own man to make fires...and Sh*t!