Friday News Wrap-Up 23 September 2011 iPhone Gameplay Review -

Uploaded by AppSpy on 23.09.2011

It wouldn't be a week in AppSpy without a solid Wrap-Up to cap off the week! While we've
had some solid releases this week, it seems next week is the place to be for major releases,
so spare a moment and think of all the poor reviewers who are about to lose a lot of sleep.
And now on to the Friday News Wrap-Up for the 23rd of September, 2011.
My time with Anomaly: Warzone Earth has been a pleasant one, but like many people I feel
the game had more to offer, though it pulled off what content it had with flair. In a recent
interview with Split Kick, 11 Bit confirmed the addition of a new Squad Assault level
along with bug fixes, 'improvements' and new locations. A sequel is also rumored and those
of you who own the iPad version will soon also receive a 'universal' update to take
the game on the go with your iPhone or iPod Touch.
One game, or rather series of games, I keep forgetting to mention when people ask me about
my favorite iOS games is the 'Hook' titles from RocketCat Games. Over time the developer
has shown a knack for combining intuitive controls with compelling and varied ways of
exploiting the rope-swinging gameplay. It also helps that their retro pixel-art is the
sort of thing you'd have craved during the 80s and 90s. Their upcoming title Mage Gauntlet
looks to be tackling the Action-RPG genre with a combat system that's tuned for touch-based
interfaces, making this something well worth keeping an eye on. The game has been submitted
for approval, so fingers crossed for a release some time next week.
The boffins over at Pocket Gamer were lucky enough to get their paws on an early version
of the upcoming Theme Park title and as rumors had suggested the game is most definitely
not a simple port of the original. While the game has taken a shift in direction to Freemium
gameplay, along with all that entails, it seems to be well suited to the game as you
manage rides and punters via mini-games during downtime moments while waiting for construction
and so on. Check out the article for more impressions and we'll cross our fingers hoping
for a chance to check it out first hand as well.
Every year the Internet gets to pat itself on the back as Talk Like a Pirate Day infects
people worldwide, giving the 'r' key a healthy workout on keyboards. While you're still in
a Pirate-lovin' mood, take the time to pick up some appropriately themed titles from the
App Store! Obvious titles like Monkey Island 2 are a worthy pick up for any salty dog and
with its gameplay in gold you'll be set in for a fun weekend. Another overlooked treasure
is Plunderland - a fun and charming side-scroller that gives you control over a crew and its
ghost as you fight your way across the high-seas. Lastly, for the navigator in you there's nothing
like a spot of Harbor Master - as an App Store classic you're bound to get tonnes of value
for the small entry fee on this line-drawing challenge.
Speaking of pirate-y games, Pok Pok have dropped a trailer for their upcoming mobile version
of Captain Skyro. Having already seen success as a Flash-based title, the company has polished
the game for touch-based mobile devices and anyone who has played the original will know
just how well suited for swiping this pirate-flinging game will be. Check out the full trailer in
the links below.
It seems that OrangePixel is on a mini-rampage when it comes to challenging platformers,
with the recent Meganoid giving players a run around a colorful world filled with hidden
passages, gems and plenty of tricky maneuvers to pull off. Stardash follows in the wake
of Meganoid, but instead of taking things a step further it winds back the clock and
gives you an all new challenge. No double-jumps, enemy trampolining or crazy power-ups are
available to pull you out of the fire as you learn to master the simple act of moving left
or right while jumping. Each level is tweaked with a set of pits and hazards including monsters
timed to appear at the perfect time to ruin your run, making it a brutal game to complete.
It doesn't end there either as special Temple levels can also be unlocked as well as stars
earned by collecting all the coins in a level or beating it in the time-limit provided;
all-in-all it's the perfect pocket companion for hardcore gamers after a retro title. Sadly
the simplicity of the gameplay can make repeated deaths boring as you've got little to look
forward to besides more of the same, so as long as you're up for mastering each level
one pixel at a time, Stardash is for you.
I said it in the review and I'll restate it here - it only takes one good game to make
the week of work feel worthwhile and Where's My Water? by Creature Feep and Disney did
just that. Sporting the lovably Disney-like 'Swampy' the Alligator, his need to stay clean
is hampered by the rather broken down and hazardous blockages surrounding his various
showers. So it's up to you to dig and manipulate the environment to trickle water and toxic
waste around to ensure Swampy gets his daily scrub.
And that's the Wrap-Up for the 23rd of September. On a side-note, YouTube has been acting a
bit wonky with regards to its subscription system, but we've worked out a temporary solution
in the meantime so feel free to like, subscribe or better yet side-step the whole thing by
finding us on Twitter or Facebook. Until next week, enjoy your iOS gaming!